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    I've been very critical of Jeter since he decided to dismantle last years outfield. You know, #FuckJeter ! LOL With that, I will say that I've come to believe that Jeter and company want to win in the long run. I believe they are being sincere. Of course, Jeter and company answer to their investors and at the same time they have to make money. However, I think building a winner is their main focus. This trade could turn out to be pointless but the bottom line is that they were willing to include money in a deal and that was very refreshing. By the way that money is meaningless of any real consequences. It was just half of Bour's remaining contract this season. It doesn't effect our finances next season. Bour will help the Phillies in the short run and Mills should help us in the long run even if its out of the pen. Those of you that have written Mills off before ever seeing the kid throw a pitch are just being foolish. You can't possibly know enough about this kid to come to that conclusion. I'll take the Marlins FO (who did their due diligence and are actual scouts) opinion over (and I say this with love) wanna be GM's. Again, whether this move pays off is not as important as the Marlins FO showing that they are changing from the cheapskate ways of the old regime. It was a baseball move and that's what I want to see. #FuckJeterAnyway
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    We shouldn't trade anybody. This team is great.
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    It must be because the Tampa Bay Rays are the definition of "perfect organization", something all other 29 teams should aspire to be.
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    Jeter needs to go door-to-door in 2019, anything less is unacceptable. He must do this even for mini-season ticket holders.
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    Thank you, this is how it is done. Well said.
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    Says it all about how bad we are.
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    I wanna make jokes but honestly just glad you're analyzing things and not just sticking to one stance without reason. Not everything is as cut and dry as people think.
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    I do think there's a better chance of Bour being better in 2020+ than Mills ever contributing anything to the current or future teams. I think both chances are slim but I do believe Bour will contribute far more in the short term and has a better chance in the long-term over Mills. After sitting here and looking at this trade, which again really isn't some watershed moment, but seems almost like some ruse to make people think "oh look, they're trying harder than Loria - at least they got SOMEBODY back". I think what's lost in all of this is that they didn't HAVE TO get rid of Bour. I mentioned this earlier but he's one of those guys that will be worth more to Miami than anything that they could get back for him. Getting Mills back does nothing for Miami and judging by his body of work I highly doubt it'll ever do anything for Miami. Sure, he may get his cup o' coffee in the bigs when the rosters expand or in an emergency call up later on but Bour would have been more useful to the team even if it meant hanging onto him and seeing if he increases his value. Nobody was going to give anything up for him of use and they wasted 450k on this move just to dupe some of you into thinking "omg, they're really trying. this is so different than with Loria who would have just let him go!"

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