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    They should do it before the game starts, like an hour or so. Or maybe while they are playing so fans can enjoy the experience.
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    https://www.thescore.com/mlb/news/1714352 The latest phase of the Miami Marlins' rebuild is complete after the team tradedAll-Star catcher J.T. Realmuto to the Philadelphia Phillies. Now, all eyes in south Florida are on the future. Despite the ongoing teardown that began during the 2017-18 offseason when the Marlins dealt Giancarlo Stanton, Christian Yelich, Marcell Ozuna, and Dee Gordon, the club's president of baseball operations, Michael Hill, doesn't think the 2019 season is a total write-off. “I would tell our fans to just give us a chance," Hill said, according to Tim Reynolds of The Associated Press. "So many people have written off the Marlins and really haven’t taken an opportunity to take a deep look at what we’re building. When you have a lot to do, it’s going to take time and we understand where we’re at. But we’ve been able to add a tremendous amount of talent over the last 18 months." Hill also said the team has added 38 prospects and high-upside players since the Derek Jeter-led regime change, and prior to that, the prospect cupboard was mostly empty. The haul Miami received from Philadelphia in exchange for Realmuto included some of that new talent. Jorge Alfaro is expected to slot in as the team's starting catcher this season, and right-hander Sixto Sanchez immediately became the most highly touted prospect in the Marlins' farm system. In October, the Marlins signed Cuban outfielders Victor Victor Mesa and Victor Mesa Jr. to minor-league deals, both of whom could make an impact at the major-league level. Still, the Marlins are coming off a 63-98 season and aren't projected to be much better in 2019. It's been a while since they last sniffed the postseason, too, and the team hasn't posted a winning record since 2009. Miami also hasn't appeared in a playoff game since winning the 2003 World Series.
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    This kinda resembles Little Billy both in appearance and personality, that idea they had for a year or two.
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    "Scared of the old Billy" is just people grasping at straws. This new Billy would be ok if the eyes weren't so "Anime" looking, I THINK thats the thing that's throwing me off. Him slimming down alot too kinda kills the "joyfulness" of a fat guy, and takes some of Billy's schtick away too. The "Nosejob" though, I can understand wanting to fix that. The way they had this mascot rolling around, and acting- reminded me of Minnie Mouse at Disney.
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    Being active in the international market is long overdue, glad to see this regime has jumped right into it and plans to stay in it. Loria ignored it.
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    Last thing... the uniforms look amazing in person, both caps and jerseys... pictures do not do these uniforms justice. I was in love with everything about them today. There's certain elements that work differently to the naked eye than in photographs. Yes there's a lot of black but the blue and red manage to fit in just right to make the whole look work. I think the uniforms have gotten plenty of praise thus far but after today I'm thinking these uniforms are gonna grow on people even more over time.
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    This is an exaggeration but yes this place was PACKED today. I've never seen a Fan Fest so packed in this ballpark. And obviously yes a huge difference from last year. Feels like way more people "bought in" this year and, now that I think about it, this is definitely more than in the last several years since 2012. So, despite the public narrative and all of the skepticism, I think there's more support now than there was at any point from 2013-2017. We always say how people didn't really support the pre-2018 as much as people say but I think now it's becoming more obvious. This is a way better atmosphere than before even knowing that 2019 is still gonna be a bad year on the field.
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    Surprised this thread doesn't have more updates after today. Here are some of my observations: -The color scheme in the main team store is absolutely fabulous. You walk in and it's so pleasing to the eye. Much more cool and vibrant than the orange which I thought was vibrant at the time but was more abrasive looking back. This color scheme works way better for this team and, right now, I think it might be "better" than teal for present day Marlins. The teal is beautiful and has its place but I don't think it fits us right now. -The end seat of every single row has been replaced because the previous seats had the white old logo on the side. The new seats are blank on the sides. -All the tiles behind the lower bowl seats are still there they were just painted over in blue, even the grout was painted. I wonder if in the future they'll actually replace all the tiles. -The concourse walls are a clean white, all of the colored tiles are gone. The colored speckled floors are now a glossy gray but with white and black speckles all over it. It looks very nice very clean very sharp but definitely a bit sterile and bland. It looks nice but needs something to make it pop a bit more. -The entire outfield concourse was closed off. Many sections were blocked off due to construction. All of the unfinished renovations look like they're gonna be nice but I was bothered seeing them so unfinished on a day like today. It was like having fan fest at a construction site in some areas. -The new pizza is pricier than before, $12 to what I remember being $8, maybe $10... but man is it way better in quality taste and appearance. The previous Papa Johns there was worse than regular papa John's. -The field was a disaster because of that golf event last month. There were signs semi apologizing and saying new grass coming soon. People were allowed to walk all over the field though as opposed to past years when you were directed along specific paths. So it's clear that they decided not to replace the grass but to just let everyone walk all over it and replace it afterwards as opposed to replacing it and then having people ruin it and then get it replaced again. It makes sense but it looked really bad today. Look at this pic though...
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    VV Mesa, Granderson, Bryce Harper
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    I like Pablo. He was fun to watch last year.
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    That would be your experience, but the Fish Stripes tweeter may not have been at that one. Opening Day 2012 was packed as well.
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    Pablo has fans, stop hating.
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    In general all of these lists are pretty fluid so it's very tricky to say anything about them depending how you word it. Of the players who were acquired for Stanton Yelich and Ozuna the Marlins do not have any of them on the Top 100 lists today... FACT. But... When the Marlins traded Stanton Yelich and Ozuna they did acquire several prospects who were on the Top 100 lists at the time... FACT. Both statements are accurate, the narrative changes which statement someone choose to use.
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    You wrote this whole post and then admitted that it's just from memory when I said in my post that I actually did a search and found the Fangraphs Top 100 from Feb 2018.
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    hopefully “we’re trying to win in 2019” translates into less Mags Sierra getting big league playing time
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    I didn't eat because I had had lunch already, and had dinner plans and wasn't hungry. What I did see, though, looked good. That's good to hear. I would often get pizza at the park before, so I'll definitely be trying it. It's sounded like there's going to be quite a few options worth trying, though, which is good. I just hope these "specialty"/local restaurants don't mean very expensive food. I know they have the 305 menu, but it'd be nice to see low-ish prices across the board. I also thought it was nice that they had a cheese, pepperoni, and veggie option.
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    On the food menus I also noticed more pictures of the food. Every main food item that I saw had an image next to it. That helps, like in a fast food restaurant. In the past I believe only some items were pictured. Thinking back to yesterday kinda bummed we didnt set up some meeting between members here. We're overdue for that.
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    Ok, so I finally have some time to post pictures/thoughts. This first image is just to show the concourse and how many people were there. And a view of the people on the field. Here's the view from/of the right field SRO section. I think it'll be nice to stand there and eat for a bit watching the game. I'll return back to the concourse for this part. As mentioned before, the floors are now just gray with black/white flakes in it, and it's the same throughout. It is kind of boring/sterile, but looks nice. The tiles on the fronts of the concession windows are all painted white now. Definitely boring/standard looking but I guess it's all uniform around the park now. The previous signs (which said things like Burgers, and MIA BBQ, Sweat Treats, etc) have been removed. At FanFest, they had video screens showing either the name of the place that was there or "coming soon" with the name of the place going there (Pincho, Fowl Pole, etc) It looked like the signs had been removed recently, because there were still wires and things hanging out, like you can see in this photo. The TV screens out front of the window usually displays the game during games, so I don't know if they'll stick with showing the restaurant name on those, or if that was temporary for today, and actual signs will be placed up. I was SOOOOO happy to see they resolved this - they must be reading my posts - they FINALLY got smart and alternated the menu screens - every other screen shows food OR drink options - no idiotic rotating through both on all screens so you have to wait for it to roll back over to what you were reading. You can also see a closeup of the tv sign in the upper left corner - like I said above, I'm thinking that may be temporary until they get the real signs put up, unless they don't plan on showing the game during games. In addition to the paid windows, they had a few free taste test areas for things like hot dogs. This was cool looking - didn't remember seeing it before: On to the main attraction: It looks like it's going to be a cool setup once done. I definitely plan on checking it out. That one wall on the bottom level (above the display boards) looks kind of tall, though. It'll be nice to see how it looks when finished. ---- Oh also of note, but didn't take pictures. The concession area right to the right of the home plate entrance behind that info booth that had been shut down/used for Marlins member things the last few years was blocked off by construction fencing - it looked like it may have all been removed, so something different is going in there. Also, they had the former Taste of Miami section (the sign was also gone) blocked off, so changes are happening there too. --- Another thing I noticed but wasn't sure about - the field lights seemed different - I don't know if it was just because they weren't all activated or not, but does anyone know if they changed to LED field lights? --- Interesting to hear about the logo "caps" on the ends of the seat rows - I didn't think to look at that. I'm sure that was the simplest way to solve that, as I think it was molded into the seat frames, which would mean replacing every end piece. I'd guess whenever they replace the seats years down the road, they'll put the new logo in there (who knows, maybe it'll change again.....maybe they should just put little video screens there so they can change it every few years haha).
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    Someone on Instagram commented that he looks like a Tiny Toon and that seems to fit. Tiny Toons was a 90s cartoon where the Looney Tunes characters were done as kid versions, they had bigger eyes, rounder faces/chubby cheeks, and an overall "cuter" look though for Billy that's a step backwards.
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    I like this move also... we need a 3B of the future and he can always fill in here and there in the OF.
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    I legit thought he was sitting on three of the four players laps the way the tweet is displayed on the forum.
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    Just browsing through posts on social media where fans shared photos of themselves with players I noticed a handful where the fan had last years home jersey alongside the player wearing the new one. It really illustrates the upgrade.
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    Because of Captains Camp there were way more minor leaguers here than normal at Fan Fest and I had a rough time with a lot of faces and I'm obviously someone who does "know" the players. I needed to see the names on their backs quite a bit. With that said it was actually very cool to see guys who are so low in the system interacting with the fans. Connor Scott signed a ball for my kid and I was thinking how this kid was just drafted and won't be in the majors for quite some time but he was already creating memories with the kids here and I realized it's actually kinda brilliant. With the idea being that our minor leaguers will be the stars of our next winning team... fingers crossed Connor Scott is starting a playoff game for us and there's kids in the crowd that got his autograph back in 2019. Its great. I mean it's cool to get a Neil Walker autograph but will that mean anything when this team is actually good?
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    Holy shit @SonOfJack you don't look anything like your dad
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    Well, I used my stalker skills to have more angles than that guy! So ha! I'll have a more detailed writeup about the renovations either this evening or (more likely) mid-day tomorrow. Took 10-15 pictures to share. I have to upload them and write everything but can't right now.
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    I did wind up going, and it was packed, at least compared to when I went 2 years ago, when it was more of a ghost town. I don't know if the weather had anything to do with it being packed in the stadium, but it was busy throughout. I'll have a more detailed update on the park in the other thread. There were a lot of the younger guys there - Riddle, Scott, Brigham, Sierra, etc. when I was there Granderson, Wallach, Anderson, Conley were there too. There were a lot of things to do outside as well. A lot of families with kids and stuff - a lot of people actually on the field too (which looks in rough shape). It seems like the afternoon time worked well. Regarding the tickets, my mom and I walked up to the entrance (security), and they asked for our tickets, and I was like "what?" And he just said "go ahead, but next time you need the app/tickets". I'm guessing the tickets were more just a way to get a better idea on how many people attended (or at least went IN the park, as you didn't need a ticket for the outdoor stuff). One thing I still wish they would do is have some sort of covering between the park and garages - it was lightly raining today so it wasn't so bad, but when it's really coming down, it's not fun to have to run between them.
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    Like 75 wins maybe? I wouldn't be shocked if that happened. In fact, I'll be ecstatic if we get that. Would mean 2020 could be more of a push forward by the FO.
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    Pablo seems like a really good dude and he had to fight for every chance he got. He's made the most of his opportunities, hard not to root for a guy like that.
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    2012 was the Marlins first year in Miami so there are a lot of things to consider. New Stadium, that team was packed too. Ozzie Guillén, Hanley, Reyes, Infante, Stanton, Zambrano, JJ, Buehrle, Anibal Sanchez, John Buck ??, Heath Bell ??.... etc. They even had a show about the team on showtime if I recall correctly. So fans had a lot more going back then, but I still think this team will shock a lot of people. All the naysayers will remember their words. Go Fish!!!! ?
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    I'm sorry but I was at the FanFest in 2012 and it was way more packed than that. You could barely move around.
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    cut off the arm and graft a cannon
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    @SixtoBullet found a size 7 us made
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    Have we finally found the one thing that everyone here agrees on?
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    lol wth is that? Looks like a South Park parody
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    I checked Fangraphs Top 100 Feb 2018 and Brinson Harrison Guzman and Diaz were all on the list at the time. Yes they've fallen off but when the trades happened they did get Top 100 guys.
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    So what do we have: Starters: C- Alfaro, 1B- OBrien/Walker, 2B- Castro, SS- Rojas/Riddle, 3B- Prado, LF-Granderson, CF- Brinson, RF- Anderson Bench: C- Holladay, 1B- OBrien/Walker, SS- Rojas/Riddle, OF- Sierra, ??? SP: Smith, Lopez, Richards, Straily, Urena RP: Guerrero, Conley, Eveld, Steckenrider, Garcia, Alcantara, Chen Idk who you'd fit in that last bench spot, and I have no idea what to do with our seven SPs but I hope they'd shove Chen in the bullpen and let the young guys start. Am I missing someone?

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