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  1. Cancel the 2020 MLB season and postpone the other league seasons for now. Cancel remainder of NBA and NHL seasons. Just keep things locked down a bit until October and then cautiously open up. 3,822 new cases in Florida according to today's numbers. 3,207 yesterday. 2600 and 2700 roughly the previous two days. We're going in the wrong direction here and for some reason we're still opening up more things.
  2. Looks like the TB Lightning had to shut their down as well in addition to the Blue Jays. Florida and Arizona are blowing up with cases. Tampa's mayor just recently mandated masks to be worn indoors but people are harping about trampling of rights again. so on we go.
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  3. and that's what's going to KEEP happening...the NFL is going to be a MESS if they proceed. part of me will be surprised to see them make it out of preseason games. i understand the burning desire to see sports again but man...it's just going to spread and spread and spread no matter what when you have people in locker rooms and in dugouts sitting near one another. There are tons of false negatives and a lot of people are asymptomatic so yeah, it's going to be a hot mess until someone figures out a vaccination.
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