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    Weird fetish bro.
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    Is it weird that I enrolled my kid in all day summer camp so that he can get off my ps4 and I finally get some real time on this game? Don't tell the wife though.
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    Welcome aboard! This city has shown they go to sporting events when the team is playing well. Doesn't matter if they're cuban or Turkish, if there's a good team on the field people will come. No one came to see Hechavarria, and no one has declared their allegience to the marlins for signing the Mesa brothers. I'm cuban, but I don't want this team trying to use the "hispanic" card to draw people in. Let's build a classic baseball culture in the city and let it cultivate over generations like the other teams have.
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    Let me see if I understand... getting Yuli Gurriel is gonna suddenly bring in all the 200k Cuban fans who haven't gone to the games regularly before?
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    Watching him today I was already thinking about this thread. I'm down with cutting his ass.
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    Another international free agent signing before this current period ends on the 15th, lefty pitcher Luis Gonzalez a 19 year old from Cuba.
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    If it were that easy, sure. Marlins are not in a position right now to be giving up prospects to get MLB players, however. It's not as simple as "go get him." This team will be good in a couple years should things go mostly to plan and people will go. Welcome to the site, and I hope you enjoy your stay!
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    Updated story says in the back and through the abdomen ... that's a lot worse.

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