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  1. Not to mention the fact that people do say "he's a great role model for boys and young men" when talking about male athletes/celebrities, so King is just reaching. The media wants so much to turn this into something different and it's painful to watch. As someone who worked in the media for a decade and saw all of the shady politics of it behind the scenes, I can tell you that they can give two craps about "equality"; by and large, their entire shtick is about breaking a story and stirring controversy. You watch: the second Ng makes a good move, the media will turn it into "Female GM
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  2. Statistically and historically speaking, I agree with @el_gmac...even Dominican players (Carlos Santana for example) have commented on the obsession with making it to the big leagues in the Dominican and how it’s causing many young players to turn to PED’s. Coaches coming up to young kids in DR peddling steroids and trying to recruit them. There’s an unhealthy relationship with PED’s in DR....Everything doesn’t have to be some social justice outrage 🤷🏻‍♂️ also in case you need sources: https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/20534258/carlos-santana-outspoken-opponent-peds-warns-tempt
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  3. every off-season ..are you new here ?
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  5. Media got to stoke that fire. That’s all they’ve turned into.
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  6. Just saw this said by Billie Jean King in a Yahoo sports article talking about the Kim Ng hiring... Umm, actually, the baseball world is pretty unanimously praising this because she truly is qualified for this job and not just making this about the glass ceiling breaking. It's all those clueless national reporters at yesterday's press conference who still wanna make this a social justice thing but throughout baseball they are celebrating that this woman is legitimately capable of handling this role.
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  7. Despite all of the questions, that's the biggest thing that the majority of reporters learned. We are the Miami Marlins, not the Florida Marlins. Unfortunately they still think that we have the Loria logos...
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