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    Time to #TakeaDip in the #Cool #International #Miami bonus pool! Come get your feet wet at #Marlins Park for this Friday's special "We Quiero Our Fans" deal: for $10† you get a ticket to the game, including a free Pool ticket, a #Marlins International Bonus Pool Noodle™ and a chance to meet face to face with #Marlins part-owner Derek #FuckJeter Jeter* *Meet Jeter option odds of winning are 1:70,000 as the 70,000th fan to enter the gates on Friday will be given a special ticket to meet with the legendary Yankees shortstop. †$150 parking fee not included. Please park in the assigned lot in order to receive this promotion. Cars parked in other lots or off-site will be broken into by Marlins minor leaguers, who are very hungry.
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    Moving them to Tampa Bay might be a good idea.
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    Should there be a thread tracking this? Gotta have something to look forward to
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    I don’t see expansion or contraction ever happening. The MLBPA would go insane over the idea of contraction. Expansion doesn’t do anything to benefit current ownership groups financially. It has been fifty years since MLB expanded for reasons that didn’t involve avoiding a financial burden to the current owners. The two rounds of expansion in 1990 were done because there was a massive settlement awarded to the players union from collusion in the 1980s. Commissioner Vincent has said directly that the leagues expanded to collect expansion fees to pay that debt. The expansion into Seattle and Toronto in 1977 was done in part to avoid the legal burden that had been ongoing with King County when the Pilots left town (Toronto gave the AL the requisite expansion partner and the Canadian presence that the national league already had). With the way revenue is generated and shared, and with the markets already covered by baseball, there isn’t a logical place for baseball to go that would further enrich owners. That is what it is all about. Also, by adding two franchises you make them a little less scarce, and down the road scarcity impacts NAV. The more scarce a resource is the more valuable it is. Back to Marlins ownership, Bruce Sherman would never pay $1.2 billion for a team and then ask a retired shortstop to come in a run it into the ground to try and relocate.
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    Good for his girlfriend. Now I wonder who gets optioned down?
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    Then I'll watch from behind the ivy like usual.
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    Ugh... can't believe we lost again, the entire offense is abysmal and Mattingly sucks! And boy what horrible attendance for a Friday night! (Just posting this now to save time later)
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    There’s not much to work with here. As full of crap as Samson can be one thing he has always said which is 100% true is that the Forbes projections which are published are not based on fact. These are private companies. They have no reporting responsibility to anyone but MLB and any significant creditors (potentially) We don’t even know how each team defines operating income. EBITDA is not uniformly applied across all companies. Team owners may have assets and income in other entities. Also these teams are a small piece of their overall wealth. I have a difficult time getting worked up over Forbes Operting Income figures.
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    Fuck Jeter so cheap he don't care about winning games or winning money all he likes is losing whether money or games he likes to lose so even though he lose he win because he like lose so much Fuck Jeter™
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    Lineups TBD. Sandy vs one of the “one or two pitchers away”
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    I don’t know, but it’s a good experience for the fans. -Jeter
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    Amateur. Real stalkers do it in person.
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    Now that it’s finished/opened, there are a lot of details I can point out that are different from before. thwy have the roof open too. Which I’m not liking so far in my jeans....
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    I don't understand O'Brien's nickname. O's hit the's truck out a gain?"
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    These are all excruciatingly bad.
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    Just an FYI to anyone considering getting any merchandise - there's a 25% off sale for the next 12 hours or so online. Replica jerseys are $75.
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    I think he's trying to say that it sucks and it is repetitive.
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    @rmc523 I see. Well looks like this thread has already accomplished something. Thanks for sorting that out for us. The $250k chunks is a key aspect because it blocks teams from dealing one player for the entire shortfall. We would have to make 14 separate deals to accomplish that which seems impossible when you look at the number of valuable assets we have that the team wants to move in the near term.
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    My apologies, you're right; I went off the MLBTR article I read, but they also had it wrong (probably used the "bones" of last year's article). The confusion was that you could trade 75% for the 17-18 and 18-19 periods, but it dropped to 60% this year (19-20 period) and going forward. http://m.mlb.com/glossary/transactions/international-amateur-free-agency-bonus-pool-money
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    Sir you are not permitted to sit, that is a standing ticket.
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    So beginning in July we can begin to acquire additional pool money up to 60% of original allocation (3,563,880). Max possible pool for marlins:9,503,680
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    I’m a nerd with insecurities, so I had to downvote your post. Sorry, @SonOfJack.
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    That you should be paying more attention to Ozuna and your Cards and less than 0% to the Marlins.
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    There is losing and there is being embarrassed while losing. Losing is understandable. Losing and being embarrassed is unacceptable. The marlins are bordering on the embarrassment category. THAT's why you would sack Mattingly. Who cares about the losses, its HOW you lose.
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    that's your kingdom stop complaining
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    Also worth noting is that EBITDA is not a GAAP measurement. It’s used by financial analysts when they do their thing on M&A work. EBITDA is not the same thing as operating income
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    "Oscar we'll give you $35 million right now" "For next season?" "For the next seasons, yeah." "Okay."
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    Funny, I’m pretty sure Chen is making exactly 22 million this year
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    ok? do you know an accountant though?
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    This is the worst contract of all time from a player's perspective.
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    can we acquire more money if we promise teams to let Chen pitch at least twice each series for a couple innings?
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    What a nerdy topic this has become
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    Might want to wipe off that brown spot off your face from kissing so much ass around here.

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