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    Really excited to see what this second half brings for all of our starters, lots of sampling for evaluation left. You're ultimately right, patience is key.
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    It was no coincidence he gave up two really hard hit ground balls in his All Star outing. 0 earned runs but as you mentioned, disaster is looming.
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    Whether Sandy was the best representative for the Marlins is a different argument (he wasn't) and we've discussed that at length but I don't think it's a dumb rule to have each team represented in an exhibition game with over 60 players participating. The actual best players still get in and it's good exposure for each team to be represented. It's supposed to be the best players of all 30 teams not just the best players of the best teams only. What's the point of having 6 or 7 guys from one team? In that situation would the last 3 or 4 guys really be All Star worthy either? Anyways, the guy in the original post was really reaching to say that not one guy on the team deserves a spot. Being last place and having a shit record doesn't mean every player on the team is having a bad season, there are several players on the Marlins having seasons worth rewarding. Besides it's not even a real reward so let's not overthink All Star worthiness either, it's literally just the chance to play half an inning in a nationally televised exhibition game.
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    but that means Chen and Conley would lose playing time....f that
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    Richards is 26 and has an above-average (albeit slightly) ERA. He's sitting at 4.18. National League average for starters is 4.30, MLB average for starters is 4.46. He was also in the average range last year. Average would be a #3/#4 starter on an average team, right? This is definitely the kind of player you hang on to. He's striking out nearly a batter an inning across his first 2 seasons/225 innings. Patience, y'all.
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    Just realistic, honestly. Alcantara doesn't miss bats, and his run prevention is not sustainable if he keeps walking almost as many guys as he strikes out. I understand that on-field performance is the most important metric, but there's plenty of value in advanced stats like SIERA and FIP, both of which show Alcantara is (right now) a well below average pitcher. I think he can still develop into a solid starter as he's shown plenty of signs of putting things together, but there remains the chance that his career follows the path of Jarred Cosart (eerily similar numbers at this point)
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