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  1. With the Mets involved, Hand's price could still be relatively high. He should continue to be good, but you also can't risk too many dollars on a closer if you're the fish. Think back to Heath Bell. Only time it may make sense to take a big chance like that is if a closer was the final missing piece. And then even still, I don't think big multiyear deals with closers or relievers in general are good ideas normally. The fish also need more than a closer and do have a limited amount of dollars to spend. It isn't just Sherman who is likely tightening the purse strings this off-season
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  2. And if this team can't afford it we need new owners!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  4. Not it at all. A team will sign someone to a minor league deal, and you panic talking about the team being cheap and haven't signed anyone yet, etc. etc. Just be patient. If the offseason ends and we still haven't done much/anything, I'll be right there with you to complain. But the constant complaints about every single move by other teams, rumors about us, the lack of news, etc. gets old. With that, I won't talk about it any more for now, as to not derail the thread.
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  5. I admit I'm always saying something exaggerated, but just don't acting like I'm the only one here want this team to sign somebody to improve the team. I'm want this team to sign Hand and not Bauer, Springer or Realmuto, it's a $30M contract and not a $300M contract.
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  6. Let’s wait and see what happens.
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