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    I'd add in Conley if he gets hot. Guerrero too honestly. Honestly I dont think they should hold out any bullpen arm thats desired if it can net you a fairly decent prospect, since bullpens are easy as fuck to figure out long term. Sell high on any and all of them. Walker for sure.
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    Helps. Their specific needs would be more obvious and they’d be closer to contention in that scenario. They could bump the off-season spending up to this coming off-season instead of the next off-season.
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    Hey guys, I think we should Trade him to Daimondbacks for Kevin Cron, and Geraldo Perdomo, and Domingo Leyba. I am surprised nobody has brought this idea up before.
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    Having been at the game on sunday, what a fun time...hadn't been to the stadium in over 2 years (since my dad passed) but had a great time and the team looked good against a great pitcher, and Sandy pitched a GEM....will be back soon to the park with my kiddos.
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    Richards vs. Ponce de Leon. I can't believe this guy is still around. Must be over 500 years old.
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    It should, but not as important as his expected adjusted HNHZY-. Or even better, his Batting Leverage Opportunities With Massive Expectations, aka BLOWME. Very advanced stat there.
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    Hey Brewers, you may have Yelich but how many World Series titles you got????
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    I’m going to go with ‘helps’ assuming that it’s a result of getting production from our “future core”. If the reason we are .500 is because of guys like Harold Ramirez, Andy, Alfaro, Diaz*, Harrison*, and the SP staff, this is a HUGE positive to the rebuild as we will be checking off boxes along the way. Regarding the draft picks, if this was the NFL that would be a concern. There are too many ways to acquire talent in baseball (International, trade deadline, Rule 5) for that to outweigh positives from guys already in the system
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    I say helps for the same reason @SonOfJack says, plus it builds the winning mentality the team needs going forward (believe I said that in the other thread, too). Kinda fun that this current run of games is making us even consider this possibility. lol
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    This is nice... It won't last all season but this also isn't just one good weekend or something like that. Enjoy it while it lasts but to keep pace with the Dodgers Yankees and Astros for nearly a month is very cool.
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    I’m good either way honestly. Edit - Watched Bleday vs UGA, and one thing that scares me with him is the length in his swing, and his lack of consistency with his front leg. You see his stance at times be wide open, at other times be closed off. This shows up in non-2 strike counts as well, so it’s not an approach thing. Vaughn is a pure hitter. He reminds me of Peter Alonso. Put me down for Vaughn at 4 if he’s there. If he goes before 4, Bleday is fine.
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    Kind of reminding me of the 2006 team right now, to be honest. Better pitching than the '06 team thus far but not as good hitting [especially in the extra base hits department]. But bits and pieces with a lot of young talent ... In fact, after 42 games, the teams had identical records of 11-31. At 16-31, this team is better than the 06 team through 47 games record-wise.
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    The tanking thing is comical to me. This isn’t the nba or nfl this is mlb. The drop off between first overall and second overall usually isn’t a huge deal. To build a team you need to draft well throughout the draft. Make smart moves with international signings. Smart trades etc. Sure if you end up sucking and pick first great. If you pick second you still have a great chance of getting a great player there. Plus right now seeing the young players , pitchers in particular doing well and developing in big league action is more important than tanking for the first overall pick.
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    I guess he did discover the fountain of youth.
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    You can believe in whatever stats you want to believe in, I don't care what you enjoy. I choose to not use them because if a guy has a good HNHZY+, it doesn't mean much to me. I saw enough evidence of the faults in having so many stats when there became ways to prove any point about any player. You can use some 4 letter stat and show me why Player A is better than Player B. Then I can reference a five letter one with a plus sign next to it and prove the opposite. Totally cool that some people like them and believe in them though.
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    You didn't enjoy the ballpark experience, NOW Jeter will be concerned.
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    Do you remember who won or lost? Or who even was playing?
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    Weird fetish bro.
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    Welcome aboard! This city has shown they go to sporting events when the team is playing well. Doesn't matter if they're cuban or Turkish, if there's a good team on the field people will come. No one came to see Hechavarria, and no one has declared their allegience to the marlins for signing the Mesa brothers. I'm cuban, but I don't want this team trying to use the "hispanic" card to draw people in. Let's build a classic baseball culture in the city and let it cultivate over generations like the other teams have.
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    Article requires subscription to The Athletic to read, but it's worth it. $5 a month for top tier articles! (If you subscribe for the year) https://theathletic.com/1012071/2019/06/06/the-marlins-2019-draft-class-is-getting-high-praise-from-scouts-and-analysts-heres-why/ Jim Bowden tweeted on Wednesday that the Marlins had the best draft class among all teams. Baseball America draft analayst Carlos Collazo said " ... on pure talent, you could argue they did better than any other team." A good note: "Looking at the big picks, there isn't anyone I see in the first two days that they should have trouble signing." - Nick Faleris, Director of Amateur Evaluation at 2080 Baseball. John Sickels: "Very solid draft ... balance between high-ceiling and high-floor players, offense and defense ... should improve both depth and breadth of farm system while helping medium- and long-term outlooks for the organization." I won't say much about Bleday since I'm sure we've all heard enough of him, but the article does have a few paragraphs on him. Some other notes: - Scouts think the team's second pick Kameron Misner is too passive at the plate, which causes some of his struggles, but if he starts attacking pitches early in the count, could translate to success. Great eye at the plate. - Nasim Nunez, third pick, has lightning fast speed, switch hitter but hits better from the right side although one scout said has a better looking swing on the left side, and was considered the best defensive shortstop in the draft by Baseball America. Questions on his offensive game at the pro level, but should be able to rise through the ranks due to glove and speed. - Outfielder Peyton Burdick (3rd rounder) batted .407, slugged .729 with 15 homers, stole 24 bases and drew 60 walks while striking out only 35 times. Impressed Marlin scouts with raw power. - First baseman Evan Edwards, fourth rounder, 1.059 OPS this year with 14 homers. - Evan Fitterer and MD Johnson (5th and 6th round picks respectively) profile similarly, could be mid-rotation arms quickly. Both top mid-90s with their fastball and have decent secondary stuff. - Few pitchers that project to be solid relievers (Bryan Hoeing for example). - 10th round pick JD Orr (outfielder) stole 60 bases this year, drew more walks than strikeouts in his collegiate career. - Infielder Nic Ready, 23rd round, won the college home run derby last year and set a bunch of school records at Air Force. - Right hand pitcher John Baker (29th round) ... I'm mostly just mentioning him because of former Marlin John Baker. However, Sickels says "Baker racks up strikeouts despite so-so velocity." Worth a note. - A lot of college seniors, quite a few players who could out-perform their signing bonus quickly. All in all a solid read and great stuff going forward.
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    At the game. 3rd row behind catcher. Teal marlins dawson jersey
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    You can say it's a fluke, you can say it's a small sample size, you can say whatever you want, but playing good baseball is playing good baseball !!!
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    Misner has experience playing 1B. The draft is all about Best Player Available. So many of these guys never pan out. It would be a losing battle to draft simply based on need. Keep in mind, there is still an international signing period and trade deadline to add layers to the infield depth in the org. MLB draft is best player available
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    Cheap Jeter wasn't at those games to scout any players. He went to those games just because he wanted to watch baseball and those collegiate games are cheaper tickets than any mlb games. That's all. It's merely a coincidence that the Marlins drafted people from those games.
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    So they chose the best available college bat right? That's perfect. The only "better" players were high schoolers. I'm happy. Great job not shying away from the easy choice. Awesome.
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    The thread started last Thursday at 4:04 pm. You're welcome.
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    Dear Management, Don’t turn today’s Easter egg hunt into a butt-f***-a-thon. Pick the player most likely to have a positive impact on the team in 2021/2022. Thanks Long suffering Marlins Fan In Miami
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    Marlins are now on pace to finish with more runs scored than they had in 2013. Maybe the doomsday media was wrong about this being the worst offense in mlb history.
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    That article is like an entire milk truck crashing into another milk truck on the highway, spilling milk everywhere.
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    The Year in Review and scouting report right above your post. I know you probably have not finished reading it yet though.
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    Urena needs to be traded RIGHT NOW. I know there's the thought that his value could increase closer to the deadline as teams get more desperate, but the thing about Urena is: he's bad. He's on a hot streak right now, but he won't stay on that hot streak until July 31. If that ERA sneaks up toward the 5.00 that his true talent predicts, teams will give up way less than they will now, thinking the 2.80 in the last 7 is actually legitimate.
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    I just like to pretend that we are an expansion franchise that started last year. Makes it easier to go on day by day.
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    It's not a good team, I mean they came off a 7-game losing streak prior to this... But no reason not to be happy to see the team make strides - particularly the starting rotation.
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    Better article than most of the stuff on Bleacher Report.
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    I'm trying to weigh the pros and cons of a win vs a @pollythewog ban.
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    The only time it matters is when you know there is a Ken Griffey, Jr. type out there, but it is very rare... Not many #1 overalls had that kind of a career so it is really a crapshoot... https://www.mlb.com/news/recall-mlb-s-no-1-overall-draft-picks-c275618784
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    It says that both of those teams have a worse run differential than the Marlins. Do you not read your own posts?
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    Well I imagine at least one of the two teams will get a victory.
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    SMH, not even the worst team anymore, the rebuild is a failure #FuckJeter
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    SongIn "Songy" TheAir
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    How do you find them so fast is more my question
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    Is that why the Tropicana logo has a straw in the orange?
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    To be fair, @taiwanmarlin s point is that they've been great since those 2 hitters got hot. They haven't been bad, they've gone 11 and 5, that's excellent. They won't stay this good all season and they aren't contenders but to say they've been "normal bad" in this specific stretch of games is pretty misleading.
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    Definitely. The draft doesn't start until like 7pm so everyone will be there at 4.

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