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    Having been at the game on sunday, what a fun time...hadn't been to the stadium in over 2 years (since my dad passed) but had a great time and the team looked good against a great pitcher, and Sandy pitched a GEM....will be back soon to the park with my kiddos.
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    Everyone they have write for them write like 17 year old kids on an online forum. Clearly this moron did not understand the Marlins situation, just like all of Twitter. A rebuild doesn’t happen in two years. If we’re stinking by end of next year, then you can ring the alarms.
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    I'm not familiar with these books, but why do the Marlins have to rip pages out of them? Can't they just read them instead of destroying the books?
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    fyi, you're on the marlins board - not Google.
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    If it helps us tank, then sure, why not...
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    holly blows... bring back Rich and Tommy
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    Its the thing people do to us
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    He lives in Taiwan, he already does
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    Marlins are tanking this year and maybe next year too. Don't bother. Watch them from afar.

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