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    Feel the rain on your skin, bitches!
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    Let's get this thread back on topic, though. lol Appreciate the updates from @SilverBullet and @rmc523 - good stuff so far and I hope we get more soon.
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    The future is limitless, bro. As Natasha Bedingfield would say, the rest is still unwritten.
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    I'm literally only a fan if the team looks nice, well-groomed [or clean-shaven], and with firm buttocks.
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    I like how he keeps moving the goalposts too. First it was the Marlins ask for two top prospects in their extortion. Now that he sees he's wrong, he changes it to one top guy and one elite guy whatever the fuck that means.
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    And then suddenly, "Marlins sign Realmuto to four year $65M deal." Fans: "LOL how stupid they're not going to compete any time soon why would they do that"
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    Yea it's funny how the Marlins are laughed at when they rush a trade but then laughed at when they try and hold out for better.
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    Exactly. We lost 98 games last season, why should the front office try to make the team better?!
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    As a fan, I just enjoy everyday that nothing happened, because everything is possible before anything is happening.
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    I feel like this thread doesn't even need to exist, since I have not heard a single rumor of the Marlins being involved in anything beyond shopping Realmuto.
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    Better yet - the magnet ones just stuck on, with a big "take one.....please!" sign next to it.
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    Or surprised it isn't just the mini pocket schedules taped onto the sign.
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    I am surprised it isn't black and white with just shades of gray. Color ink costs more.
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    I think the problem is you must have a different definition of "top prospect" The Marlins aren't asking for Whitley AND Tucker (actual top prospects), that'd be nuts. They asked for one of them and you called it extortion. They asked for Acuna last year from Atlanta, again ONE top prospect.
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    "Marlins check in on Harper" -------------------- *ring, ring* Harper: "Hello?" Jeter: "Hey, Bryce, it's Derek Jeter, how are you?" Harper: "I'm good, how are you?" Jeter: "Doing alright. Just thought I'd see how you are. Have a good day." Harper: "Alright, you too." *click* -------------------- And that's how that goes.
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    Realmuto is worth a top prospect, I don't see them extorting anyone or asking for too much. The alternative is they take less than his value and are rightfully ridiculed again for it.
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    Reports were that the Marlins asking price was extortion from many other writers not just of the Marlins but other teams and national writers and that they had wanted an elite prospect and then the next best prospect as well. I dont blame the Braves for saying no to Acuna for Relamuto. They lose that trade 11 out of 10 days. Its funny that Realmuto is the line they are drawing in the sand, when these prices are what they should have had for Yelich and Ozuna last winter, trading away Realmuto for the crap they received in return. Its like the front office read the takes on their trades and were like, oh fuck, this isnt going well. We better just hold out for the moon AND the sun with our remaining major trade asset.

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