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    Wait wait so Derek Jeter is offering to pay $2.5 MILLION to the county if Red Grooms disown the sculpture..??? He's basically offering to buy it for himself if he has to! But I was told Derek Jeter was a cheap bastard who is only interested in cutting costs to line his pockets with profits! Keep telling yourselves that Jeter is just as bad as the previous owner. It's laughable at this point.
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    Why is our new logo going to be coming? That's not family friendly.
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    I heard attendance was better than the average home game in 2018.
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    I want both jobs, I see myself as a Dan Jennings type.
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    when you're up against a juggernaut like Mike Hill - why even bother trying?
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    Marlin PR Dept: Guys let’s leak some logos and see what people say Us: Freak out
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    Seems like people honestly want to bitch no matter what we do because lol Marlins
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    Awesome, let’s not forget that one of the most important things that needs to be done is to change the perception of the organization so people (and players) begin to respect it regardless of record. This along with getting rid of their literal circus colored branding is just as important in the long term as the on-field decisions.
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    Why would you want that? Save up and buy New York, dude.
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    I hope so as well and I think that's what they are doing. I believe the logo will be more similar to the original logo than the current one. Ocean blue in place of teal and an M instead of an F.
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    Go with a shade of silver as the secondary color.
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    Here’s a quick side by side. I grabbed some samples across the blue spectrum along with the current Marlins blue and the old Florida Marlins teal. While there are tons of blue teams there are a lot of variations to the blue, although you do have some like the Red Sox and Yankees which match. Nobody wants to look like a rival so I highly doubt any designer is proposing an orange and blue combination (not to mention you may alienate a large portion of the fanbase that doesn’t care for the Florida Gators). The secondary color choice is going to make a massive impact. The Miami Dolphins color change this past spring is a perfect example of how taking out poor secondary colors can improve an overall look. Just looking at teal alongside any shade of blue makes me think that teal should not be paired with blue
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    I would love this. The blue walls during the WBC looked great.
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    That's fake I think @SongInTheAir
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    Not many things in this world are as sad as watching Marlins Man check his phone after every pitch from the first row of Game 1 of the NLCS.
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