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    The Reds want the best catcher in baseball and they want their 5th best prospect to be the centerpiece. Add the Reds to the list of teams that can suck a big bag of dicks.
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    Monday February 4, 2019.
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    Roto: Jonathan Mayo of MLB.com is hearing that the Marlins and Reds are still negotiating a possible J.T. Realmuto trade. Mayo's sources indicate that a package is coalescing around catcher Tucker Barnhart, prospect infielder Jonathan India and one or more lesser prospects heading to the Marlins. Every day generates new rumors about Realmuto's possible destination but this is one of the more specific scenarios we have seen. Sources indicate the Reds have taken their top three prospects off the table (3B/2B Nick Senzel, OF Taylor Trammell and RHP Hunter Greene). India was the fifth overall selection in last year's Draft. He makes a natural trade candidate because he is blocked in Cincinnati by Eugenio Suarez at third base and at second base by Scooter Gennett and Senzel. The Marlins have been shopping Realmuto for years and are currently negotiating with the Padres in addition to the Reds. The Dodgers and Braves are among some other teams that are interested as well. Yikes... So basically India, a mediocre/solid-ish catcher and some lesser prospects? It can't be. If the Reds give up 1 prospect from their top 10 and it's not one of those 3, this trade will go down just like the Yelich one. If India is the best player in the deal there better be multiple prospects in the 5-15 range from their farm coming along with him. If by lesser, they mean just lower than India (who's ranked 4th), that's fine. Tony Santillan and Mike Siani. But if they mean lesser meaning 15-25 range... that's super lame. I still don't understand why we'd give value for Barnhart. I know having a solid defensive catcher is important for pitcher development but this is not the way to go about it.
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    this is who we need to acquire. it says he's a STAR right there and so far I haven't heard any rumors about other teams trying to acquire him. totally undiscovered gem.
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    Tatis. lol. The JT trade talk has reached hysterical heights.
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    We can't just throw in Urena. That would be a big win for the Reds . Not that Urena is an ACE but he is a cpable #3 or #4 SP with alot of control left. In a normal MLB environment, JT would fetch us those two alone.
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    The only problem with your scenario is that we lack the players and depth for things to suddenly start getting better in the next 1-2 years and then we'd have to commit big bucks to a player going into his age 30 season. Do you really want to hand Realmuto a 5 year 100M type deal in 2020-2021 with him in his 30's? To me, even though the return wasn't great on Ozuna, it was necessary. Stanton was actually a solid trade considering how teams are being more financially responsible. But to me, you either keep Realmuto and Yelich in their primes and build around them so by the time they're at the end of their deals hopefully we have some propsects and new FA signings to compete. Or you trade both of them. You can't half-ass this. Look at how deep and good the teams are in the playoffs, we're sooooo soooo far away from that.
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    Just thought about it. I love that we're in this position, honestly. Two years of control on JT. Say we don't trade him. "Oh but we could have gotten a great return for him!" Yes, I know. But say we don't trade him, and 2019 goes a little better than expected. JT starts thinking, "I could be the key piece of this team." 2020, still here, the season starts off strong, JT starts off on a career year. He sees the team, he sees the potential, he sees he could be "the guy" here, a leader, the centerpiece. Halfway through 2020, he changes his mind and decides to sign a long-term deal with the Marlins and now the fans have someone they can rally behind in what ends up being hopefully the first of many winning seasons since 2009. I may not be wording this well, but hopefully my point comes through.
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    you have a lot of faith in Hill I see
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    Cincy can offer that if they want, doesn't mean the Marlins will accept it or even think about it. As I said a few days ago, fuck the Reds if they are going to offer garbage.
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    Longest staring contest ever.
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    my prediction JT gets traded at 302 pages
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    how the JT updates today

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