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    I'm confused. Isn't he already in the HoF?
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    Championship Series !!!
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    Wait a second! Is it a coincidence that the Marlins' first owner was Huizenga, who started Waste Management. No wonder we're a dumpster fire!
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    Sierra was acquired in the Marcell Ozuna trade. I don't know if you have looked at his numbers lately, but Ozuna has not been the same with the Cardinals as he was in 2017 or 2014. This is the last year of control for Ozuna and he has been less valuable than the combination of Gallen and Alcantara. Adding in Sierra and Castano along with the 5 years of control for Sandy and Gallen and the Cardinals should definitely regret that trade. The Gordon and Stanton trades both look pretty good right now and even the Realmuto trade is likely to be a win considering team control between Alfaro and Sanchez compared to J.T. The only trade that is looking bad is the Yelich deal. But the Marlins still have a combined 21 years of team control to salvage from that one. Combining all of that with the International FA efforts, the better drafting and the community outreach and it is clear that the team is being run in a much better manor than Loria ever ran it. Likely within 3 years the Marlins will be a perennial contender. And stop with the claim that the tear-down was motivated by money alone. Any rational look at the state of the franchise would have come to the same conclusion as to the direction needed regardless of how much money they would be willing to put in.
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    The Dolphins would be so much better if they had Zac Gallen on the team this year.
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    Mariano Rivera just did that so it's just not impressive anymore. Gallen is going to get more than 100%. Not only will 100% of the living writers vote for him, but they will find envelopes of all the voting eligible writers who have passed away giving their votes to Gallen as well.
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    why not until Gallen gets into the HoF as a first ballot nominee?
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    Will post regularly until they both retire.
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    Sure, but that was that kind of thinking that led the team to trading Chris Paddack, Luis Castillo, Andrew Heaney, Domingo German etc.
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    There is truth here. As a baseball fan, there are enough single moments, even with a bad team, to find to enjoy. Whether it is seeing Sandy develop or Cooper getting it done, Starlin on a great ride, yea, I can get on board with that even while seeing Chen destroy the morale of the team. A bad football team is unwatchable as there will be too few highlights to care about. It is much more a team sport and if the team breaks down, like the O-line sucks, it is doom for every other position player.
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    Says the guy who got rid of Mr. Marlin, Hawk, Tony Perez and Trader Jack
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    Dawson is pure class, so if he's bitter, you know it wasn't handled well.

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