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    Do you really think that was intentional? One pitch into the game? This is the same pitcher who threw first pitch BP ball to Happ on the first game and hit three players and walked two more that inning. What made that worse was Acuna walking TO the Marlins dugout, and then tossing his shin guard on the mound... all after Urena asked if he was ok. The worst thing Urena did was toss is glove when they were all coming at him. Snitker is a bitch, Acuna's a bitch and Larry Jones was a compiler. Come at me braves fans,
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    Keith Hernandez backed off on defending the HBP but did think it was ok if he just did a brush back or one of those wild pitches 5 feet behind the batter that would obviously never touch the guy... not to defend Urena now but I wonder how much different this would be if that's the route he took? Also, I run the IG account for this place and last night I had a handful of people leaving comments ripping Urena. It's weird since we're not actually affiliated with the team but it's amusing how people come out of the woodwork on social media when it's time to trash an athlete/celebrity.
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    Embarrassed that he plays on the team I root for.
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    The way it was done was just shitty, though.
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    Look at that! Ed Jovanovski was on that roster.
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    You’re not getting it. It has nothing to do with our current record. It has to do with the fact that ALL of the young players acquired by Jeter (or Denbo, whoever you want to blame it on) so far have been disappointments. These are the guys we’re building around, right? Please tell me what you’re excited about in regards to the future of this team. Name a handful of players this organization is building around right now.
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    We can't dude, SI said "There’s no debate over Ureña’s intent."
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    Lets have a debate about it.... Why do you believe it was intentional. Is it simply the circumstances? I'm more likely to trust a Marlins fans opinion than anyone else on the internet with this--- too many people have hot takes.
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    His streak is still in tact, since it wasn't an offical AB
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    Maybe don't throw super hitable pitches, too! Shit, intentionally walk him. Shows respect without being violent.
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    Likely to be added to 40-man roster today. Better late than never.
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    FWIW Twine has been on absolute fire since being promoted to Jax. Still only 23. Was a football star in High School and was drafted mostly because of his tools. I'd be funny if he turns out to be a useful player after all of the jokes about him on here.
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    This thread is stupid.
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    I don't think anyone is arguing attendance is less this year. Just that the actual difference in actual attendance (people there) isn't as big as the numbers would make it seem because Loria inflated them.
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    Your register date shows as May 2015, when Chen was an Orioles player. Wtf @Erick?
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    yup. Im well aware of your negativity and your insincere wishing of luck. This team will be in the 75-80 win range next year.
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    Ive said the path to contention is to be a little below .500 next year, a fringe wild card contender (kind of what we were before the trades where we arent bad but arent a contender) in 2020 and then contention annually after that. And I stick by that.
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    Ericks negativity is constant. They have done a great job since they took over in acquiring talent both in trades and the draft and are doing their best and actually attempting to get involved in the IFA market even though they got to the negotiating table with this years batch of players late. Alcantara is a mid rotation guy and a dominant closer at worst. Brinson struggled but he should never have been in the big leagues and that ws obvious from the start. At the very least when he puts it together he will be an .800 OPS guy with low OBP but high slugging and 25-30 hr's. He has potential to be a perennial all star. harrison has struggled this year but will still finish with 20 hr's, 30 steals, great defense, a cannon arm, and an inevitable improvement in his K numbers with more experience. He barely played in high A ball before we rushed him to AA and he hasnt been great with all the K's but he has shown the potential to be a 20/20 guy in RF for years to come. Neidert has been terrific and is another mid rotation guy under team control long term. By all accounts we absolutely crushed the early rounds of the draft this year and actually spent money to acquire more talent for once. Isan Diaz is a 2b of the future who is a perfect fit for modern day baseball with left handed power, as well as high K's but also an incredible amount of walks. Devers has held his own despite being ridiculously young for his league. Yamamoto was great, he just has had a few injuries but he too is at worst a good middle reliever. Christopher Torres in the dee gordon deal on top of Neidert was an absolute steal. Mags sierra has struggled this year but he can spend all of next year in AAA and still be just 23 and if you actually dive into his numbers for his career he has struggled to hit at the beginning of each level he has been at before inevitably turning it around and becoming a quality hitter. Why they are rushing him is beyond me, but him struggling given his lack of experience and style of hitting shouldnt be surprising. Guzman has been dissappointing as a starter this year with his control but his starts generally are not him being constantly hit around, they are him running out of gas in later innings of his start and his numbers not accurately reflecting how dominant his stuff is relative to his competition. He is likely a reliever but he will be a dominant reliever at the very worst. All in all, you are being beyond overly negative and didnt know what to expect moving forward in a rebuild if you thought the only way it would be successful is if every prospect tore up the minors at every level absent of context that minor league results need to be viewed with.
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    You hit the nail on the head in 3 sentences. Well done, sir.
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    Yes. Thank you. Why is this so difficult for some to understand?
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    Going to preface this by saying our GM and FO is not these team's GMs and FOs. Didn't the Cubs and Astros go on a five year plan of being awful to reach the promised land? Pretty sure that's what happened. The plan is not to begin to compete in 2023, the plan is to have the pieces for sustained success by 2023. Sorry that we aren't on a 100 win pace yet, guys.
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    Another new analytical stat. You gotta keep up man!
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    We shouldn't trade anybody. This team is great.
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    A belated thanks to all of you for your suggestions. Uber and beers it is then. See you next month.

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