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    Let’s also not forget how we’ve had some shitty pitching out of the bullpen for some stretches this season (Chen and stanek for example). So a one run a game improvement and a slightly better pen would make us a middle of the pack team.
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    I'd be 100% down to pool money and buy a team if only for the entertaining "meetings" we'd have trying to agree on club direction and which 2 pitchers we need to contend. At least the bbq would be on point.
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    This reminds me of Stanton in 2014 when he got hit in the face and finished 2nd in the MVP race behind Kershaw and people were saying if he didn't get injured he might have won the award and I remember thinking his injury was the reason the Marlins missed the playoffs and that, to me, was more proof of Stanton's MVP case than Kershaw with the Dodgers.
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    Dombrowski's record: Deplete farm system to build a few championship clubs. Hill's record: Deplete farm system to build a 79 win club.
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    Through 135 PA (40 games), this one guy hit .220/ .281/.390 with just 5 HR. With a .672 OPS, the Angels should have DFA'd Mike Trout before he got expensive, but now they're stuck with him. Oh well. The lesson is: If a prospect doesn't immediately look like an MVP in this first 10 to 40 games, time to move on.
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    I wish I had known you were doing this. I would have offered you a friendly wager on the outcome.
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    I strongly dislike the term "video game stats" and several people use it. Have you actually played baseball video games these days? They're realistic and hard as fuck.
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    A classic opening for a regrettable post.
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    great!!! now I gotta start another game thread Cueto vs Hernandez
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    Calling the Yelich trade the worst in history is already a stretch... it's not like it was Yelich for Brinson straight up. We still have high hopes that Monte, Isan, and Yamamoto can all contribute at the big league level. Way too soon to write that trade off considering 3 of the 4 guys are meant to contribute to this team down the line.
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    Sandy really taking form lately. Whatever he's doing differently, he seems to have found consistency in doing so.
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    The chopping tool or the antiperspirant?
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    why not until Gallen gets into the HoF as a first ballot nominee?
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    We use that term in the US too. Usually find those people on gaming forums.
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    whats the attendance in the Pirates game, yesterday looked empty AF too. But no one makes an article about it
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    Honestly, this is actually kinda correct.
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    So what did they say is the reason for "the forecast is lazy?" Just because attendance is bad in late August of a 100 loss season for a mid week game vs an unpopular opponent just as a major hurricane is forming? Or did they say something more?
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    No such thing as September 31st but I'm gonna leave the title alone, I love it.
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    Shoulda traded his ass when we had the chance..
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    They are trying to develop 2 sport stars as they tend to be more athletic.
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    That game was reported to be 23,725 fans with an average of 22,042 in the three games of that series. So only 16.3% and 8.08% better than the season average of 20,395. Since it was a weekend series and this game in particular was a Sunday, you would expect the numbers to be up naturally. So, the needle didn't really move much. The one problem is the untruthful reporting of attendance so it is impossible to tell whether these numbers are more or less accurate. But based on the reported numbers, the attendance in the 2nd half when Stanton started his tear were down compared to the first half.
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    The Dogs and the Kings !!!
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    really? since when ? I thought he was a lefty
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    The Marlins say day to day, but I don't know where that is.
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    I'm not against this idea. Go for it, see if it works. Just don't let him face Acuna.
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    I regress, but I tend to remember that despite his lofty numbers (when he got hot after we were mostly out of the race) how many games were on the line in April and May late in the game with him at bat and runners in scoring position, cringing at him swinging at the pitch 2 feet outside and in the dirt for strike 3.
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    And most people only buy one issue a year these days and with the internet, can't even know why that is the case.
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    I think Jeter wanted to add Stanek for a tanking, definitely.
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    No, yips dates back to 1723. Never really caught on though. However, wYIPS+ is a new age stat.
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    @SilverBullet, that's a VIDEO GAME stats ?
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    Shout out to Nate Adcock. Seems to have a real eye for talent.
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    I'm not a racist, but I don't like Hill's "flattery" face. How much did he flatter former owner Loria and prez Samson? A scumbag.
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    I think the bigger issue is you being a peeping tom at his window to know that.
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    and this guy Tyler Heineman, C : 3-4, 1 RBI (35). Solid numbers, trade Alfaro.
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    I'm 11-0 this year and game threads. Looking forward to big twelve
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    Mission accomplished, great job everyone!

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