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    @hovertical @DTrain @pollythewog @SixYearItch I apologize... I'm cluttering up so many threads pointing out how everyone thinks we suck when they're actually all right. It's true we have sucked for over 15 years now and we will continue to suck until we somehow get the last winning out of a World Series again. There is no middle ground other than that. The team will never take positive steps forward until they've actually got their hands on that next World Series trophy. There is no reason to show pride in the team I've followed closely for 26 years. My bad.
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    SixtoButthurt? It’s obnoxious, I agree. They are the punching bag and will be until they start winning.
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    Maybe next year's ST hat will be black/blue bill with just the fish (no M) like this years. That'd be a good look.
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    Yeah for sure. I picked me up a ST hat (no patch). OHHHH. I completely forgot to post it: They had these hats with the blue bill.
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    This is what I disagree with the most out of everything you said because this new ownership has done A LOT to differentiate themselves from the past ownerships over the last year. Saying the Marlins currently deserve all of this stupid biased "journalism" is like saying you deserve eggs thrown at your house daily because the previous owners of the same house were all horrible. Please let me know if you disagree with the previous sentence.
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    It's a conversation starter. Though I'd love to know how the Orioles lose 115 games and have a more exciting season thatn us coming up.
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    The Marlins won’t sniff 77 wins this year. They were projected to win 65-66 games before their best player was traded. With that said, to say you’ll be very surprised if the Marlins lose less than 95 games 3 or 4 years from now is just dumb. This team in 2021 will either make the playoffs or be on the cusp of the playoffs. They’re going to get yet another high draft pick this year and make another substantial IFA signing.
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    I'm most interested/excited to see Victor Victor play. Also hoping to see some good play from Brinson and Monte. I also want to see Yamamoto pitch a little. I understand why those names wouldn't be exciting to a national audience but personally speaking. It is odd for them to highlight Neil Walker, but I've stopped caring what they think cause it is what it is.
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    get that shit outta here , you Loria sympathizer
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    Make up your mind — which is it?! Can he play or them, or can he not, or can he maybe?!
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    I like it now that I know how it works. It was just unexpected and confusing when I clicked the "home" button only to be seeing the same exact page I was on (it left only the Marlins discussion checked initially), until I figured it out, so some sort of post explaining the change would've been/would be nice (though maybe this thread acts as that now). I know I had that happen - there were threads I posted in, but forgot to check them because they weren't in the main discussion one, and would think about it a week or more later. The only thing about the new setup is the checkbox thing on the right doesn't have descriptions of what belongs there like before......most are self explanatory (Marlins discussion, game threads, sports), but the "Media guide" and "outfield" are a little less clear as to what belongs there. My 2 cents at the moment.
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    Looks so good with the blue bill.
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    I’m not giving Mike Hill a chance; he should be fired. I guess I’ll give everyone else a chance.
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    Just randomly looking at defensive numbers with Baseball-Reference ... if all goes well, our 2020 starting outfield might not let a single ball drop out there. Monte Harrison, Lewis Brinson, and Victor Victor Mesa, all three have Range Factor per 9 over 2.50. Lorenzo Cain, the highest rated defensive center fielder by Fangraphs in 2018, had 2.40. Just to give an idea. If they can all hit decently, my goodness.
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    You lost me when I saw E!SPN. As for their bash of the Marlins, that is as constant for E!SPN as it is for them to talk about LeBron, Tom Brady, Tiger Woods, Duke University, all things Boston and NY. Bashing the Marlins falls in line with their bashing Miami (the U, Heat, Dolphins, etc.) agenda. How dare we always ruin their agenda of convincing the world that Boston and NY are the centers of the universe! And if I'm wrong, I am still looking for those lean years that the Red Sox sucked between championships, and trying to find E!SPN taking shots at them. Somehow I can't find that stuff as it seems like the coverage and comments made them sound like they had juggernaut teams in 2012, 2014, and 2015. I seem to struggle finding their bashing of the Red Sox, Yankees, and Mets in those teams' lean years. For me, being a Marlins fan, and South Florida sports fan, not supporting NY and Boston loving outlets like E!SPN comes with the territory. I get it. They hate Miami.
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    Take the second half of the day off? Seems like plenty of advanced notice to give your employer, no?
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    Firesales are also not something the Orioles have done to their fans over and over again like the Marlins have done in the past, and possibly again in the future. So they're going to get the benefit of the doubt in instances like this. Also, the return from the trades last year was atrocious when you consider the talent that left the team in the process of doing those trades. Marlins deserve any dirt they get thrown at them until they can prove they can be trusted to not repeatedly blow up their teams. I know, we disagree, but that's how I see the logic behind the difference in these fake ratings.
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    Looking into the future, the outfield is pretty full with VVM, Brinson, and Harrison just to start. So this moves makes sense for the long-term perspective.
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    The best deal for Straily is around June or July, in my opinion. And blocking a pitcher doesn't seem so bad in another lost season. It would just be optioning someone down for two or three months.
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    And Perry Hill.