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    This is just a concept but I want a blue undershirt. This would help the issue of rhe whole set feeling so dark.
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    A video to announce the new coaches? Lol that's different. Surprised they didn't paint murals of the new coaches all over the city.
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    I’m convinced give me Rosario, nimmo, and Alonso
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    We’re going to sign Donovan Solano, Renyel Pinto and Mark Hendrickson. Problem solved.
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    The Marlins need to make (at some point) a VERY public final offer to JT for public relations purposes.
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    He's an outfielder, not a catcher.
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    Arizona also may not have turned a blind eye to Fernandez doing literally whatever he wanted like apparently the Marlins did.
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    Man it gets tiring repeating yourself and someone not listening.
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    Reality? We sign scrap heap minors guys and hope they turn into something, while the FO tries to portray them as big signings. What we should be doing? Signing several guys on 1 year deals that can be flipped at the deadline.
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    This NL East thing is making the rounds on Twitter
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    It's fucked up but I'm gonna go ahead and say this... I hope Realmuto gets traded to the Mets and then signs an extension there and then I hope the Mets fall apart and have to rebuild while JT is still there.
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    No clue, I'm just saying take advantage of them.
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    and Boras was his name-o!!!
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    And they need to do all they can in free agency (within reason) because it allows them to add talent without losing talent.
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    Typical reaction from teams that are used to guys being traded often with essentially no loyalty.
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    Honest answer - I need to think that one over and see. I was just reacting to react.
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    Man it gets tiring repeating yourself and someone not listening.
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    Yeah, I've accepted the fact he'll be gone soon. What I'm more concerned about is the optics of it - like I said above, right now it looks like we low-balled and then didn't try further once we were turned down. Throw out your best offer and make him turn it down (or not respond). Then that's your narrative going forward - we offered a fair deal, they weren't willing to negotiate. Right now its "well, we offered a deal....that counts, right?"


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