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    Now’s not the time to write an attendance article about any market. Markets with baseball teams this far out of the playoffs at this point in the season don’t draw. Period end of discussion. It has been this way since before any of us were alive. It is a long season. Most normal people (I do not include myself in this population) turn their attention to other things this time of year unless the local team is in a playoff race. This isn’t Marlins specific at all. That isn’t to say the Marlins don’t have an attendance problem. They do. But the Cincinnati series isn’t good evidence to use when analyzing the situation. Also, people need to stop mentioning Tampa Bay and Miami in the same attendance conversations. The circumstances are nothing alike. They are both Florida markets and that is where the comparison stops. I feel very confident that if the Marlins were winning at the rate the Rays have won over the past ten years that attendance in Miami would be just fine. If I’m wrong about that then I welcome all examination of what could possibly be wrong with this market. But until that happens I think it’s a conversation to table for another time. People underestimate how ownership can impact a franchise for such a long period of time. The fact that Bruce Sherman is a silent owner, to me, is a good thing which can only help the process ongoing now. In 2021 I suspect some think pieces will come out about attendance again in light of how well the rebuild has gone. At that point an examination could be done as to whether or not the rebuild has gone well or not. That’s a sliding scale and its also premature to talk about that now.
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    Sure, but that was that kind of thinking that led the team to trading Chris Paddack, Luis Castillo, Andrew Heaney, Domingo German etc.
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    We use that term in the US too. Usually find those people on gaming forums.
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    whats the attendance in the Pirates game, yesterday looked empty AF too. But no one makes an article about it
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