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  1. https://www.fishstripes.com/2020/11/19/21574056/offishial-news-11-19-20 If Sinclair is unwilling to pay us what they’re giving the Rays then the organization should WALK out of principal. FS Florida and Sun isn’t on: Dish Network, Sling, Hulu, YouTube TV and the list has been growing over the past six months. Plus they’re attempting to turn the channel into an all sports gambling network (Bally’s Sports) Mr. Jeter wants to turn the organization into a championship organization that’s Family-Friendly and appeals to Millenials. Sports Gambling being constantly pushed isn’t the best way to accomplish these goals. SINCLAIR CAN’T CRY POOR AND THEN COLLECT SPORTS GAMBLING REVENUE on top of the retransmission fees they get. In Short: Our Team is Rising. The Rays are Relocating. There isn’t much risk in signing a one to three year deal with a new TV partner.
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  2. I'm half Dominican, I've been on PEDs since I was a toddler.
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