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    Bell. Heath Bell. It was a dumb purchase in the first place, but the kind of money we gave him was just ludicrous.
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    I mean he had a plan when he bought this team and still keep it now.
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    I was listing good signings; not bad ones. Hard to say Buehrle and Reyes sucked because they actually produced in their lone seasons here. The team just sucked overall.
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    The thought is Sanchez had a down year due to his babip, and generally bad luck. He still produced monster power numbers, and with 4 years of team control vs Realmuto's 2 the thought is he would right the ship and be a better player in miami. The only question id really have is how would those power numbers translate in marlins ballpark. it's pure pull power with all but one of his homeruns going to left field. Left field at yankees is not overly bad. My big problem with this trade is I think with a package of players we could get multiple can't miss prospects.
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    To be fair Chen is going to be an ace next year! 30 starts, all at home!
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    That's my point......them being excluded here points to it indeed changing.
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    I'm sure there will be a few logos somewhere there but they couldn't put them in to not reveal the logo yet.
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    I've never been in the Diamond Club to know, but is it currently like a funeral home in there? Do people that go to this area actually want live music while they eat? Just a question. Also, maybe it doesn't mean anything, maybe it does - notice what's NOT in those renderings? A Miami/Marlins logo of any type.
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    I saw this list the other day. And then half the list was "team A didn't sign so and so", and I was like....uh? That's not what this list was supposed to be. Tazawa can be put on the list. Salty was a bust. Basically any free agent since 2012...
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    I'm intended not to read the posts of this thread before due to believe we would lock up him, but I would beginning to check these posts now… Also beginning to check the top100 prospects list.
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    Why Realmuto is more valuable than we think. https://amp.mlb.com/300061042-jt-realmuto-is-incredibly-valuable-via-trade.amp.html?ymd=20181031&content_id=300061042&vkey=news_mlb&c_id=mlb&__twitter_impression=true
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    I believe they trade Yelich due to he wants to leave Miami, not in order to clear salary.
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    Well, we certainly had numerous successful signings on the 1997 team (Alou, Leiter, Brown, etc.). Other than those guys, this is what I can think of off the top my head: Ivan Rodriguez Carlos Delgado Jorge Cantu Luis Gonzalez Javier Vazquez Joe Borowski Cody Ross Wes Helms (first time) Of course, a lot of those guys were here for only one year... I will say, though, that this franchise has actually made a number of good trades over the years. A lot of the stars/solid players I thought of were acquired through trades. We just suck at free agency.
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    Fishstripes was clickbaiting with today's quote. Everyone knows the team would say that since they never made an official announcement. it was a really pointless update but they went for those clicks.
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    I don't see Yogi Berra or Mickey Mantle

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