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    The Reds want the best catcher in baseball and they want their 5th best prospect to be the centerpiece. Add the Reds to the list of teams that can suck a big bag of dicks.
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    Hows this work? I just used a screenshot from that twitter thing, I didn't know where they got the image of the new rendering from originally to show a wider view. Here's the "original" (neweest rendering) for reference:
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    Far superior defensively? JT is the best all around catcher for a reason. 1) Statcast the past four years has proven he's the fastest, as he led that category the past 4 seasons. 2) JT has the best pop time in the league because he has the 3rd strongest arm and the 3rd fastest exchange rate. 3) Those things allow JT to have one of the best caught stealing percentages in the league 4) JT has improved his power every year and he's been hitting the ball better every year. 5) JT's last 4 years Def rating according to fangraphs - 8.8 / 10.3 / 12.6 / 7.9 = 9.9 AVG meanwhile Barnhart 5.9 / 11 / 14.9 / 5.5 = 9.325 AVG So yeah, not only is JT, FAR superior with the bat, he's actually faster, stronger arm, better pop time, better defensively and he's better at framing (he's average at it but Barnhart is awful at it) https://www.mlb.com/news/jt-realmuto-may-be-mlbs-best-catcher/c-282201118 https://www.fangraphs.com/statss.aspx?playerid=10200&position=C https://www.fangraphs.com/statss.aspx?playerid=11739&position=C https://legacy.baseballprospectus.com/sortable/index.php?cid=1918718 Since I took you to school, here are my sources. The MLB article is by far the most interesting. And last by not least, you don't get better and build for the future by trading away the best catcher in baseball and letting the team get value out of an OK 28 year old catcher who isn't getting better and won't be part of this team long-term. "hey we can rebuild and compete at the same time guys" - Adam Gase
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    Just hope he would never "swing and mish"…
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    A lot less cleavage with the blue walls and tiles
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    I predict a trade by sixto'clock.
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    Update in. Various teams are interested in Realmuto.
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    Derek Dietrich, when he gets older and worse, will be Neil Walker. Nick Wittgren, when he gets older and worse, will be Jordan Milbrath. The Marlins are just time traveling and you plebes don't understand it.
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    If you were right you could have said "ole SonOfJack was right again" and from then on just acted like you're never wrong and just disappear whenever you are wrong and just occasionally pop in the few times you are right.
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    "JT. What about 6 years and $72 million?" No. "How about 6 years, $72,000,001?" ... no? *25 attempts later* FINE FINE I'LL SIGN! "So that's 6 years, $72,000,026." Whatever.
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    Injury history or strong chance to need TJ surgery in the near future is a plus.
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    Bro you should probably give Jeter a chance for once. You're always so negative about him. Cut the guy some slack already.
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    The Marlins are being defensive. They probably know the teams JT would want to go to and they definitely know more or less what he's looking for in an extension - both years and annual amount. By denying all teams a chance to negotiate you keep the playing field even. If you let someone negotiate with him and his demands are too high, the team might balk. And then leak how much JT actually wants which could turn off some F.O. peeps from other teams. If he had only 1 year left, I'd get it. But it's two years. Only the Padres are asking for this window because they're cheap. (not that a Marlins fan should be able to call any other team cheap but...) The Dodgers and Astros and whoever else can trade for him and then wait 6-12 months and resign him after he likes the city and the team etc. I don't like everything the Marlins have done but this makes sense to me. It's two years. Take it or leave it. Fuck off if it's not good enough for you. I don't blame the Padres at all for asking, they're trying to be resourceful and beating around the bush with Manny also. Maybe if they land one they'll be more willing to go for the other also and keep that WS window open for as long as possible. I also don't blame the Marlins for their stance. They aren't budging on their asking price, on negotiating windows, on anything. They're showing resolve and dare I say it competence. I'm cool with it.
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    If they deemphasize the "baseball" portion, they may lose out on the main demographic of FanFests - kids who want autographs. There seems to be a tension in the marketing department between appealing to the typical baseball crowd (families with kids) and some idealized version of the Miami nightlife crowd. I get that for games, but not a FanFest.
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    @SonOfJack,Hi ! Kasey.
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    I won't supposed to say this but it's a private FanFest event for us fake fans, you weren't invited since you hate the Jeter ownership so much.
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    I can only imagine they don't want to give a window incase he tells these teams "NO i won't resign for you and I'm going to hit the open market in two years no matter what". Opening that window can give an insight to JT's plans and screw the Marlins leverage. Chances are he will never resign in SD, CIN, TB or towns like that anyway. They probably threatened him... "say you won't resign anywhere and we'll keep your ass in Miami until you can leave. "
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