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    Over 1000 posts on this topic now. Good stuff, friends. ? I'm really excited after that button close-up. That shade of blue is beautiful.
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    now u can get a pair of blue balls with 11-15-18 on it
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    Yeah I've got so much shit that I need to buy new of lol
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    This is gonna look real good. I am glad it is more of a red than the previous Salmon type of color that we thought it was in the beginning. Can't wait to buy new hat and shirts. It's gonna suck that I gotta change my license plate again since I have the logo on it.
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    This recent tweet showing the red and blue combo really jumps out off the black material. The leaker hat has red alongside blue outlining the black M. I suspect it will be bold looking too. I’m not really all that concerned. I think it will be great
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    Could adding Urena and/or Straily to a trade package involving Realmuto to Houston increase the chances of possibly getting Whitley? Astros: Realmuto + Urena and/or Straily Marlins: Whitley, Alvarez, Stubbs, Perez
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    I just came. I’m still a little worried about the black hat, though.
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    I would take it personally if I was you. He seems to do everything you don't want.
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    Saw this online and got me thinking bout how the new cap may be similar just with of course the new logo.
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    5 days away, November 15th is the reveal...
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