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    We’re going to sign Donovan Solano, Renyel Pinto and Mark Hendrickson. Problem solved.
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    A video to announce the new coaches? Lol that's different. Surprised they didn't paint murals of the new coaches all over the city.
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    This NL East thing is making the rounds on Twitter
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    It's fucked up but I'm gonna go ahead and say this... I hope Realmuto gets traded to the Mets and then signs an extension there and then I hope the Mets fall apart and have to rebuild while JT is still there.
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    No clue, I'm just saying take advantage of them.
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    Yet some would like the Marlins to guarantee JT 8 years 170 mil.
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    Sign a ton of relievers and flip them all at the deadline
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    Cant wait to see how the Marlins try to overpay Manny.
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    Arizona also may not have turned a blind eye to Fernandez doing literally whatever he wanted like apparently the Marlins did.
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    Perusing Twitter, Mets fans are all over the place on which is the most valuable of these 3. Some people say Nimmo needs to be kept over the other two, some say Rosario, some say Conforto... a couple say not even one is worth trading Realmuto for lol. Here's a couple other gems on there...
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    Man it gets tiring repeating yourself and someone not listening.
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    This one is pretty entertaining. But yea that firing of the 4 special assistants last year was still a total fuck up on Jeter's part. It's one thing to decide that a high ranking employee is out and his people are out too... that's normal in an ownership change... but this people weren't random people in relation to the organization so getting rid of them was stupid and even worse was the way it was done. Definitely could and should have been handled better.
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    I’m convinced give me Rosario, nimmo, and Alonso
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    Am I the only one that doesn't like Nimmo much?
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    Getting all three would be amazing. Gimmie nimmooo
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    Reality? We sign scrap heap minors guys and hope they turn into something, while the FO tries to portray them as big signings. What we should be doing? Signing several guys on 1 year deals that can be flipped at the deadline.
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    Honest answer - I need to think that one over and see. I was just reacting to react.
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    I don't think Rosario is the problem I think we just want to make sure we get more than just him.
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    This ownership group is far more internet savvy than the previous group. They make social media a priority
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    For those too lazy to click the link: Pitching coach: Mel Stottlemyre, Jr. Asst. Hitting Coach: Jeff Livesey 1st base/inf: Trey Hillman Strength/Conditioning: Kevin Barr
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    Sounds like a relaxing chair and a gaming system.
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    Not in love with the Mets prospects. The best return looks like a Rosario, Alsonso & Woods-Richardson package. Id take it personally, but only after giving the Braves and Astros the chance to increase their offers
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    Today better be another realmuto jammed packed day
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    Damn now I'm super curious to know who the new pitching coach will be.
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    Yes, we have no interest in the better outfielder. That would ruin the plan of completely sucking.
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    This Mets trade seems like them tossing a bunch of good players to us in lieu of any great ones or potentially great ones. Quality over quantity please
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    You have a collectors edition shirt.
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    Overpaying players and handing out bad contracts is a moronic way to run a team.
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    Man it gets tiring repeating yourself and someone not listening.
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    You're a bad guy, but I love it, too.
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    5/$70 is where they should have started, not the "third" offer. 5/$80 is the sweet spot for everyone, which has been a broken record for half a year. Maybe you go to $85 to pay an incompetence Marlins front office tax for offering such BS initial offers (and fighting him in arbitration last year for $600k), but past that it's, no thanks. He's not worth more than that and trade him to a team he will sign that exact deal with.
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    Ok.... but there's no guarantee a rebuild will work either.
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    I said this on another forum: I'm sure the truth lies in the middle of both parties - The numbers the Marlins supposedly offered probably are true, but were likely intended as a lowball starting point (hey let's throw it out there and see if he bites....if he does, they got themselves an awesome deal, if not, go back to the table. That said, it can also be insulting if they went too low (and it sounds like they did). On the flip side, the Posey number from JT's camp probably is also accurate - they're shooting for the moon too in the other direction. That fits in with Frisaro's comments that they were really far apart, and also supports the agent's comments about him likely being somewhere else next year since they're so far apart. What needs to happen in order for a chance at getting a deal done - primarily from the Marlins side - is for both sides to come back to some sort of reality in their demands/offers. The Marlins' offer was way too low, and JT's number was way too high. If they can both be more realistic, and come closer to the offers mentioned in this thread (I think they were like 4/70 or 5/80-85), then I think we could see something happen. But if both sides are just going to draw their line in the sand and not budge, well, JT is gone. I worry that the team thinks they can just lowball everybody (going forward) because "hey, we're giving you an extension!" Obviously that can work with some younger guys, but with more established players like JT, you can go too low and insult them.
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    Had Arizona done the deal, Jose may be alive right now. He wouldn't have been in the water in Arizona. Definitely wouldn't have been on the boat that night, but I guess it could've happened in the off-season anyway.
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    Looked flat as a board to me with his shirt off, where's he hiding those abs tho?
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    Would getting all three of Rosario Nimmo and Conforto excite anyone?
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    And I thought Dietrich was good with his six abs.

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