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  1. Kinda refreshing my memory on the team and the roster today and damn I almost forgot how improved we looked heading into 2020... I think most people are gonna assume this is the same shitty Marlins team of the last few seasons but this could be a surprisingly fun team to watch at the very least. This awkward way of the 2020 season creeping up on people might really surprise whoever watches the Marlins.
  2. It's a couple of things, I'm comfortable in me and my own actions to protect myself but I can't trust the moron who accidentally gets too close to me in the concession line and coughs on my back and secondly it's a personal comfort knowing I put my family at less risk by not going to a ball game or doing other unnecessary things. I don't really care too much about myself but I have a baby of less than a year old and my elderly in laws in my house often as they help take care of the baby so it's more about not putting them at risk. I'm not trying to make my story a big deal I'm just saying ther
  3. You can't trust people to police themselves, that's been pretty obvious.
  4. Saw the marlinsbaseball IG post and totally forgot we had Matt Joyce. Definitely excited to see what him, Aguilar, Dickerson, and Villar can do.
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  5. Opening the upper deck is also an easy solution for the Marlins. Take that relatively small number of fans attending and spread them out even further. Tbh there will be less fans than usual if they even do this. I for one will not go to a game this season under any circumstances because of the family I have at home so I'm sure there's plenty of people like this.
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  6. Blackout rules are the dumbest.
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