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    The articles that are constantly dished out about the Marlins by idiots that don't follow the team, and just repeat what they read by another idiot, is a reason why we need to have a fan led website with articles by us. I used to do this for this website and for Fish Stripes. Of the two, I preferred this, but preferred the old format that Larry had that allowed for some of us that wrote to put in our pieces and points of view. E!SPN and the rest of the plagiarists that follow them will not give respect to the Marlins. It's all about Red Sox and Yankees with them.
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    Excuse me sir. I take offense to that. I identify today as March 27th, and I expect you and Jeter to accept that.
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    The loyalty to the Fish…
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    Depends where you are. It is currently March 12th in Taiwan so @taiwanmarlin would say Jeter was wrong.
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    Absolutely, but in turn they have caused others to think that way. It's unfortunate and the narrative won't change until we start winning.
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    Well, it was the point that mattered, but if you really want to know, thinking about it, it was an episode on a Netflix show, Taken. So, it was a tv show, not a movie. But I could have made it up, but not my memories. My daughter was the same way when she was little-watching the fish in the mid-90's, we were losers, but she never wanted to leave early, always wishing for extra innings. That is why I tempered my take on what Jeter said. There is one difference, it wasn't about creating an experience, it was about just enjoying the game and she always knew who was playing. So, one can still question what the "experience" is if you don't even know what teams are playing but you are going to a "Marlins game". Do you cheer for a home run regardless of which team hits it. So, yes, Jeter does not get off scott free for his comments.
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    Actually ... I must come clean. I am a fake fan. I watched a couple of games of Spring Training. But in my defense they just happened to be on! I couldn't find my remote and my brain, which tries to tell me I'm a real fan at all times, was too scrambled to think to just unplug the television. I have failed you all.
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    He's a real fan, he hasn't watched a second of ST.
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    They've been wearing that combo all spring for road games, it looks great.
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    Remember when he didn't attend the 2017 Winter Meetings which almost no owners ever attend anyways?
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    Oh yeah, when you put it that way it makes sense. Tbh Mike Hill is pretty damn good at this part of his job.
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    The sad thing is, though, as we've discussed, he could say everything perfectly, but the media outlets want to generate buzz/traffic to their site, so they're going to sensationalize, misquote, ignore context, etc. regardless to get that big inflammatory headline. That article I mentioned in the other thread regarding Trevor Bauer (link below) also discussed this - that he's purposely started recording EVERY interview whether an official interview, or a casual conversation) in its entirety in order to combat things being taken out of context. https://theathletic.com/858054/2019/03/11/trevor-bauer-wants-to-increase-mlbs-popularity-and-he-knows-his-reputation-must-improve-if-hes-to-lead-the-charge/
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    https://theathletic.com/858054/2019/03/11/trevor-bauer-wants-to-increase-mlbs-popularity-and-he-knows-his-reputation-must-improve-if-hes-to-lead-the-charge/ The Athletic had an interesting part 1 of an article (part 2 is coming out tomorrow) discussing how Trevor Bauer is making an effort to reach out to a younger crowd, with his creation of a company called Watch Momentum. And basically in involves recording pretty much all of what he does as a player - essentially taking the "mic-ed up" scenario from All Star games and supersizing it to all the time, with the idea being that "fun" or "interesting" (my words) parts of what he says or does can be cut down to short clips that are then pushed out onto social media. He even goes so far as to talk to himself on the mound, explaining what he's thinking at the time to give insight into the thought process. He talks about how athletes in the other major sports can have personalities, but baseball as a rookie you're told to sit in the corner and not speak; and how clips of Steph Curry has 1.5 M views in minutes, while a Trout home run stealing highlight isn't shown anywhere but ESPN a few times. His goal is to show the players' side of things - as players, as people - similar to Jeter's Player's Tribune, but all in video/digital format, not so much writing. And using that as a way to reach a younger audience, which prefers things that are shorter - ex. a short 10-15 second Snapchat or instagram story clip. His point was that you look at other sports, whose fanbase reaches into the younger audience, while baseball has an older fanbase, and if you extrapolate that out 20-30 years, it's not a good path for the game. It's an interesting read so far, and frankly, I think it's a good idea that they need to do more of. I just summed it up broadly - the article gets more into specifics.
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    Yeah, I always find it amusing that they institute these changes, and seems like they expect a big time difference, and then they announce "our pace of play things are working - avg game time dropped from 3hr 5min to 3hr even. Like really? Woaaahhhhhhh THAT'S going to sway a lot of people! And I suppose a lot of changes together can cut off maybe 20-30 like you said, but I still don't think that'll sway people. They'll stay just as long for football games, which technically should only have an hour of gameplay. I'm with you there. I know I live in Fort Lauderdale, so it's not convenient to begin with, but there's zero chance I'd go home from work and come back down on a weekday. If my brother or parents want to join me at a game, they have to drive down separately, and it's not a fun time trying to get to the park in rush hour. Unfortunately, short of building some sort of elaborate transit system all leading to the ballpark, there won't be a way to avoid that. I DO wish they'd somehow figure out how to connect the Brightline to the park. You'd be able to park in FTL, ride the train down, and take some sort of other system from there to the ballpark. Zero chance the city would build a transit system to the park, though - no demand.
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    Isn't this what Jeter meant? Those fans go to a game and enjoy themselves regardless of result, it doesn't mean the team and organization isn't trying to win but it means the mood and atmosphere allows for a great time no matter what happens on the field.
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    Sir, this is offensive. Please refer to it as the IL from now on.
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    Hello. Is there anybody in there? Just nod if you can hear me.
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