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    Log in to Fox Sports Go and use your cable credentials, should be able to get the game that way. Unfortunate I know. But better than nothing.
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    He knows about you already I'm sure.
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    Jeter shitshow doesn’t deserve an audience. MLB owners enabled this. Still waiting for the first can’t miss prospect in Marlins system, and this after divesting the team of a multitude of All-Star level talent. Fuck Jeter for creating this Pompeii re-enactment.
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    I was branded by @el_gmac
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    *Throws Flag* $150,000 infraction to the dress code.
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    That's cause they suck.
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    Hope he gets the bat going soon. I want to see him in the bigs later this year.
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    they keep going to the stat: 6 runs tonight, 2 runs the previous 4 games
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    Holly please stop trying to spin everything into a positive. "Well he had to make 11 pitches to one batter but sometimes you need that and it makes you a better pitcher for the day because --" No. Nobody wants to have to throw 11 pitches to one batter.
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    Integral part of any rebuild. Can not derivate from that path. Otherwise you end up right where you began.
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    I’ll put money on them losing 110+
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    Yeah, I'd like to think they won't be THIS bad all season but realistically, it is quite possible. I know there was someone (no, i legit don't remember which regular it was) who claimed they didn't think the lineup was too bad this season. I feel for those of you who generally appreciate what Jeter and Sherman have tried to do but this utterly atrocious lineup is their Frankenstein's monster. Their defense is even awful this year - or at least it seems to be much worse using the ol' trusty "eye test". I feel Brinson is going to be locked away in AAA purgatory within a couple months. Just think of what they gave up to get a guy who may very be too shitty to even crack this lineup. I dunno, it's still early in the season, so there's that I suppose but it would not surprise me to see "crowds" of 1500 by mid season for a regular season MLB game in a nearly brand new stadium with dirt cheap concessions. That's just insane.
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    Your pal was bringing the heat
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    how bout the park experience tho ?
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    And my buddy is pitching real good in AA 5IP 3H 2R 1BB 5SO 2.70ERA He LEGIT too!!!!
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    That is an awesome name.
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    Cool. International. Shutout.
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    Don't worry gringo loco, I didn't meant you but there are a couple guys that are always talking like we don't have LEGIT pitching prospects.
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    betta check with my lawyer about that
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    you're welcome, but if you start a band with that name I have the rights of it
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    I don’t know, but it’s a good experience for the fans. -Jeter
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    Prefer Herrera, honestly. At least he can ... put the bat on the ball more often.
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    So I called the box office and I guess they do “sell out” as in a company will put a certain amount of tickets on hold. The tix rep was able to get the amount of tickets I needed released. Only attendees with the party pass ticket can get into the Estrella Jalisco. Ill let you guys know how the experience is tonight! I may not remember the score and even know who we are playing, but the experience, that I will remember.
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    I don't understand O'Brien's nickname. O's hit the's truck out a gain?"
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    4th of July is way better than they have been releasing since 2009
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    Anyone else getting the feeling Jeter is purposely showing exactly what Miami is as a Market and is eventually going to use it to try to force the team out of here? I know he can't do it until 2035 or something like that, but it's only 16 years away and if it doesn't work here...wouldn't MLB try to make it happen sooner. Miami-Dade's already trying to correct the contract and stuff and like the article says- it's a pandoras box. Any change could result in a year to year lease like Oakland has w the Raiders. https://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/community/miami-dade/article157638494.html The weird part is, showing actual attendance- claiming were losing money and not having a consistent cash flow could be enough to bring about contraction. I don't think the lease can be enforced if the teams contracted. It just says if there is a team it has to be in Miami right? Could MLB contract the Marlins and Rays in a few years, and open expansion teams in other cities after a dispersal draft of sorts? Just thinking out loud w my tinfoil hat- but this shit w Jeter isn't sitting right w me. Somethings telling me "On the surface, he's trying to bring fans back- but he's hedging his bets and if it doesn't work they can say "Told you so, I tried, get me out of here". "
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    Good for his girlfriend. Now I wonder who gets optioned down?
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    I chickened out. Should’ve talked to him.

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