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    it's just a stupid premise that there is some abstract force that is behind this. There's no point to the article. For instance: Beckett and Lowell were traded for Hanley Castillo spent 10+ years with the fish and made majority of his $ as marlin Uggla was rule 5 and absolutely horrible after the trade Since being traded, Nolasco has been worth 5 WAR (after 18 with the fish)
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    Instead of improving Billy why don't they focus on improving the on field product? Worst ownership ever.
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    If you do that of course nobody will notice because nobody goes to games at Marlins Park.
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    Figured as much. Looks like ol' Michael was right again.
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    It's dwelling on the past and stirring what's in the pot to get clicks. It's lazy writing. It's also slapping the Marlins on the wrist for trading Realmuto as if they're not allowed to trade anyone ever again because of their past trading history. It's like saying someone can't have dinner tonight because they ate dinner yesterday.
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    If anything, I'd say the article makes the case with it's numbers that the marlins have done pretty well trading these players
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    Helo i'm new to marlis message blog i heard there's a CHANCE our baseball player JT will be tradeding
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    Can we line up all the media and fans who thought the Marlins holding out on the return for JT was a disaster in the making?
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    A teaser. Haven't seen the face but he doesn't look much different shape wise except for the addition of shoes. The new color is great, looks pretty teal in this clip.
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    PPl would think it's either an ass or a vagina
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    It's part of my daily conversation on here, creating chatter and sharing things with fellow Marlins fans. Don't think I lose sleep over this stuff despite me posting about this quite a bit. If anything it's just poking fun and laughing at it. To be honest I understand the skepticism though some of the criticisms are so bad and uninformed that it's pretty much cheap comedy at this point.
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    Agreed - follow the trend of all of baseball this off-season, give him a minor league deal with an invite to spring training. If he does well, great, off-load him to a contender who needs an outfield/bench bat. It's going to be exactly the same with Granderson, really.
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    I love Orbit, one of my favorite mascots.
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    It’s cute how some diehard fans who have bought into the rebuild (which I myself have done) are SHOCKED and constantly making reference to those fans on social media who have not bought into it and the things they say on Twitter etc. I’ll save you some shock (and some time): Nothing is going to change until the Marlins make the playoffs. Nothing. It’s been a decade and a half of incompetence. That doesn’t get washed away with trading two MVP’s (and quite possibly a third) to new teams and rebuilding a barren farm system. Winning makes all those old wounds heal. Not acquiring International FA money, not 20 year old flamethrowers who threw 50 innings last year. Winning. Winning heals. Stop thinking casual fans (and some diehards) and local and national media will suddenly embrace this team any day now. It will be a lot of days.
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    So thrilled about this trade, and having to admit or face the reality, that Mike Hill saved his own skin in this deal...unless Jeter did do what I think would've gotten a trade done, and kicked Hill out of the negotiation room. Now, we can enjoy the full rebuild and see what we have and can get and develop moving forward. Go Marlins! Let's get number 3 (1997, 2003, ????) before any other expansion franchise!
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    Jokes aside I was hoping for a complete redesign, but then again we could have a fake copy of the Mr.Met or the Phanatic
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    I'm surprised he got shoes... wouldn't it be cheaper for him to be barefoot all the time?
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    Blasphemy! @pollythewog is always funny!
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    Yeah... It's kinda sad how many casual fans this team has. Me reading the comments on twitter of "Marlins fans" ?????????????????????????
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    So my replacement came. For some reason they sent me 2 shirts. I'm not complaining! Maybe it's because I had already sent one back and they sent another which was also incorrect?
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    And at the time they were being absurd asking for that according to the same people.
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    Exactly. That killed me. Surprisingly bad write up.
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    Unbelievable. Even the DL is becoming PC. The term disabled has many uses and use of the word does not automatically mean you are talking about people with disabilities. If my car is unable to be driven because of a flat tire then it has been disabled. If I unplug my router my internet connection has been disabled. Baseball players being put on a list because they are unable to physically participate in games is not an insult to people with disabilities and or handicaps and it does not imply that disabled people can not play sports. Fuck off.
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    go and read the 30 pages you skipped lazy bum
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    If Sixto becomes a legit Ace, the Marlins win this trade big. But, again, it’s too early to evaluate this trade. Some Marlins fans who say it’s too early to declare a winner in the Yelich trade are saying they are very pleased with the Realmuto trade. That’s weird to me. It’s very likely we will not know for two (maybe three) years on how the ownership did in the Yelich and Realmuto trades. Sixto is a badass MLB pitcher name, however, and I’m seriously considering putting it on the back of my new home white jersey.
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    new list: http://m.mlb.com/prospects/2018?list=mia
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    will his walk-up song be "25 or 6 to 4" by Chicago?
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    Ohhhhhhhhhhhh I just got the Sixto 6'2" joke........ I feel stupid.
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    Promotions cost $$$ Jeter is cheap, so no promotions...duh.
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    Well this seems not terrible. I am unsure how to proceed without the usual post-trade rage.
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    is JT getting traded or wut
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    lmao for some reason I thought sixto's last name was chance woops
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    We'll have to wait for Ole Das Texan to tell us.
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    Also, Realmuto is about to become a superstar, a legit MVP, and a sure fire Hall of Famer and a beloved fan favorite that fans packed Marlins Park to come see.
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    I predict a trade by sixto'clock.
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    https://theathletic.com/804630/2019/02/06/stark-move-back-the-mound-mlb-and-players-are-open-to-that-more/ Jayson Stark provided some more details on proposals that have already been reported. Here are a few general paraphrased highlights: A committee (which will run through 2019) will be formed to study: Moving mound back Lowering mound Changing strike zone changes September roster changes: expand rosters to 28 in Sept. 12 pitchers through August, 13 pitchers after Draft order: changing draft orders to encourage increased spending He goes into more detail on what's being considered in the article at the link above, I edited it to make it more general/keep it more to what's already out there, either from yesterday or twitter.
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    Thank Goodness you're not a Marlin fan.
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    Me too but I've accepted it's coming for years. From the union perspective it's another job to be filled, from a team perspective it protects pitchers, from a casual fan perspective it creates more offense... the only negatives against it come from preferring tradition and since at the end of the day this is a business the other points will win out. There's no stopping it.
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    No they aren't, Jeter's keeping as much green as possible! #CheapJeter #JuckFeter
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    That's the spirit, welcome aboard!!! It's funny how Sixto was a Phenom/Stud/Elite/Sensational prospect before he got traded to the marlins. Now he's a bum with no real talent, command and pitches. ????
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    This money is for the same period as the Mesa period. That one hasn't ended yet.
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    I predict there isn't a trade today.
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    I'm good with this trade but the return is kind of boring. In Sixto we received a flame throwing top 30 prospect who has legit top of the rotation stuff and a great name. In Alfaro we are getting a young MLB catcher with the potential to be above average and five years of control. This is the part that I am good with. I have never heard of Will Stewart and have no idea who he is. That doesn't mean much because I'm just a schmuck on a laptop and not a scout. However, there are couple of things that I have been able to find on line about Stewart. He was a 20th round pick which means he has never really been highly regarded. That's fine because every once in a while these types of draft picks surprise you and really exceed all expectations. Then I see that while he had a break out year last season, which was his first in full season ball, his previous two seasons weren't so hot. So, did Stewart break out or was it a fluke season? I would have liked a more solid prospect at this point as a part of this deal. Then, we got International slot money as the 4th component of this trade. That's great because it shows we are still looking to invest in the IFA market. However, just $250K ? Couldn't we have asked them for more? Couldn't we have gotten $500K instead? Look at how many trades we had to make just to piece together the Mesa money last year. So yes, Sixto and Alfaro are good gets and even sort of safe bets to have a positive impact on the Marlins for the future. But I just wish the other two pieces of the trade were a little better.

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