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    Again, anyone who currently identifies themselves as a Marlins fan...is a Marlins fan. There would be no reason for anyone to follow the Marlins unless they're a fan - let alone come onto this mb and post, argue, and post again. I loathe Jeter and Sherman and have disagreed with about 90% of what they've done. I know I'm a Marlins fan though. I care about the franchise and will walk away from following baseball entirely before I'd ever change to another team. Others seem to agree with about 90% of what Jeter and Sherman have done. I've never once said you aren't a fan of the team though. I know you are - I don't agree with MOST of your reasoning but I'd never say you aren't a fan. You can converse about the team and reference stats, historical moments, and get the inside jokes so many of us use over and over. And then there are those in the middle who also post regularly on here and probably want to kill all members of both the above referenced groups and regain some measure of sanity on the board. I certainly wouldn't think of you as any less of a fan either. To say those of us who refuse to buy merchandise, attend games, etc. due to the path the new regime has taken doesn't make me any less of a fan. There's nothing wrong with expressing your outrage at the direction the owners took by refusing to give them another dime until you feel they are actually trying to reinvest in the team you care about. Conversely, there's nothing wrong with continuing to be excited about a new design scheme and wanting to show your support of the direction the team is headed. We just believe in different things yet we're both still diehard fans.
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    Is this using the feature properly? I lost track.
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    Don't order it from Lids, trust me.
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    There’s a tank dialogue ongoing among Dolphin fans at the moment. The rationale isn’t totally insane. You get a good quarterback and suddenly you become more attractive to good coaches and free agents. In my opinion though that approach in the NFL is much tougher to stomach than MLB. The NFL affords you a small corner on the calendar for actual games to watch. Other than that what is left? Eight months of speculation and tank talk? At least with the Marlins we’ve got a longer season; games every day, multi level minor league system to pay attention to, a league with pretty active winter transactions, an interesting preseason that builds to a roster structuring for MLB on down to A ball. So even for a club like ours their is plenty of things to immerse yourself in and enjoy as a fan. For a tanking football team it’s a much more depressing endeavor.
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    There’s a strong case for the Heat maybe. I don’t follow that sport enough to get into a thoughtful debate but on the surface it appears that a team could hit on a draft pick and find a great player, clear salary and then lure a couple free agents and find themselves in the discussion for a title. Isn’t that what the Heat did when they drafted Wade? They acquired Shaq and built around those two. I could be wrong though.
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    Worked out very well that it wasn't one of the Astros, Doyers or Braves that got Grandal. Very well indeed.
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    You are absolutely entitled to your opinion and I respect that... but this line right here js what kills me about you. This is absolute bullshit as you are basically calling me and others here cowards because we agree with most of Jeter's moves. You're saying that fans like myself shouldn't agree with Jeter and our problem is that we sit back and choose to do nothing. If I have a problem with my team I will speak up and also speak with my wallet but I, at this point, do not have a problem with them... so there is no cowardice here, just a choice to continue to support my team. I'm not doing this against my will or because I want to be part of a silent majority or because I'm afraid to make waves. Your definition of any fan who isn't doing what you're doing is insulting. Think whatever else you want but fuck off with that bullshit.
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    Upon further review, I have decided to not be a real fan. I will be attending and watching games on TV this year. It takes a lot of dedication to sit home and flip a picture of Jeter off instead, so I'll never be a real fan.
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    Once Fangraphs finally does an elegy for the 2018 Marlins, I'll make my decision on 2019 tickets.

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