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    SixtoButthurt? It’s obnoxious, I agree. They are the punching bag and will be until they start winning.
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    Maybe next year's ST hat will be black/blue bill with just the fish (no M) like this years. That'd be a good look.
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    Yeah for sure. I picked me up a ST hat (no patch). OHHHH. I completely forgot to post it: They had these hats with the blue bill.
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    @hovertical @DTrain @pollythewog @SixYearItch I apologize... I'm cluttering up so many threads pointing out how everyone thinks we suck when they're actually all right. It's true we have sucked for over 15 years now and we will continue to suck until we somehow get the last winning out of a World Series again. There is no middle ground other than that. The team will never take positive steps forward until they've actually got their hands on that next World Series trophy. There is no reason to show pride in the team I've followed closely for 26 years. My bad.
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    Make up your mind — which is it?! Can he play or them, or can he not, or can he maybe?!
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    I like it now that I know how it works. It was just unexpected and confusing when I clicked the "home" button only to be seeing the same exact page I was on (it left only the Marlins discussion checked initially), until I figured it out, so some sort of post explaining the change would've been/would be nice (though maybe this thread acts as that now). I know I had that happen - there were threads I posted in, but forgot to check them because they weren't in the main discussion one, and would think about it a week or more later. The only thing about the new setup is the checkbox thing on the right doesn't have descriptions of what belongs there like before......most are self explanatory (Marlins discussion, game threads, sports), but the "Media guide" and "outfield" are a little less clear as to what belongs there. My 2 cents at the moment.
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    Looks so good with the blue bill.
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    Just randomly looking at defensive numbers with Baseball-Reference ... if all goes well, our 2020 starting outfield might not let a single ball drop out there. Monte Harrison, Lewis Brinson, and Victor Victor Mesa, all three have Range Factor per 9 over 2.50. Lorenzo Cain, the highest rated defensive center fielder by Fangraphs in 2018, had 2.40. Just to give an idea. If they can all hit decently, my goodness.
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    Take the second half of the day off? Seems like plenty of advanced notice to give your employer, no?
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    That was the writer. Hill's quote was: “I would tell our fans to just give us a chance," Hill said, according to Tim Reynolds of The Associated Press. "So many people have written off the Marlins and really haven’t taken an opportunity to take a deep look at what we’re building. When you have a lot to do, it’s going to take time and we understand where we’re at. But we’ve been able to add a tremendous amount of talent over the last 18 months." I think it is pretty clear he didn't mean give us a chance to win in 2019. If he thought they have a chance to win this year (he obviously doesn't) he'd be delusional. That being said, he isn't going to come out and say "We will suck this year" because that's bad business and rude to the players. He said this the right way. I don't defend Hill often, but this one is obviously being read into incorrectly by you.
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    I am hoping this builds, but then I hear strange explanations. Like on Saturday, explaining the Realmuto trade, like we don't know why and understand it. So, we get the explanation that "we traded 2 years of control for 17 years". Sure, I get the math but it does not make sense. Can we then say that if we went out and spent 250 million for 25 free agents on a one year deal that we are buying 25 years of control. My point is that a silly explanation is ridiculous, just be open about it. We all know what's up with JT at this point so the team needs to just say we made the best deal we thought was available. Done.
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    Firesales are also not something the Orioles have done to their fans over and over again like the Marlins have done in the past, and possibly again in the future. So they're going to get the benefit of the doubt in instances like this. Also, the return from the trades last year was atrocious when you consider the talent that left the team in the process of doing those trades. Marlins deserve any dirt they get thrown at them until they can prove they can be trusted to not repeatedly blow up their teams. I know, we disagree, but that's how I see the logic behind the difference in these fake ratings.
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    get that shit outta here , you Loria sympathizer
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    Looking into the future, the outfield is pretty full with VVM, Brinson, and Harrison just to start. So this moves makes sense for the long-term perspective.
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    I’m not giving Mike Hill a chance; he should be fired. I guess I’ll give everyone else a chance.
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    The best deal for Straily is around June or July, in my opinion. And blocking a pitcher doesn't seem so bad in another lost season. It would just be optioning someone down for two or three months.
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    He predicted injuries already???
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    Grandy Mags Brinson ?
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    The uniforms definitely looked great up close/in person, I just worry about the look from a distance - and that's only from a colors concern - the bright colors get washed out by the black from a distance when not in direct light.
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    Ok, so I finally have some time to post pictures/thoughts. This first image is just to show the concourse and how many people were there. And a view of the people on the field. Here's the view from/of the right field SRO section. I think it'll be nice to stand there and eat for a bit watching the game. I'll return back to the concourse for this part. As mentioned before, the floors are now just gray with black/white flakes in it, and it's the same throughout. It is kind of boring/sterile, but looks nice. The tiles on the fronts of the concession windows are all painted white now. Definitely boring/standard looking but I guess it's all uniform around the park now. The previous signs (which said things like Burgers, and MIA BBQ, Sweat Treats, etc) have been removed. At FanFest, they had video screens showing either the name of the place that was there or "coming soon" with the name of the place going there (Pincho, Fowl Pole, etc) It looked like the signs had been removed recently, because there were still wires and things hanging out, like you can see in this photo. The TV screens out front of the window usually displays the game during games, so I don't know if they'll stick with showing the restaurant name on those, or if that was temporary for today, and actual signs will be placed up. I was SOOOOO happy to see they resolved this - they must be reading my posts - they FINALLY got smart and alternated the menu screens - every other screen shows food OR drink options - no idiotic rotating through both on all screens so you have to wait for it to roll back over to what you were reading. You can also see a closeup of the tv sign in the upper left corner - like I said above, I'm thinking that may be temporary until they get the real signs put up, unless they don't plan on showing the game during games. In addition to the paid windows, they had a few free taste test areas for things like hot dogs. This was cool looking - didn't remember seeing it before: On to the main attraction: It looks like it's going to be a cool setup once done. I definitely plan on checking it out. That one wall on the bottom level (above the display boards) looks kind of tall, though. It'll be nice to see how it looks when finished. ---- Oh also of note, but didn't take pictures. The concession area right to the right of the home plate entrance behind that info booth that had been shut down/used for Marlins member things the last few years was blocked off by construction fencing - it looked like it may have all been removed, so something different is going in there. Also, they had the former Taste of Miami section (the sign was also gone) blocked off, so changes are happening there too. --- Another thing I noticed but wasn't sure about - the field lights seemed different - I don't know if it was just because they weren't all activated or not, but does anyone know if they changed to LED field lights? --- Interesting to hear about the logo "caps" on the ends of the seat rows - I didn't think to look at that. I'm sure that was the simplest way to solve that, as I think it was molded into the seat frames, which would mean replacing every end piece. I'd guess whenever they replace the seats years down the road, they'll put the new logo in there (who knows, maybe it'll change again.....maybe they should just put little video screens there so they can change it every few years haha).
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    Last thing... the uniforms look amazing in person, both caps and jerseys... pictures do not do these uniforms justice. I was in love with everything about them today. There's certain elements that work differently to the naked eye than in photographs. Yes there's a lot of black but the blue and red manage to fit in just right to make the whole look work. I think the uniforms have gotten plenty of praise thus far but after today I'm thinking these uniforms are gonna grow on people even more over time.
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    it's just a stupid premise that there is some abstract force that is behind this. There's no point to the article. For instance: Beckett and Lowell were traded for Hanley Castillo spent 10+ years with the fish and made majority of his $ as marlin Uggla was rule 5 and absolutely horrible after the trade Since being traded, Nolasco has been worth 5 WAR (after 18 with the fish)

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