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    Conley clearly does not have it. He started well as a starter and then lost it. He started well as a reliever and lost it. If we let him go and he becomes the next Brad Handrew Miller, then it really says more about our pitching instruction then it does about Conley.
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    This is one of those few games during a rebuild where every fan has a right to be pissed at the team (namely the manager)
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    Piece of shit just lost another one 1 and 6 with a 7.33 ERA there has to be someone at AAA that could use some experience at being a reliever... goddamn sick of this turd coming in and looking pathetic
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    Don: "Shit they're trying ... uhh ... CONLEY, GRAB A BAT!"
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    Holy god, the offense actually wants to win in spite of Don!!!
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    His name is MARTIN PRADO
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    Classic Cheap Jeter signing 51 year-old former outfielders to pitch now, #FuckJeter
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    Fuck you Romo and Fuck you Donny for not recognizing your guy doesn’t have it
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    Nah I think you've seen the accurate amount ... not many. Lol
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    Welcome aboard! This city has shown they go to sporting events when the team is playing well. Doesn't matter if they're cuban or Turkish, if there's a good team on the field people will come. No one came to see Hechavarria, and no one has declared their allegience to the marlins for signing the Mesa brothers. I'm cuban, but I don't want this team trying to use the "hispanic" card to draw people in. Let's build a classic baseball culture in the city and let it cultivate over generations like the other teams have.
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    If it were that easy, sure. Marlins are not in a position right now to be giving up prospects to get MLB players, however. It's not as simple as "go get him." This team will be good in a couple years should things go mostly to plan and people will go. Welcome to the site, and I hope you enjoy your stay!
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    cheap ass Jeter throwing money away

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