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    He didn’t post enough workout videos on IG
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    The Marlins thoroughly explored all options on this one. They obviously asked for more than what several teams were willing to part with. They played multiple team offers against one another. This is exactly what you want from your front office because that’s how you figure out what Max market value is for your asset. It’s exactly what people were screaming about last year when it seemed like only St Louis and San Francisco were trade partners for Stanton. So I don’t get or appreciate any LOL Marlins type of reaction to this trade. Particularly the variety of “well they could have done that months ago”. This is what he’s worth. Hope these guys work out. Really excited about Sixto
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    Helo i'm new to marlis message blog i heard there's a CHANCE our baseball player JT will be tradeding
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    Not gonna be allowed to bring that into the ballpark as they don't allow weapons.
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    Can we line up all the media and fans who thought the Marlins holding out on the return for JT was a disaster in the making?
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    go and read the 30 pages you skipped lazy bum
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    Is this kid related to Antonio Alfonseca??
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    new list: http://m.mlb.com/prospects/2018?list=mia
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    ill judge it as GRADE A STINKER
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    will his walk-up song be "25 or 6 to 4" by Chicago?
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    Ohhhhhhhhhhhh I just got the Sixto 6'2" joke........ I feel stupid.
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    Why don't they just devote a register or two to cash and cards ONLY. i.e. there's 4 registers at a stand, have 2 be cash only, 2 be card only. The card line may go faster, but you still take cash for those that use cash.
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    Promotions cost $$$ Jeter is cheap, so no promotions...duh.
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    one thing no one is bringing up is JT will now be facing marlins pitching 18 times a year rather than phillies pitching. That's a pretty huge difference prob worth another .100 ops alone for him
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    We'll have to wait for Ole Das Texan to tell us.
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    keep the posts coming dillweeds!!!
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    Yes but only for rev sharing recipients. So, a team like the Red Sox wouldn't be awarded extra draft picks for being successful. A team like the Rays though would be.
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    Just hope he would never "swing and mish"…
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    Me too but I've accepted it's coming for years. From the union perspective it's another job to be filled, from a team perspective it protects pitchers, from a casual fan perspective it creates more offense... the only negatives against it come from preferring tradition and since at the end of the day this is a business the other points will win out. There's no stopping it.
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