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    19. Come on. I know 18 has the 2003 memories but 19 is his number.
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    He's just a troll. Complains they don't spend. Then when they are looking to spend and spend wisely, he moves the goalposts and complains about that, too.
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    So Jeter was already looking into smart ways to put money into improving the on field product as opposed to purposely fielding a cheap team with no interest in ever actually winning? That doesn't seem to fit the narrative I've heard around here.
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    Right. There’s NO reason for Marlins fans to be hesitant to put a players name on the back of their jersey. Weird how I get called a troll and you @ me in a post.
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    Sir, please be more appropriate on your wording. Dodgers will probably push more for an (Indian) starter now. See the difference? What you said is racist, what I said was not.
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    This has always been the question and there is not an answer. In 2017, Ozuna, Bour and Stanton all had above average years and the team STILL had a losing record. Obviously they needed pitching but the pitchers they needed didn't exist or were not obtainable. They weren't there in free agency and the team had no assets they could trade in order to land guys like that. The system had nothing useful and if they traded one or more of those bats and somehow landed a useful arm, how exactly would they be better off. I won't even entertain that wacky idea of trading millions for a front-line starter because that user had to be a troll, nobody could actually believe that was an option.
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    How many legit #1 pitchers come up for free agency? And how many of those contracts, i.e. Darvish, end up looking bad? I'm not saying I disagree with wondering whether they'll spend the big money when needed. But really, it's not just that easy to add a "legit #1 starting pitcher." That reminds of the "they were just 2 pitchers away" nonsense.
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    You have been full of shit since for years now
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    Some of named players were listed on it. including a former marlin Bearclaw.
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    Feels like everyone complaining about the Marlins high price tag doesn't understand things like this. JT isn't any dime a dozen catcher and adding him to a playoff contender might really make a huge difference between winning a championship or not.
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    the store is called Sports Fan-Attic but its a Lids Locker Room in disguise
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    No settling. The Orioles got for half a season of Machado, 5 prospects from the Dodgers. 4 of them are currently listed at their 1st, 16th, 22nd and 26th best - http://m.mlb.com/prospects/2018?list=bal Yusniel Diaz, the centerpiece of the trade and who's currently 1st for them is 52nd overall in top 100. Even if we keep JT all year and he only has one year left next offseason. In terms of WAR, a year of JT is more valuable than half a year of Machado. JT is about 4-5, Manny has consistently been around 6. I'm sure teams are flooding us with deals similar to that one or something like what we got for Yelich and we're not biting and I'm fully behind it. Give us better bait if you want these Fish to bite.
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    That isn't how it works. If you're going to claim they could sign a couple pitchers and turn a loser int a winner, you're the one that has to name names. I already said the pitchers didn't exist to make that happen, it wasn't a realistic option. You are the one that thinks it is possible.
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    Just because you drink the sherman koolaid doesn't make it BS. You want a name, pick one. How you do it. Spend on it! You don't need to give up players you can give cash as well. I explained in a prior post they overpaid for this team. They spend money on players. The fact is they won't. They did this deal. Winning be dammed. Article: A warning about Major League Baseball’s Revenue http://flip.it/U2svb7
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    Jeter sells them from the trunk of his car for $3.05.
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    He was supposed to wait until I posted this pic and then say that.
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    My speculation on this so far: Marlins FO has concluded they most likely got sodomized on Yelich deal and they have unanimously vowed to not have that happen with JT.
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    Ok. Still das was accurate. Sorry boys.
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    Marlins are in the division hunt last year if they kept that team together and added to it.
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    Let me beat @DTrain and @hovertical to it: Don't put any current players cause they won't be around in a few years either from being shit (Brinson) or being good (Anderson) lolololololol --- My suggestion is to go with a classic name like Conine or McKeon. It makes the jersey timeless.
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    I guess some people only want to believe what they want to believe. Oh well.

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