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    So here's an initial attempt at a MIAMI script and on the uniforms...... Also, forgive the quality of the uniform pictures, I'm pissed since I had to take screenshots to show you all because photoshop is glitching and not letting me save in any capacity - photoshop file or otherwise (the save, save as, nor open dialog boxes will not open.......does anyone have a solution to this? Otherwise I'm going to lose everything I did in photoshop tonight, thanks in advance) Anyway, enjoy! I'm also open to suggestions!
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    Has Turner requested to be traded yet
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    They are also sending five Cardinal fans to attend all Marlin home games. They will sit behind home plate to give the appearance on TV that there are fans at the game.
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    It's not what you think, It's money that has to go toward the upkeep of the clevelander pool.
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    This isn’t a bad deal especially when you factor in Yelich’s potential death.
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    You people are way to negative. This group has yet to even say one word publicly and you’re burying them. There will be tough decisions to make since they are inheriting a mess, but Loria being gone is a huge positive for this franchise. I also believe that Jeter would not be involved in something that will tarnish his image in the game. Give this some time and I think he will get this right. Lots of work ahead though. This is a good day.
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    "he will definitely be wearing a different uniform by the start of spring training" No shit we're changing our logo and jerseys
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    Ok, so I only had time to do part of my "assignment". I constructed the logo in Illustrator from the two images we've seen (the one on the Spring training ticket and the cap picture) I then put them over 4 different backgrounds. the Salmon and blue backgrounds do need a black outline to keep the drop shadow of those two colors from being washed out I then took those variations and created caps of them: Tomorrow I'll work on the "MIAMI" and "MARLINS" script to put on some uniforms. Hope you all enjoy this step.
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    His changeup shows some potential and a 8.2 SwST% is not horrible although it's not good either. A 5.05 K/9 and a 3.95 BB/9 is simply not going to cut it but he's young and there's no downside of throwing him out there every 5 days at this point in the season. He has shown better strike out rates in the minors.
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    I don’t know why they don’t do it. Also, if you look at the blueprint they’re trying to follow of championship teams that built from the ground up, they all had a guy they committed to before they reached the point of being great teams. The Astros gave Altuve an extension, the Cubs did it with Rizzo, the Royals committed to Salvador Perez. Etc. Even now, with a team like the Braves who have gotten a lot better, they built around Freddie Freeman. At some point, you have to keep some players. JT Realmuto is a keeper for many reasons. A case could’ve been made for Yelich, but maybe more so for Realmuto considering he’s a catcher. It’s incredibly difficult to find a catcher to build around. We would know that considering all the bad catchers we had in this franchise post-Pudge/before Realmuto arrived.
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    As much as I hate to see Yelich go, this is my take as well. He will be a very good player for the Brewers, but this was a great trade for Miami. 1 for 3 on trades just proves Jeter can still hit for average. Don’t ask him to defend these moves though. Overrated in that aspect.
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    But many analysts I have heard also agree that they did poorly in what they got in return. We all pretty much understood the inevitable, but we had hope that the old method of getting mediocre returns, relative to what many thought was a fair or good return, would end. So yea, we had to do it but....we did it poorly.
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    The Marlins analytics department flow chart: 1. Is man baseball player? Yes > go to Q2 No > do not trade for 2. Is man expensive contract? Yes > do not trade for No > go to Q3 3. Is man fast? Or is man pitch fast? Yes > acquire immediately No > hang up phone and eat pudding cup
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    Blah blah blah I'm Robert Manfred and I tell fans how they should feel. Fuck off.
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    You continue to blow my mind...I’m really liking all your concepts. The all black logo really goes well with any background. I also like both letter styles you selected, any of them I would be happy with. If someone had gun to my head, I would probably go with the all caps lettering. Now I’m looking foword to this logo being it. The team will have lots of flexibility with the style and colors of the uniforms, the logo lends itself to that. @rmc523Thank you for taking your time to do this for us.
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    I have that book. Interesting read!
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    Last game reminded me of once I was at the urinal and I burped and farted all at the same time. Total loss of control.
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    I think it is safe to assume most people agree that Caleb Smith has shown improvement over the course of the season. During the broadcast they crew highlighted Smith’s ability to “pound the zone” to get outs and specifically called attention to his ability to hide the ball during his delivery. Well, he didn’t “pound the zone” yesterday. Below is a chart from his last three starts in Marlins Park. These charts show the location of balls and called strikes. It is pretty clear that Smith was living outside of the strike zone yesterday. Perhaps this was intentional. Different opponent and all that. Well when you compare Smith’s balls and called strikes to that of Chen and Hernandez the previous two games it is clear that the Marlins were going after the strike zone against the Dodgers. Probably a location issue. Finally, when the Dodgers did their damage to Smith in the third inning the runs were scored on pitches on the edge and outside of the zone. The Dodgers I guess figured out this guy isn’t throwing strikes today and they made him pay in the third. Most pitchers aren’t great everyday. That is one of Severino’s go to lines. He re-tells this story a lot about how you have dominant stuff ten times a year, average stuff ten times, and bad stuff ten times. Some pitcher told him that once and he’s run with it. I’m not convinced and Holly doesn’t sound like he is either. I guess Smith was off yesterday. But I also thought the strike zone was tougher yesterday than it was for Chen and Hernandez. Different ump maybe. Or maybe with Realmuto getting the day off, Holaday doesn’t frame as well. That could be a stretch because I think framing value has largely gone away once umpires became wise to the fact that had become a big thing. Regardless yesterdays final looked really bad but it was largely a function of Smith having several things go against him and then once the runs poured in Mattingly took this as an opportunity to finally get Tazawa run out of town on a rail.
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    How long before this guy requests to be traded to a different analytics department?
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    when this story broke, the wife and I made the mutual decision to not pay for the MLB Season pass next season so we can watch the Fish way out here in Phoenix. As someone else mentioned, the best things about the Marlins were Rich & Tommy, Jose, and G (100% he's gone). Both of us certainly appreciated and enjoyed watching other players (my wife is in love with Bour, who will also likely be gone unfortunately) but those 4 were what made this team watchable day in and day out. None of the idiots they ran out there came close to replacing T-Hut. I wondered how well Rich would hold up not having his sidekick with him and although the spark wasn't there with any of the people over these last two seasons he showed that he is a damn fine analyst and can carry a game on his own. Jose's death brought the team closer together than ever. I don't know if I'll ever see another player like him. Talent-wise of course there will be others but not that combination of talent and just electric personality and such a joy of the game. When G was on his gigantic MVP tear this year my heart hurt from wanting to see Jose going nuts in the dugout with each bomb. You KNOW he would have practically been doing cartwheels along with Dee. Generational talent. 110%. So G finally puts it all together for a season and becomes an absolute monster. I was a little surprised to see the vote THAT close actually. His trade will be devastating from a PR standpoint. It is such a shame that the marlins basically had shit luck on nearly every pitching FA they brought in because they have a WS caliber offense now and made games so much fun to watch once our MVP got rolling finally. Jose, Chen (had he continued his career norms), Urena, Straily, and (insert journeyman here) would have been a competitive starting rotation to go with this offense. There has been so much "classic Marlins" with this new regime so far - dark cloud of the impending firesale, ditching a beloved analyst (don't give 2 shits what FSN said in a release, this is 100% new ownership), whining about finances (shouldn't have bought the fucking team, assholes), dumping the international money via trade, Mike Hill remaining (the one guy that should have been shown the door ASAP), and just the general constant reminder that once again (and seemingly always after some positive strides made during the season) we aren't going to be players in FA and are generally going to be worse off again next season. So yeah, i will be following them via boxscore and I'll watch them when they play the Diamondbacks since they'll be on locally but I am not shelling out one cent to them any longer. MLB fucks this team over time and time again by allowing garbage owners to take the reigns. If Jeter hadn't been attached to Sherman there is no way in hell he'd have been the winning group (yes, I know..Loria's yankee obsession) or the finances been approved. Blah. Letting Rich go was the straw that broke the camel's back for me. Only sport to watch now is hockey. P.S. Happy Thanksgiving everyone lol