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    Do you remember who won or lost? Or who even was playing?
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    Ballpark atmosphere in terms of the on field product (as in nothing to do with concessions and music and other between innings entertainment) is very dependent on if the team is good (or at least playing well such as a few weeks ago) and on how much offense there is. There isn't much that can be done when the team stinks and isn't scoring runs. And I say about scoring runs because we could be a one hundred loss team and the home fans will still be invested in an individual game if they see home runs and multiple baserunners as those things create more exciting on field situations even if the team ultimately loses.
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    You didn't enjoy the ballpark experience, NOW Jeter will be concerned.
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    Yeah, like 3 or 4 months ago. Where have you been?
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    I knew I felt chewy and full of sugar today.
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    <insert Stanton chasing 60 home runs argument>
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    Elieser looked good. I'm surprised we aren't talking about that.
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    Honestly not much to choose from. Keep Castro out there in hopes that he gets hot again and builds ANY kind of value for the trade deadline. The logical choice would have been Walker but he is still injured. I'd rather they stop putting Riddle or Granderson out there.
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    I am a fan of Yamamoto and it was his scheduled day to start, but I'd really like to see what Gallen can do in the bigs, I don't see the benefit of keeping him in AAA.
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    They are a bad team with a bad manager. This is to be expected. The win streak wasn’t going to last long and they can only play over their heads for so long until they fall back down to earth. Sad thing is, there is currently 3 other teams that are even worse than the Fish now. Go go MLB parity....
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    I mean, his FIP is still 5.20 so while yeah it's not 8, it's still bad.
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    Conley for MVP
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    Add trevor Rogers to the Jupiter list
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    I was gonna be snarky and say, "barely?" But just saw his FIP and xFIP and yowza ... that is bad. Definitely some terrible luck. Still looks bad out there, however. He is walking too many for my liking. Line drive rate is way up, too. Outside of FIP and xFIP, what are you looking at? Out of curiosity.
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    Not saying Cubans go to the games but Cubans also don’t give a shit about “the Hispanic card”. That was one of the errors of the loria era.

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