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    He won't see this, you have to reply to the tweet and not to a comment with a copy of it.
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    I'd approach the Angels about including Mike Trout in a deal for Realmuto. Possibly include Strailey, Castro and Rojas since the Angels like making stupid deals.
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    I obvs know his appeal, but to a team like the marlins with no real apparent power prospect do we really need another speedy def first IFer?
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    It is, its an average of what free agency costs as teams win/lose on acquisitions. Something like Bour and Cron (and Morrison and Dietrich) is based on scarcity. They are probably going to be worth more, but there are a lot of them out there so it depresses the whole market. It's not perfect, but we have to value these guys somehow. Just like FG does with prospects, it's just based on averages (https://www.fangraphs.com/blogs/an-update-to-prospect-valuation/). The second a guy comes up and drops a 4 WAR year (Nimmo), things can change quickly as to how much he is valued. He's on paper worth more than most prospects at this point. I don't think surplus value is the gospel, but it gets you into a ballpark and then the eye of the beholder can take over.
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    what's the appeal of Gimenez? he's got speed with a good arm not much else
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    Congrats to Ferrell on making our team. Hopefully he works out in the bullpen.
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    Another boring winter meetings coming to a close. I said this last week... the media loves to hype up the winter meetings as the place where everything is gonna go down but year after year it's more of the same. Yes things develop and a lot of future deals come out of the discussions from this week but nothing groundbreaking really happens anymore. The week is no longer any bigger than any other offseason week. It definitely doesn't deserve all the hype it gets in the days leading up to it anymore.
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    He was traded last season, you missed it?
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    You want to just mail me my beer since I’m out of Florida if this goes down. How this work?
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    If Realmuto gets traded to the Braves I'll buy every single active person in this thread a beer. And then I'll buy a Realmuto Braves jersey. for myself. Screen cap this post if you want, idc
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    It's a combination of GMs and different "sources" and "team officials" mixed in with seemingly a thousand beat writers and reporters and bloggers and people who put way too much stock into social media comments. Anyone remember when we didn't even know trades were being discussed and we just found out about a trade in the news or newspapers the day after they were actually completed?
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    Don't send both in the same bag, call and complain and keep them both. If you send them both they might mistake it as having one, or not have the order information for both and they'll never refund everything. I'd call and complain and tell them what type of BS is it, it's a gift and it's garbage. Then tell the the shirt sucks too.
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    Another tweet saying we can still get a big return.
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    Interesting take, Marlins are trying to pick a winner and teams keep jumping back into the mix... as opposed to the idea that teams are backing away by the minute. This is good, it obviously implies that we still have good leverage. Wonder where the truth lies.
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    I'm just relieved to hear more teams are still involved allowing us to still dictate a stronger return. I keep getting worried that teams are backing off and we're screwed.
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    Will you be holding a glass of water while laughing or something?
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    I think he was just making things up. Every report says Yanks have no interest in Harper.
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    Someone ask "What player?"
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