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    it's just a stupid premise that there is some abstract force that is behind this. There's no point to the article. For instance: Beckett and Lowell were traded for Hanley Castillo spent 10+ years with the fish and made majority of his $ as marlin Uggla was rule 5 and absolutely horrible after the trade Since being traded, Nolasco has been worth 5 WAR (after 18 with the fish)
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    Instead of improving Billy why don't they focus on improving the on field product? Worst ownership ever.
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    If you do that of course nobody will notice because nobody goes to games at Marlins Park.
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    Figured as much. Looks like ol' Michael was right again.
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    It's dwelling on the past and stirring what's in the pot to get clicks. It's lazy writing. It's also slapping the Marlins on the wrist for trading Realmuto as if they're not allowed to trade anyone ever again because of their past trading history. It's like saying someone can't have dinner tonight because they ate dinner yesterday.
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    If anything, I'd say the article makes the case with it's numbers that the marlins have done pretty well trading these players
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    ? He has 20 million reasons not to....
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    He didn’t post enough workout videos on IG
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    The Marlins thoroughly explored all options on this one. They obviously asked for more than what several teams were willing to part with. They played multiple team offers against one another. This is exactly what you want from your front office because that’s how you figure out what Max market value is for your asset. It’s exactly what people were screaming about last year when it seemed like only St Louis and San Francisco were trade partners for Stanton. So I don’t get or appreciate any LOL Marlins type of reaction to this trade. Particularly the variety of “well they could have done that months ago”. This is what he’s worth. Hope these guys work out. Really excited about Sixto
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    Helo i'm new to marlis message blog i heard there's a CHANCE our baseball player JT will be tradeding
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    Not gonna be allowed to bring that into the ballpark as they don't allow weapons.
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    Can we line up all the media and fans who thought the Marlins holding out on the return for JT was a disaster in the making?
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    A teaser. Haven't seen the face but he doesn't look much different shape wise except for the addition of shoes. The new color is great, looks pretty teal in this clip.
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    PPl would think it's either an ass or a vagina
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    It's part of my daily conversation on here, creating chatter and sharing things with fellow Marlins fans. Don't think I lose sleep over this stuff despite me posting about this quite a bit. If anything it's just poking fun and laughing at it. To be honest I understand the skepticism though some of the criticisms are so bad and uninformed that it's pretty much cheap comedy at this point.
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    Agreed - follow the trend of all of baseball this off-season, give him a minor league deal with an invite to spring training. If he does well, great, off-load him to a contender who needs an outfield/bench bat. It's going to be exactly the same with Granderson, really.
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    I love Orbit, one of my favorite mascots.
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    Actually, considering the way they've done the priority of the colors in the rebrand, be thankful he isn't all black with just some highlights of the blue. Not kidding either.
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    I'm surprised he got shoes... wouldn't it be cheaper for him to be barefoot all the time?
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    No more Realmuto and it's time to change my avatar back to Wei-Yin, I believe he wouldn't request for a trade…
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    Blasphemy! @pollythewog is always funny!
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    Yea where have you been. They tore down a sub .500 dynasty. People are going to stop coming to games now
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    And at the time they were being absurd asking for that according to the same people.
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    Surprised how many people are saying the Marlins failed because they asked for Bellinger and Acuna yet didn't get that or someone like that.
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    No. REAL fans don't participate in anything that might even slightly support their team.
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    I think $250K is the most we can get in a trade, by rule. I could be wrong.
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    Unbelievable. Even the DL is becoming PC. The term disabled has many uses and use of the word does not automatically mean you are talking about people with disabilities. If my car is unable to be driven because of a flat tire then it has been disabled. If I unplug my router my internet connection has been disabled. Baseball players being put on a list because they are unable to physically participate in games is not an insult to people with disabilities and or handicaps and it does not imply that disabled people can not play sports. Fuck off.
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    go and read the 30 pages you skipped lazy bum
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    Is this kid related to Antonio Alfonseca??
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    Read the last 30 pages bro.
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    new list: http://m.mlb.com/prospects/2018?list=mia
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    will his walk-up song be "25 or 6 to 4" by Chicago?
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    Ohhhhhhhhhhhh I just got the Sixto 6'2" joke........ I feel stupid.
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    Why don't they just devote a register or two to cash and cards ONLY. i.e. there's 4 registers at a stand, have 2 be cash only, 2 be card only. The card line may go faster, but you still take cash for those that use cash.
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    Well this seems not terrible. I am unsure how to proceed without the usual post-trade rage.
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    one thing no one is bringing up is JT will now be facing marlins pitching 18 times a year rather than phillies pitching. That's a pretty huge difference prob worth another .100 ops alone for him
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    lmao for some reason I thought sixto's last name was chance woops
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    We'll have to wait for Ole Das Texan to tell us.
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    Also, Realmuto is about to become a superstar, a legit MVP, and a sure fire Hall of Famer and a beloved fan favorite that fans packed Marlins Park to come see.
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    keep the posts coming dillweeds!!!
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    I predict a trade by sixto'clock.
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    https://theathletic.com/804630/2019/02/06/stark-move-back-the-mound-mlb-and-players-are-open-to-that-more/ Jayson Stark provided some more details on proposals that have already been reported. Here are a few general paraphrased highlights: A committee (which will run through 2019) will be formed to study: Moving mound back Lowering mound Changing strike zone changes September roster changes: expand rosters to 28 in Sept. 12 pitchers through August, 13 pitchers after Draft order: changing draft orders to encourage increased spending He goes into more detail on what's being considered in the article at the link above, I edited it to make it more general/keep it more to what's already out there, either from yesterday or twitter.
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    Just hope he would never "swing and mish"…
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    Thank Goodness you're not a Marlin fan.
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