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    Ok everyone. I'm finally getting around to my update/thoughts/photos on the park renovations. Sorry there are a lot of images here, but I wanted to give those REAL fans that haven't been a look at the updated park. Entering the park - the new fences around the park seem very imposing and unfriendly. They also block off what was supposed to be the area for the home run sculpture next year, which I find interesting and perhaps telling? They finally put banners up on the parking garages, and you can also see the new fences: Coming into the home plate entrance area, they put some nice looking mural type things. I thought this was neat - in the windows, they put each player and where they're from. The area behind home plate and the info booth (now the Marlins Member "headquarters" or something to that effect) is now just completely empty. There used to be a few concession stands here that had been closed since early in the new park the concessions were removed so now it's just open and you can go look out the window if you want. My fears from FanFest in regards to the concession appearance were allayed - at FanFest they were unpainted (just white) and had no customization - they just weren't finished yet. Now each stand had its own look, and it turned out nicely. Before deciding on what to eat, I circled the park several times checking all the options out. Aside from the two 3o5 places, food pricing is roughly the same as before, but the food options/quality looked better. The food looked more appetizing than before. I wound up going to "La Pepa" and got a "spanish flavored/inspired" (something along those lines) pulled pork sandwich: It was good, though could've used more meat. The Bobblehead museum is now in the outfield/center field near the Billy's Kid Zone. To emphasize the park renovations are not completed (or promote the "cheap Jeter" narrative, you can see in (closed) the upper deck that concessions up there have not been renovated. I can't comment on the second deck, but since it's open, I'd guess they redid the concessions on that level? Although they didn't mention it in anything I've seen. --- They put picnic benches in the outfield concourse: I'll continue in the next post.
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    Today all MLB players managers and coaches will wear #42 to remind us all of how many millions of dollars Wei Yin Chen is still owed by the Miami Marlins. A very bold statement being made by MLB, be proud of this day for bringing awareness to this travesty. It's not often that all of MLB bands together to protest one horrible player like this so this is a landmark moment for all of MLB and all of sports. In a statement, former Marlins team president David Samson said "We signed Wei Yin Chen back in 2016 to be a number 2 starter... and he definitely has been that, a number 2."
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    Continuing on, now getting to the main changes. I got an SRO ticket to the "Estrella Jalisco Party Pass" - this gives you access to the right field zone and the center field thing. They'll give you a wrist band if you want so you don't have to pull out your ticket every time (the RF zone they didn't check tickets, the CF area they did). It was actually a nice wrist band - a fabric one with a little plastic tab with the logo on it. General views of the park: The RF sightline was actually pretty good - part of it is not under the second deck, and that's where I started out - it was nice not having something above you, especially with the roof open. They did include monitors showing the game on the second tier just above the RF SRO area, which was a nice touch Here's a view from the CF zone. Also to note - the "second level" of it is just that tier right above the "Proud Partners" area - so it's like 5 steps down from the other row, not really anything special. The area above that is open to everyone, and below that is a sizable area for groups that also has two tiers to it: Here's the expanded Budweiser Bar: And the uppermost tier (open to everyone) of the AutoNation Alley. They put a bar with a few alcoholic drink options: The view of the SRO ticket area - as you can see it's only a few steps below the "regular" concourse The batters eye. I thought the real bushes on the lower part looked better than the fake ivy, but it looks good overall Lastly, the left field auxiliary video board is now completely useless. They cycle through a few random statistics of the pitcher (like ERA with 2 outs or something like that), and shows nothing else that the main video board shows (the main board too now shows a fraction of the info it used to). A few final thoughts: -Interestingly, they did not put any speakers in the CF zone, and it's oddly quiet out there. You can obviously still hear the PA announcer from across the park, but no direct sound near you, which is odd. Conversely, in the other area, it was a tad loud. -The band was near the bullpen right near the RF zone - they weren't annoyingly loud where I was, but they put them in the front row, they stand the whole time and I'd hate to have to sit behind/near them the whole game. -I got tired of standing after a while, I went and sat in the home run porch for a while for something different. I could've sat in front of the RF zone, but didn't. -I saw Chip Bowers on the concourse at the end of the game - I should've gone and talked to him, but didn't. --- If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask, I'll be happy to answer, I'm sure there are things I'm not thinking of right now.
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    I picked Brinson as a safe pick for my BTS
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    That would be really hard considering there's over 2,000 games in an entire season. Doing all of them would be nearly impossible.
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    Greatest Stalker ever!!!! Awesome post bro, good work!
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    I suppose you could feel bad for Wei-Yin Chen as a person, but as a fan who pays money to support the team, you don't feel bad at all for the player and want him off the team.
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    I almost felt bad for Chen but then I think about how many millions he has fleeced this team for and I don’t feel sorry for him at all. This guy needs to go ASAP. Cut your losses Jeter.
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    Found it myself. Thanks for your help @SonOfJack
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    This zone is ridiculously tight.
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    I hope Tommy knows how much the fans love him.
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    Yea every survey I took was specific questions but they should have a way to send open responses.
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    I don't know to be honest. On the survey I found online, I don't recall there being spots to insert comments (I can't recall the question we debated here a while back that we wished we could've clarified why - I think it may've been "are you attending opening day?"). I don't recall seeing the little DIMELO booth things they had last year at the park. It seems counter intuitive to want to listen to the fans, but not let fans tell you what they want (I get they want responses on specific things, but still).
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    Don't feel bad for Chen... even when he gets cut there is zero to feel bad about because he's guaranteed all this money so it's not like his poor performance is costing him and his family any less of the luxuries they have and are gonna have. If I was that bad at my job I'd have been fired by now and would be in financial duress... Chen is horrible but will never be in financial duress... must be nice.
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    We should all call for it in the Dimelo thing.
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    Thank you for your support MLB, we sincerely appreciate it.
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    Brinson needs a reality check. Send him to the minors for a bit and bring him back in a few weeks if he's hitting.
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    When Cooper heals Brinson should go down to AAA and stay until he can hit .300
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    Monte Harrison GRAND SLAM!!!!!
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    He’s owed a combined 42 including next year. So in Jackie Robinson day he gets to do a complete troll job
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    He changed his number to 20 to troll the fans this year
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    After today there is absolutely NO excuse for keeping Chen on this fucking line-up... and Brinson can go too for all I care.. .200 0 HR no defense, fuck this shit,
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    4th of July is way better than they have been releasing since 2009
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