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  1. When you're "rebuilding", "tanking", going through "the process", or whatever you want to call it, the only thing that means anything is to find out who can play and who can't. Sometimes the guys who can play are those you don't expect - there wasn't much of a reason to expect Realmuto to become one of the best catchers in baseball, and Dontrelle Willis was sent to us when the Cubs wouldn't agree to send the guy we wanted in one of the numerous salary-dumps of the John Henry era. Sometimes the guys you think are going to be great just aren't (I'm looking at you, Jeremy Hermida). If Alcantara doesn't work out, so what - there's a number of other guys waiting for their shot. And if none of those guys work out, either, then there's the draft and future trades. At some point this Summer, Starlin Castro will be dealt to a contender with a need in the IF - maybe Tampa - to make room for Isan Diaz. This team is NOT in a hurry, so they have time to assemble a group of 15-20 guys who can play.
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