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  1. Can we all just never forget that the Mets practiced their celebrations for winning the World Series and then never even made the playoffs?
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  2. Agreed. Educate people so that they don't see the game as boring. I understand the pace is slower than other sports but if you know what you're watching it can be an entertaining watch. Also, I'm starting to think they're at a point of a self-fulfilling prophecy... you keep telling people that baseball is boring and needs to be fixed and any new fans will be turned off because they've already heard for ages that this game is boring so now the game is shooting itself in the foot with this stupid problem, cutting off potential new fans before they even give the sport a chance.
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  3. It’s so fucking stupid already! You want to fix this “issue”, invest in creating local academies and leagues and tournaments and give those kids free tickets to the game so you can bring up entire generations of kids as fans and ambassadors of their local team. I’ve been passionate about baseball since I was 5-6 and I’ve never once been bored at a game, can sit down and watch two fandoms teams play because I love the sport. The point is start young
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  4. That's very much CONTROLLABLE.
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  5. Not a free agent until 2025
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  6. This team should trying to acquire the best players and not the controllable players if they're determined to win.
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  7. Marlins should try to get Contreras. They shouldnt pay a huge ask though, given the lack of control. Here is what will happen, so get ready boys and girls.... Yankees acquire Contreras. Marlins acquire Gary Sanchez.
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