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    I heard he tried to slam the door on his way out and grounded into a double play.
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    I don't see how changing his name is going to do anything to help him at the plate.
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    The lowest point is going lower. This is really an all time level terrible team. Can’t score, other than in one game out of ten, and absolutely no baby cake or jumbo shrimp player will even make a dent in changing that. Harrison and Diaz would plainly be overmatched at the MLB level. Team must hit it really big on their draft picks on hitters over the next few years as the Astros did with Correa, Springer and Bergman and as the Cubs did or the hopelessness will go on for a very long time. Really upsetting that this front office couldn’t turn Stanton, Ozuna, Yelich, Realmuto etc into at least one frontline can’t miss hitting prospect. They had an advantage that no other rebuilding team has ever had and for my mind they butchered it badly. I’m sorry but their starting pitching prospects are just average at best. Richards and Smith, their best, were acquired other than via the trades. Pablo came from the only good trade they made. We’ll see about Sixto. Gallen and Niedert seem like right hand Nicolino’s. Hope I’m wrong but I’m skeptical. Other highlighted trade acquisitions look like relievers, including Sandy. Really down on what this front office has accomplished so far. Don’t see them as much of an improvement over Loria, which is a very very low bar.
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    Maybe we should do minor league game threads instead
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    AAA --- NO (7-8) VS OMA - 7 PM AA --- JAX (5-10) @ BLX - 7:35PM ADV. A --- JUP (7-8) @ BRD - T1 A --- CLI (8-6) VS WIS - 7:30PM
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    Actually I think the sitting on the bench thing works in the short term. Bench his ass for the majority of a week... then put him back in the starting lineup and if he fails then you send him down. Remember, and people seem to hate hearing this, he already crushed AAA pitching so he doesn't have too much to prove there. Also I think a bunch of it is mental so that's what the extended break does. With that said yes don't bench him for long or its counterproductive and yes I think he still ends up in AAA for a stint anyways. I just think it's ok to try the benching briefly first.
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    Our pitching is awesome, our hitting is improving, and we have the best experience and popcorn in all of baseball. You guys are truly too negative, this team is the best. PS-Christian Yelich is overrated.
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    I don’t know, but I’m glad you had a fun experience. That’s all that matters.
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    Marlins have averaged 7.5 runs and 12.75 hits on Saturdays.
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    Damn it I liked Paglationi. It wasn't Panatinilo's fault the team wasn't hitting, I feel. But whatever, guess there had to be a scapegoat and for this time it was Paglaritigo.
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    Here are mine... some of the best work I've ever done... they're basically the same quality as the images on MLB.com I think...
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    Not only that, I do not even know the teams that are playing tonight, but the moves are all about the experience.
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    HUGE MOVES COMING FROM THE MARLINS WOW DID NOT EXPECT THAT WOW SUCH A SURPRISE "Marlins call up another AAAA player to replace currently struggling AAAA player"
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    and just think 100 years from now all these players would be dead so it's good they traded them before that
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    A couple of days out of the lineup can reset his approach at the plate. It can make him forget bad habits. If it continues for another week or two, then he needs to go down, but I think a few days off is the right approach initially.
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    If it's a problem for both teams, you obviously do something about it. If our team can get used to it, and it can be viewed as a home field advantage, screw the visiting team.
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    Hey guys, just got back from tonight's game, I had a blast, wonderful experience, seriously one of the most fun games I've been to in a while and coupled with finally being able to get there a little early and really walk around and see all the upgrades to the ballpark it really was a great night. I just came here to ask for one little favor from whoever can help out... Can anyone tell me who was playing and what the final score was?
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    Do these as much as possible, @CyggyMarlin - and great contributions from @Ema2R. Very much enjoyed the reads for this thread.
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    I think its mostly mental at this point. He's a local guy and was traded for Yelich who ended up becoming a superstar...i think he is letting it get to him. He has the potential to be at least average/mediocre, but he is not letting himself be at least that, due to the expectations and pressure on him
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    always thinking of jeter and dicks
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    Dang Cyggy, really liking these new milb gt's! Good work.
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    I spent some time trying to find a hidden pun here.
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    They seem to be just standing there, not running.
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    "Miami Mondays" $3.05 tickets $7.86 parking Get yourself, another person and your car into Marlins Park for under $15 Hit me up if you need any more ideas Jeter.
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    because we all believe in this team would be good in three to five years.
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    5.09 ERA but a 2.50 FIP Sandy has been very unlucky thus far. Advanced stats say he is pitching much better than his ERA suggests.
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    Good slogan for a clothing company.
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    I feel the same way. Honestly, if I’m home & both the Marlins & Rays are playing, I’m watching the Rays this year. The Marlins just aren’t a product worth watching. There’s nothing exciting about the team.
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    Horrible jersey for the Mets though because they should never have used black. The Mets look so good in just blue and orange on gray or white, no black needed. With that said that jersey looks good because it has contrast, the white outline helps tremendously as opposed to the Marlins black jersey that has little to no contrast.
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    HA HA HA nope they didn't.....just put some of the highlights, typing a full 9 would take me almost the whole day lol
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    I'm glad we won't ever see Yelich win the Triple Crown in a Marlins uniform. Imagine how disappointing it would be if he didn't win it the next season too. Fans would turn away for sure and the Marlins would be stuck with that albatross of a contract.
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    It's not over spilled milk, it's over players traded. Who said anything about spilled milk?
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    Just imagine if the Marlins could put those two in the OF together along with a guy like Stanton. World Series for sure.
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    Marlins fans cry over spilled milk more than anyone else.
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    I never understood the complaint about the Rays stadium location. I lived in Tampa for years and would drive across either the Howard Frankland or Courtney Campbell (when i moved even further away) to catch games during the week and the traffic going INTO St. Pete was never that bad even during rush hour (traffic coming OUT of St Pete towards Tampa is gross). I could get to games super easy as the stadium is pretty much right off the interstate, well marked, and parking is super close. I would likely never have gone to any games had they moved it to Ybor or downtown Tampa. I've been to Lightning games, concerts, etc there and that shit is miserable as hell to get in and out with the traffic.
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    Funny you bring that up because someone just did that at the game, I saw it on TV.
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    Mike hill once traded this guy named Christian Yelich who is looking to have back to back MVP seasons.
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    I expect 3 additions to the 40 man and 5 transactions today
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    I don't even know who is being optioned or called up but the experience in this thread has been great.
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    This is exciting. It’s like I don’t care about the outcome of the game because the fan experience from anticipating these moves is so great. JuntosMiami
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    you see, we HAVE to keep Chen now or Colorado will get #1 pick

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