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    Update in. Various teams are interested in Realmuto.
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    What did Dave Henderson do to you?
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    Derek Dietrich, when he gets older and worse, will be Neil Walker. Nick Wittgren, when he gets older and worse, will be Jordan Milbrath. The Marlins are just time traveling and you plebes don't understand it.
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    to resell all those Reyes jerseys and dolls ?
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    I just hope franchise mode has an Elegy after each season since we can't get one in real life.
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    You can definitely leave the roof open!
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    I hope they add the option to tank and save money by leaving the roof open.
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    I predict that you'll make more predictions before year end.
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    You realize marlins fans aren’t counting on this year being a good year, right? This year will be much less frustrating than watching the Yelly, Stanton, Ozuna teams struggle to find the postseason. As for the Cards, you know you guys aren’t making the playoffs, correct? That has to be infuriating to watch
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    I hate that you're right, but you're right.
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    If a trade of Wittgren was in the works you are getting rid of Wittgren anyways so you DFA him because then they would have been able to trade Wittgren, sign Walker, and keep Galloway. By DFAing Galloway you would trade Wittgren and sign Walker BUT you would lose Galloway. If the intention was to trade Wittgren and keep Galloway then you do it the first way, again assuming a trade was close. Again, I was only speculating about this proposed trade anyways. This definitely might just be one big screw up after all.
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    The DH in the NL is inevitable but I'd imagine NL teams and especially GMs could really make a big stink about not doing it in 2019 because they just went through an entire offseason constructing their rosters without having a DH in mind.
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    Got dang, hats are getting expensive. 37 for a hat that’s typically shitty quality compared to what we got years ago.
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    Everyone is disagreeing with each other in here, normal alliances aren't matching even and I can't keep up.
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    it's like you're creating a straw man argument in order to defend current leadership. "People said (or probably will say) with Jeter's leadership we won't have any real major league players in the lineup. Well that is not true! We have several bona fide major league players in the lineup. People are so unfair to Jeter with this criticism. Loria is to blame!"
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    The Marlins don't have major league players in their lineup.
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    you forgot the footage captured of this meeting
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    yelich will out WAR that entire lineup ?
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    Well, Walker's deal was $2M, and Dietrich was projected for I think $5M, so there's that.
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    That's it. Bye everyone.