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    I'm pretty confident they will. He is insanely valuable. The best catcher in baseball, coming off a huge breakout season, at 28 years old, with non-guaranteed salaries past 2019, leverage to buy out his prime because he's 2 years from free agency, at the toughest physical position so he will take the buyout, and the rest of the NL East going bananas acquiring guys to pit the Braves and Mets against each other. I think we'll be happy about this one. Yelich will still be the only wart.
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    Realmuto is clearly more valuable than both of them to anyone who has a clue. Especially since a team getting him probably gives him the 5/$80-85 deal he'll accept, increasing some surplus value that presently doesn't exist. It's fine to sign him for 5 or trade him. Either is a good situation. Only dumb one is to do nothing. If the Mets refuse to move Rosario (which is understandable), I only see one real trade permutation that works: Nimmo or Conforto Gimenez Alonso or D. Petersen Nido Lagares - and Marlins eat the $9 million of his salary to get it done. Marlins flip him at the deadline. Marlins ship out Realmuto, Rojas, and one of Conley or Wittgren in a 5-3. And if the Mets need to dump more payroll (to sign Pollock, or their dream Machado or Harper), I think the Marlins can take on D'Arnaud and maybe send back Dean, because the Mets could use some bench help in the OF and don't need redundant backup catchers. Another guy for the Marlins to flip at the deadline. Taking on the payroll in 2019 means nothing to Miami to get longterm players. It's a little messy given the Mets personnel, versus easier permutations with Houston/Atlanta/Dodgers, but it could work if this is the best deal. I'd be beyond fine getting the SS, 1B, and backup C of the future, and having excess outfielders to trade for more pitching at some point.
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    Looks like most of the Twitter commenting people are reading it wrong too. They're saying that the Marlins will get less for Realmuto than what Arizona got for Goldy just because Goldy is a better hitter. People don't seem to understand Sherman's point that JT has more value. This is actually a great lesson on how trades work. Trade value doesn't just come from player talent alone. Stanton > Goldy > Realmuto but in terms of trade value the order is reversed.
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    r u fucking saying Mike Hill might actually get one?
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    He's an outfielder, not a catcher.
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    I’m convinced give me Rosario, nimmo, and Alonso
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    No I think he meant they were probably gonna flip that logo for prospects at the deadline?
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    And none are refried (rehashed)
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    Is Samson ever gonna learn to not make a mess when he eats? And why does he eat beans so often anyways?
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    I would be disappointed. It just doesn’t make sense on any front to keep him. JT will be entering his 30s when we expect to be competitive. Key word, expect. We are still a few significant pieces away in the pipeline to expect to field a competitive team by 2022. I’m disappointed he won’t be a marlin, but for the future of this organization, the correct move would be to trade him. And for that, I would be disappointed if he wasn’t traded
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    Wrong. Nobody has said they'd rather get the prospects than to keep JT long term. We're just getting excited about the potential returns because JT has already said he wants out. Nobody here has said they'd be disappointed if Realmuto chose to stay.
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    He uses that as a joke, but I’d be more than happy to double down on their prospects by simply giving them back the guy they had in the first place
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    At least someone knows we got a new logo... smh
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    Was just watching some discussions on MLB network and on MLB Now they have the background where all the team logos scroll across the wall. Noticing how good the Marlims logo looks in that setting compared to the other logos. The blue is noticeably different from every other shade of blue and really pops and, to be honest, looks pretty damn teal once again. It's an amazing color. If we couldn't get original teal I think this blue is a damn good compromise. Also, while still being unique I think the logo "fits in" better alongside the other logos whereas the previous logo always seemed out of place and almost too unique. Check out these screengrabs.
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    Sent it with no prompt at all from me. So I think they’ve either gotten a bunch of returns, identified it themselves, or they’ve been lurking on marlinsbaseball.com and saw my post
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    or if LA is still interested....Verdugo
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    It was just through Instagram comments but yes I just thought it was silly for a website of supposed Marlins fans to be thinking the Marlins should back off on their demands so soon. The winter meetings haven't even passed. If any demands should ever drop it would be during the season if Realmuto got injured or if his production dropped.
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    Good, they shouldn't make a deal unless they get what they want.
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    This was a bad one for you. That's saying something.
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    I don't see this trending, needs to be catchier.
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    Typical reaction from teams that are used to guys being traded often with essentially no loyalty. ?
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    Arizona also may not have turned a blind eye to Fernandez doing literally whatever he wanted like apparently the Marlins did.
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    Man it gets tiring repeating yourself and someone not listening.
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    They didn’t strike out on Stanton. He was traded for financial relief reasons and they accomplished that. People still don’t get that a year later. As for Yelich it’s far too soon to write off that return. Give it a few years and then decide.
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    lmao the heath bell comment
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    ive said the same things as lou like 69 times before and got like zero likes you jerk nerd dummies
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    Watch Mike Hill demand him as a part of the package.

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