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    #FuckJeter people don't mind paying. We despise cheap behavior.
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    Why are you on this board if you clearly have such lofty standards?
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    Injury history or strong chance to need TJ surgery in the near future is a plus.
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    India, Barnhardt and some random pitching prospect that throws 100 mph with no control. I can see it now.
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    His agent sounds like a d-bag in most of the things I’ve seen
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    Hey @Das Texan sign up
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    Hm. If you submit your bid from the top of the stadium, and the others submit them from the first floor, wouldn't we be the highest bidder? Someone get Jeter on the phone! We need to let him know this is how to sign guys
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    With Machado when I say I don't see him living up to it I'm not even really factoring the natural regression as people age - with him, and his clear lack of effort, I could see him not giving a shit any longer and literally packing on the pounds until he forces a position change which would GREATLY diminish his value if he had to be moved to first. I just don't see him busting his ass to take care of himself and keep himself playing in tip top shape in front of a could thousand fans a night. I also don't think he'd like having nobody on base in front of him the bulk of the time he comes up to bat and being pitched around constantly. The clubhouse also doesn't really have any other notable vets that could call him on his BS either. Again, it's just a lack of effort and clearly not giving a shit even while playing for the WS. Not doubting the talent - just don't see him playing up to a level the Marlins would need to see to get any value back.
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    Jeter only recognizes the 305.
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    Agreed. Fuck all these teams wanting the best catcher in baseball for three high schoolers.
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    Extortion? You're just mad they are trying to get a good return this time, because you can't rant about how they got a poor return again if they do.
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    Bro you should probably give Jeter a chance for once. You're always so negative about him. Cut the guy some slack already.
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    I like India as part of the package, but NOT as the main player.
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    I bet Dick Williams is talking up India so fucking much right now as the next great thing.
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    India looks promising but I would not be happy about that return.
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    maybe there's a limit on the number of "new notifications" we get? I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. Mail me your contact info and shirt size and i'll have a shirt made up for you.
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    I will award January Poster Of The Month honors to the first person to find Sec 37 for Marlins home games.
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    I don't get all this window talk. Seems odd the Padres would want a window. Are windows really that expensive? Are they dual pane? Or maybe impact windows?....maybe they have special earthquake windows?
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    Its almost like you are implying the Marlins are too cheap to be the highest bidder. *high five*
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    Only if you upvote my last 25 comments.
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    I'm positive they'll all work out. There's no way they became such top prospects without exercising regularly.
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    Idk I think that’s pretty realistic actually. Anderson is a front line starter in the making, Wilson has a decent ceiling with a “floor” of a #4, and while young, Waters has the tools to be an impact OF. Will they all work out? Probably not. But Anderson is a stud
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    Agreed. Let’s get some extortion going on.
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    I'm not against throwing in an extra piece to add on the return.
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    I can't get over the fact that I'm now being asked this. How do I get called an apologist one day by some and then asked this the next?
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    No problems at all reading the letters on the jersey there!
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    Would I be angry if they signed him? Nah. I would just find it incredibly at odds with the message they've been trying to send and I do not see him coming even remotely close to living up to whatever contract he ends up signing (most FA's don't but then again most FA's aren't seeking Stanton-esque contracts). In the end I just really, really despise his work ethic after seeing him in the playoffs last year and feel he'd be an ill fit on this team with mostly "kids".
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    Fun fact: Weathers is the son of former Marlins pitcher David Weathers.
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    Prove they refused an offer for Kyle Tucker plus more. You can't. There have been reports that Houston never offered him, along with reports that they did. You can choose to believe one, but I stick with "unknown if true". Doesn't make me "obtuse", just means I choose not to assume things.
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    When you have trade chips like Brad Hand, Andrew Cashner, and Fernando Rodney it's easy to accumulate prospect.
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    Jeter saw how high the electric bill was in 2018 when he opened the windows at ballpark, he just fears opening any windows after that.
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    The Marlins are being defensive. They probably know the teams JT would want to go to and they definitely know more or less what he's looking for in an extension - both years and annual amount. By denying all teams a chance to negotiate you keep the playing field even. If you let someone negotiate with him and his demands are too high, the team might balk. And then leak how much JT actually wants which could turn off some F.O. peeps from other teams. If he had only 1 year left, I'd get it. But it's two years. Only the Padres are asking for this window because they're cheap. (not that a Marlins fan should be able to call any other team cheap but...) The Dodgers and Astros and whoever else can trade for him and then wait 6-12 months and resign him after he likes the city and the team etc. I don't like everything the Marlins have done but this makes sense to me. It's two years. Take it or leave it. Fuck off if it's not good enough for you. I don't blame the Padres at all for asking, they're trying to be resourceful and beating around the bush with Manny also. Maybe if they land one they'll be more willing to go for the other also and keep that WS window open for as long as possible. I also don't blame the Marlins for their stance. They aren't budging on their asking price, on negotiating windows, on anything. They're showing resolve and dare I say it competence. I'm cool with it.
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    i certainly don't have a problem with Mo getting 100% of the vote - yes, it's idiotic he is the first to do so but that's in no way his fault and nor should he have been penalized by some writer to avoid being the first to get 100% of the vote. Can't erase the past and all the times others should have clearly received 100% of the vote - but you can cheer that it finally happened for someone who is worthy of it.
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    yeah i'm not a fan of "top" prospects that are moved and willing to be moved to another team again in short order *cough* Brinson *cough* i should probably get that looked at
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    it's more exciting than the games they played last season. i'm not even kidding unfortunately.
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    From the comments section: ”they non-tendered their 3rd best hitter lol”
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    is this going to be the next YouTube challenge? Seems rather boring.
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    I'd be very happy with Ruiz and May. They can add anything after that.
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    maybe they both flame out and i rant and rave and tag everything with #fuckjeter IT COULD HAPPEN
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    real fans will just cool down the room
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    apparently this move was to sign...AJ Pollock?! http://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/25841813/dodgers-land-free-agent-outfielder-aj-pollock 4 years for 55 mil? should turn out to be a good deal if Pollock can stay healthy. on a side note - if the deal is really because Bellinger is coming to the fish at least that should mean the JT deal is nearing a conclusion and we can stop prognosticating.
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    still in the toilet bowl waiting for someone to try flushing him down again
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    Another guy discounting the Braves. Also, THERE IS NO WAY REALMUTO DOESN'T SHOW UP TO SPRING TRAINING. That is not the way this works... as of right now he is on the Marlins roster. You don't decide to just not go to Spring training. That isn't even a question. His agent is a moron.
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    actually Padres only use Discover

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