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    Good question, but no -- only Marlins and Braves players are allowed to play in the game, and thus win the series. In order for us to win the series, we would need to be signed by the Marlins and added to the 40-man and 25-man rosters in order to win the series. But I'm worried doing so might actually lessen the Marlins chances of winning the game because I'm guessing very few of us possess the necessary competencies to defeat a team of professional athletes. But you never know, I guess, until you try.
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    Brinson needs to do a Dorn from Major League and just lean into a pitch... oh never mind HO-LEE SHIT he got a hit!!!
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    I see what u did, because bark at the park
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    "You live with this team and you die with this team..."
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    His base running mistake in the 9th was awful and arguably cost us the tying run. To call it a mistake is charitable because the root of it was his lack of hustle running to first. You can’t be lazy in that situation.
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    Fantastic Beasts II: The Crimes of Granderwalk
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    VERY nicely done there, Kinley!
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    They're too busy calculating the metrics from the game to see if he actually did toss a gem or if our eyes deceived us. I'm sure his BABPIPMADOO was terrible so the results were just luck. LMAO Just fucking with everyone. Seriously, his stuff is great. The fact that he can keep his velocity up in the high 90's late in the game is great. Seems like his biggest problem is confidence. When they can get him to be aggressive, he's almost unhittable. I'm excited to see him continue to improve. #SpareParts
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    Plus they both have plus speed.
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    Make contact - good things happen!
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    I told people all year, he was hitting the ball hard - the numbers backed that up - the entire year, just right at people. He had bad luck. Now it's turning around. Maybe we can take that option year next season and trade him.
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    It would've been nice if this hot streak Castro is on would've start a bit sooner - we could've flipped him for some prospects.
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    Home run for STAAARLIIIIIIIN
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    Who does the crew think Castano is, Zac Gallen?
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    Shoot if we could start building up the bandwagon with a crappy season, that'd be amazing.
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    Bandwagon fans have arrived after last night’s win
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    Good game thread so far today, friends, well done.
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    Back to back strikeouts for HeKKKKKKKtor Noesi.
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    Alrighty, Noesi struck out Inciarte who blocks people on Twitter for just about nothing and I hope he gets ejected.
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    Alrighty, Noesi struck out Culberson who has made great defensive plays against us and I hope he gets ejected.
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    Fuck the Braves, man. Fuck their team, fuck their fans, and fuck their broadcasters. #SuckIt
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    I saw some Braves fans on twitter calling for Folty to be put in the closer role since all their options have sucked. Maybe he took this to heart and is now pitching like the rest of their 'pen.
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    Berti walks and a hell of a bunt by Isan!
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    Oh, that's what he meant. I thought he was trying to talk about Bryan Holaday.
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    Kinda slightly both? I think he'd be good in either role. Think Andre Fernandez also mentioned it in his article of "what will the Marlins rotation look like in 2021?"
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    I’m not sure what I meant.
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    Indeed - Sandy went right after all their hitters tonight and didn't try to get cute. Isan was more aggressive and patient simultaneously, was good to see. Also glad to see him go opposite field multiple times tonight. That was a fun one and heck of a comeback.
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    Great game tonight Isan! Nice game from our young core players as a whole. Even Sandy.
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    Marlins should trade Urena and Noesi to the Angels for Trout and then Chen, Conley, and Rosell Herrera to the Braves for Acuña. Maybe Kinley, Steckenrider, and Wilkin Castillo to LA for Bellinger? Or would those three trades deplete our farm too much and not be worth it?
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