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    I think that the Cardinals are in trouble.
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    Hi all just joined the group today, looking forward to many great discussions with you all. Been a fish fan since 93 and I figured I’d start off by offering my all time best Marlin 25 man roster (based on Marlins stats only) Starting pitchers Kevin Brown Josh Beckett Jose Fernandez Dontrelle Willis Ricky Nolasco Bullpen Felix Heredia Dennis Cook Matt Mantei Jay Powell Bryan Harvey Antonio Alfonseca Closer Rob Nenn Starters C Charles Johnson 1B Derrick Lee 2B Luis Castillo SS Hanley Ramirez 3B Mike Lowell RF Giancarlo Stanton CF Juan Pierre LF Gary Sheffield Bench Jeff Connie JT Realmuto Edgar Renteria Cliff Floyd Kurt Abbott Love to hear you guys’ feedback
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    Why can't it be both though? Getting the right players and teaching them right takes time so why not work on the fan experience along the way? And the people who work on the fan experience aren't the one who work on the on field product so it's not like working on either should take away from the other. I hate the insinuation that working on the fan experience means they aren't working on improving the on field product.
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    He was probably just looking for some attention and look he's getting it.
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    This is going to hurt so bad wen Straily gets picked up by the Patriots and replaces Gronkowski seamlessly.
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    Ok everyone. I'm finally getting around to my update/thoughts/photos on the park renovations. Sorry there are a lot of images here, but I wanted to give those REAL fans that haven't been a look at the updated park. Entering the park - the new fences around the park seem very imposing and unfriendly. They also block off what was supposed to be the area for the home run sculpture next year, which I find interesting and perhaps telling? They finally put banners up on the parking garages, and you can also see the new fences: Coming into the home plate entrance area, they put some nice looking mural type things. I thought this was neat - in the windows, they put each player and where they're from. The area behind home plate and the info booth (now the Marlins Member "headquarters" or something to that effect) is now just completely empty. There used to be a few concession stands here that had been closed since early in the new park the concessions were removed so now it's just open and you can go look out the window if you want. My fears from FanFest in regards to the concession appearance were allayed - at FanFest they were unpainted (just white) and had no customization - they just weren't finished yet. Now each stand had its own look, and it turned out nicely. Before deciding on what to eat, I circled the park several times checking all the options out. Aside from the two 3o5 places, food pricing is roughly the same as before, but the food options/quality looked better. The food looked more appetizing than before. I wound up going to "La Pepa" and got a "spanish flavored/inspired" (something along those lines) pulled pork sandwich: It was good, though could've used more meat. The Bobblehead museum is now in the outfield/center field near the Billy's Kid Zone. To emphasize the park renovations are not completed (or promote the "cheap Jeter" narrative, you can see in (closed) the upper deck that concessions up there have not been renovated. I can't comment on the second deck, but since it's open, I'd guess they redid the concessions on that level? Although they didn't mention it in anything I've seen. --- They put picnic benches in the outfield concourse: I'll continue in the next post.
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    Marlins Daily Minor League Report for April 4 – Opening Day!!! Triple A: New Orleans was PPD vs. Round Rock Game will be made up in DH on Saturday 4/6 Double A: Jackson (1-0) 5, Jacksonville (0-1) 0 Magneuris Sierra, CF: 0-4, 1 K Joe Dunand, SS: 0-3, 1 BB, 3 K Justin Twine, 3B: 1-3 Stone Garrett, RF: 0-3, 3 K Rodrigo Vigil, C : 0-3, 1 K Robert Dugger (L, 0-1) 4.0 IP, 4 H, 4 R (4 ER), 5 BB, 6 K ADV. CLASS A: Palm Beach (1-0) 4, Jupiter (0-1) 1 Jose Devers, SS: 4 Victor Victor Mesa, CF: 0-4, 1 SB 1) Tristan Pompey, LF : 2-4, 1 R, 1 K Riley Mahan, 2B: 0-4, 3 K James Nelson, 3B: 0-4, 1 K Isael Soto, DH: 0-2, 1 BB, 2 K Trevor Rogers, SP: (L, 0-1) 3.2 IP, 3 H, 2 R (2 ER), 3 BB, 4 K Alex Mateo, RP: 2.1 IP, 0 H, 0 R (0 ER), 2 BB, 3 K Tyler Stevens, RP: 1.0 IP, 1 H, 1 R (1 ER), 1 BB, 0 K CLASS A: Kane County (1-0) 2, Clinton (0-1) 0 Connor Scott, CF: 0-4, 1 K Will Banfield, C : 0-3, 1 BB< 1 K Thomas Jones, LF: 0-4, 2 K Demetrius Sims, 2B: 2-4, 1 2B (1), 1 K Jerar Encarnacion, RF: 3-4, 1 K Chris Vallimont, SP: 5.0 IP, 2 H, 0 R (0 ER), 2 BB, 8 K Nestor Bautista, RP: (L, 0-1) 1.2 IP, 2 H, 1 R (1 ER), 1 BB, 1 K Tyler Jones, RP: 1.1 IP, 4 H, 1 R (1 ER), 0 BB, 3 K
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    I am a big proponent of letting kids in free. The money right now is in TV, but real fans are made by experiencing the game action in person. If you get them early, they will become fans for life. That is how you build a fan base. Plus if kids are coming, then you still make money off their parents and concessions. I don't really see the downside.
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    per ESPN: Said Mets manager Mickey Callaway: "I saw a guy trying to get out of the way of a fastball that was going to hit him in the face." When Stanton got hit in the face you saw a guy trying to get out of the way. He collapsed his feet and was already falling to avoid contact. With Lagares, you had someone trying to block the ball with the bat. His body language said nothing about moving out of the way. If it is a swing when it happened to Stanton and then for Reed (Johnson) one pitch later to get a strikeout, then there is no reason why this should go as a HBP. I mean if a pitch was coming at you and you swung the bat at it to try to deflect it and it still hit you, what do you think the call would be?
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    No, it was a baseball game. This is a sign.
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    Reynolds also says multiple times that Jeter keeps "taking shots" no wonder this team doesn't win when their CEO is drunk all the time #FuckJeter
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    The loyalty to the Fish…
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    Miles Mikolas vs Sandy Alcantara Game is on Fox Sports Florida, MLB.tv
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    Maybe we should do minor league game threads instead
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    Today all MLB players managers and coaches will wear #42 to remind us all of how many millions of dollars Wei Yin Chen is still owed by the Miami Marlins. A very bold statement being made by MLB, be proud of this day for bringing awareness to this travesty. It's not often that all of MLB bands together to protest one horrible player like this so this is a landmark moment for all of MLB and all of sports. In a statement, former Marlins team president David Samson said "We signed Wei Yin Chen back in 2016 to be a number 2 starter... and he definitely has been that, a number 2."
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    Continuing on, now getting to the main changes. I got an SRO ticket to the "Estrella Jalisco Party Pass" - this gives you access to the right field zone and the center field thing. They'll give you a wrist band if you want so you don't have to pull out your ticket every time (the RF zone they didn't check tickets, the CF area they did). It was actually a nice wrist band - a fabric one with a little plastic tab with the logo on it. General views of the park: The RF sightline was actually pretty good - part of it is not under the second deck, and that's where I started out - it was nice not having something above you, especially with the roof open. They did include monitors showing the game on the second tier just above the RF SRO area, which was a nice touch Here's a view from the CF zone. Also to note - the "second level" of it is just that tier right above the "Proud Partners" area - so it's like 5 steps down from the other row, not really anything special. The area above that is open to everyone, and below that is a sizable area for groups that also has two tiers to it: Here's the expanded Budweiser Bar: And the uppermost tier (open to everyone) of the AutoNation Alley. They put a bar with a few alcoholic drink options: The view of the SRO ticket area - as you can see it's only a few steps below the "regular" concourse The batters eye. I thought the real bushes on the lower part looked better than the fake ivy, but it looks good overall Lastly, the left field auxiliary video board is now completely useless. They cycle through a few random statistics of the pitcher (like ERA with 2 outs or something like that), and shows nothing else that the main video board shows (the main board too now shows a fraction of the info it used to). A few final thoughts: -Interestingly, they did not put any speakers in the CF zone, and it's oddly quiet out there. You can obviously still hear the PA announcer from across the park, but no direct sound near you, which is odd. Conversely, in the other area, it was a tad loud. -The band was near the bullpen right near the RF zone - they weren't annoyingly loud where I was, but they put them in the front row, they stand the whole time and I'd hate to have to sit behind/near them the whole game. -I got tired of standing after a while, I went and sat in the home run porch for a while for something different. I could've sat in front of the RF zone, but didn't. -I saw Chip Bowers on the concourse at the end of the game - I should've gone and talked to him, but didn't. --- If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask, I'll be happy to answer, I'm sure there are things I'm not thinking of right now.
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    Weird how Das said in the past that the Marlins got ripped off in that Ozuna trade.
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    Marlins have a chance to take a series for the first time this season against future NLWC opponent Atlanta Braves. It's a battle of the lefties as Caleb Smith squares off against Sean Newcomb. Smith has a short outing his first time out, going just five innings while punching out eight and allowing a couple of runs. This was of course the infamous bunt foul "hit by pitch" game. Smith did only walk one but his pitch count got a little too high to go too deep in the game. Newcomb's first start was even shorter than Smith's, going only 4 innings. Newcomb struck out three and allowed 10 baserunners, four on walks, but allowed no runs. One hopes he continues to have command issues and the Fish take advantage.
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    I just wanted to say that per fangraphs, Martin Prado is on pace for a 7 WAR season. Clearly, we will be able to trade him in the middle of the season and he will become the third consecutive MVP that we traded when he wins it this year.
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    A loss is still a loss but if you've actually watched these games you've seen this team has battled and kept itself in every game even when its felt over early. Some hate when this is said but a break here and there and this team could have seriously been 6-0 right now. For a team that many expect to approach 100 losses you can't complain about the competitive spirit this squad has shown thus far. Eventually some of these breaks will go our way. Let's get em tonight!
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    Just imagine, if the Ump made that call against the Yankees in NY..
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    We expect him to continue till October!!!!!
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    If he does I'm going to fire him in MLB 19.
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    I need help. I know I’m going to end up getting the blue version, and probably more fitted on fields if I can find MLB 150 MUSA.
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    Fox Sports recently added the Marlins opening day game vs. the Rockies on Fox Sports Go for those in North and Central Florida. Marlins Live! is airing now.
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    This video was very weird. No mention of the fact that we almost lost baseball when Loria bought the team and Henry got his upgrade to Boston . There was also virtually no mention of how the team was put back together by Beinfest other than Miggy and Beckett, or how Henry also gave up on Florida like Huizenga did when he also was denied his stadium. To be honest, even though Loria is rightly reviled here, it must be said that we still have Major League baseball (well, a bunch of kids who may be good some day) because Loria chose to save us rather than stay in Montreal. When Henry was getting the upgrade, Loria was given a choice - you can keep the team in Montreal and we'll move the Marlins to Washington, or you can have the Marlins and we'll move the Expos to Washington. So, thanks, Jeff!
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    Frankly Samson disagreeing with a transaction, makes me more confident it was the right move.
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    Oh definitely, he'll be in the bullpen before every start. That's where all the starters warmup.
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    This is the National League, bitch.
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    I'm having a small ceremony to celebrate my accomplishment. It will not be hosted IN Marlins Park. It will be outside, as going inside would mean being a fake fan. Gifts are not required, but will be accepted. Feel free to bring signs in protest. Unfortunately, March 5th (3/05) has already passed. So it will take place on May 3rd instead (5/03) at 3:05pm. Please RSVP here!
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    https://t.co/4XLtXRPhdH PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. — Lewis Brinson went home last offseason determined to make a change. After batting .199 with a 30 percent strikeout rate in his rookie season, the Marlins outfielder knew things could not continue as they were. He hit the cages hard—“I kind of lived in the cage almost,” he quipped—but it wasn’t in a quest for a swing change. For Brinson, what he needed to alter was his approach. “I did my homework, did my research and tried to find myself a little bit,” said Brinson, who entered last year ranked No. 18 on the BA Top 100 Prospects list. “This offseason it was just more about approach. Just trying to stay up the middle, the other way. Try and lengthen my swing out a little bit and keep my bat in the zone a long time. Nothing real major. More approach than anything.” Brinson, the top prospect the Marlins acquired in the Christian Yelich trade, showcased what’s changed in the Marlins’ 14-6 loss to the Mets on Wednesday. He hit two mammoth home runs, including one that clanked off the scoreboard at First Data Field. But as notable as the home runs themselves was the leadup to them. In Brinson’s first at-bat, he took a first-pitch fastball low and inside from Mets lefthander Steven Matz to get ahead 1-0. Last year, low and inside was the location he swung at more than any other when facing lefties, and the spot he whiffed the most too, according to Baseball Savant. With his altered approach this year, Brinson instead took the pitch to get ahead and forced Matz to come into him with a fastball over the plate. Brinson didn’t miss it, launching Matz’s 94 mph offering deep beyond the fence in left-center. In Brinon’s second at-bat, he again got ahead 1-0 by laying off of another inside fastball, this time from righthander Walker Lockett. Lockett again had to come into Brinson, left a hanging curveball over the plate, and Brinson sent it halfway up the scoreboard. Last year, Brinson was likely to swing at both of the first pitches, putting himself in a disadvantageous count from that start and changing the entire makeup of the at-bat. Now, he’s putting himself in a better position to succeed with his new approach, and the early results are showing it. He’s 4-for-9 with three home runs and a double to start spring training. It’s still the early part of spring and there is a long way to go, but Brinson knows if he can stick with his new approach, he has a prime opportunity for a bounceback year. “Now it’s just translate my approach that I have into the season,” Brinson said. “Same pitchers out there, brighter lights, but it’s still baseball. I’m just going to take this approach I have in spring and take it into the season.”
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    While I agree that it is a bannable offense, I do not agree that I should be the one banned. Thus, I have decided I am going to ban @pollythewog for 10 minutes so he can think about what I did.
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    Look guys, made in the US!!! I think this is our @el_gmac For those who don't have ig:
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    No. That tweet is saying they’re seventh best of the nine lists they’ve released so far
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    Ok y’all got me more on board with the Blues. Name and numbers look awesome in the sun. Love this new look more and more seeing it outside and on players.
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    Time to #TakeaDip in the #Cool #International #Miami bonus pool! Come get your feet wet at #Marlins Park for this Friday's special "We Quiero Our Fans" deal: for $10† you get a ticket to the game, including a free Pool ticket, a #Marlins International Bonus Pool Noodle™ and a chance to meet face to face with #Marlins part-owner Derek #FuckJeter Jeter* *Meet Jeter option odds of winning are 1:70,000 as the 70,000th fan to enter the gates on Friday will be given a special ticket to meet with the legendary Yankees shortstop. †$150 parking fee not included. Please park in the assigned lot in order to receive this promotion. Cars parked in other lots or off-site will be broken into by Marlins minor leaguers, who are very hungry.
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    "Oscar we'll give you $35 million right now" "For next season?" "For the next seasons, yeah." "Okay."
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    I've never been in it to verify, but these come up when googling:
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    The articles that are constantly dished out about the Marlins by idiots that don't follow the team, and just repeat what they read by another idiot, is a reason why we need to have a fan led website with articles by us. I used to do this for this website and for Fish Stripes. Of the two, I preferred this, but preferred the old format that Larry had that allowed for some of us that wrote to put in our pieces and points of view. E!SPN and the rest of the plagiarists that follow them will not give respect to the Marlins. It's all about Red Sox and Yankees with them.
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    I personally don't think we will have to wait that long to see significant progress.
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    i mean when you trade ozuna stanton yelich and JT i'd hope you'd be able to up the farm system a bit

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