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    VV Mesa, Granderson, Bryce Harper
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    I like Pablo. He was fun to watch last year.
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    That would be your experience, but the Fish Stripes tweeter may not have been at that one. Opening Day 2012 was packed as well.
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    Pablo has fans, stop hating.
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    Well, I used my stalker skills to have more angles than that guy! So ha! I'll have a more detailed writeup about the renovations either this evening or (more likely) mid-day tomorrow. Took 10-15 pictures to share. I have to upload them and write everything but can't right now.
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    I did wind up going, and it was packed, at least compared to when I went 2 years ago, when it was more of a ghost town. I don't know if the weather had anything to do with it being packed in the stadium, but it was busy throughout. I'll have a more detailed update on the park in the other thread. There were a lot of the younger guys there - Riddle, Scott, Brigham, Sierra, etc. when I was there Granderson, Wallach, Anderson, Conley were there too. There were a lot of things to do outside as well. A lot of families with kids and stuff - a lot of people actually on the field too (which looks in rough shape). It seems like the afternoon time worked well. Regarding the tickets, my mom and I walked up to the entrance (security), and they asked for our tickets, and I was like "what?" And he just said "go ahead, but next time you need the app/tickets". I'm guessing the tickets were more just a way to get a better idea on how many people attended (or at least went IN the park, as you didn't need a ticket for the outdoor stuff). One thing I still wish they would do is have some sort of covering between the park and garages - it was lightly raining today so it wasn't so bad, but when it's really coming down, it's not fun to have to run between them.
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    Like 75 wins maybe? I wouldn't be shocked if that happened. In fact, I'll be ecstatic if we get that. Would mean 2020 could be more of a push forward by the FO.
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    Pablo seems like a really good dude and he had to fight for every chance he got. He's made the most of his opportunities, hard not to root for a guy like that.
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    2012 was the Marlins first year in Miami so there are a lot of things to consider. New Stadium, that team was packed too. Ozzie Guillén, Hanley, Reyes, Infante, Stanton, Zambrano, JJ, Buehrle, Anibal Sanchez, John Buck ??, Heath Bell ??.... etc. They even had a show about the team on showtime if I recall correctly. So fans had a lot more going back then, but I still think this team will shock a lot of people. All the naysayers will remember their words. Go Fish!!!! ?
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    I'm sorry but I was at the FanFest in 2012 and it was way more packed than that. You could barely move around.
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    cut off the arm and graft a cannon
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    @SixtoBullet found a size 7 us made
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    Have we finally found the one thing that everyone here agrees on?
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    lol wth is that? Looks like a South Park parody
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    I checked Fangraphs Top 100 Feb 2018 and Brinson Harrison Guzman and Diaz were all on the list at the time. Yes they've fallen off but when the trades happened they did get Top 100 guys.
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    So what do we have: Starters: C- Alfaro, 1B- OBrien/Walker, 2B- Castro, SS- Rojas/Riddle, 3B- Prado, LF-Granderson, CF- Brinson, RF- Anderson Bench: C- Holladay, 1B- OBrien/Walker, SS- Rojas/Riddle, OF- Sierra, ??? SP: Smith, Lopez, Richards, Straily, Urena RP: Guerrero, Conley, Eveld, Steckenrider, Garcia, Alcantara, Chen Idk who you'd fit in that last bench spot, and I have no idea what to do with our seven SPs but I hope they'd shove Chen in the bullpen and let the young guys start. Am I missing someone?
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    That's the spirit, welcome aboard!!! It's funny how Sixto was a Phenom/Stud/Elite/Sensational prospect before he got traded to the marlins. Now he's a bum with no real talent, command and pitches. ????