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    Exactly. MLB wants more offense so preserving a one run lead isn't exciting to them so they're basically making it easier for the other team to score more runs there because winning the game isn't as important as creating more offense lol. The funny thing too is that that situation is gonna lead to more blown saves and thus more tie games and thus more extra inning games and thus longer average game times which they apparently hate as well... idiots.
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    I didn't even watch it (I scrolled through that "preview" window) because it showed absolutely nothing I'd want to see (the new CF zone, etc.) Seemed pointless.
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    The three batter minimum makes no sense. So say its a 1 run lead in the 9th inning with 2 outs, you can't bring in a lefty to face a lefty?
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    I am glad they didn't announce the universal DH at least. Though it still seems inevitable sadly.
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    Isn't that breaking like 3,000 different laws about flying drones, flying drones near stadiums, flying drones over private airspace and so on?

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