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    Has Turner requested to be traded yet
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    It's not what you think, It's money that has to go toward the upkeep of the clevelander pool.
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    This isn’t a bad deal especially when you factor in Yelich’s potential death.
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    His changeup shows some potential and a 8.2 SwST% is not horrible although it's not good either. A 5.05 K/9 and a 3.95 BB/9 is simply not going to cut it but he's young and there's no downside of throwing him out there every 5 days at this point in the season. He has shown better strike out rates in the minors.
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    I don’t know why they don’t do it. Also, if you look at the blueprint they’re trying to follow of championship teams that built from the ground up, they all had a guy they committed to before they reached the point of being great teams. The Astros gave Altuve an extension, the Cubs did it with Rizzo, the Royals committed to Salvador Perez. Etc. Even now, with a team like the Braves who have gotten a lot better, they built around Freddie Freeman. At some point, you have to keep some players. JT Realmuto is a keeper for many reasons. A case could’ve been made for Yelich, but maybe more so for Realmuto considering he’s a catcher. It’s incredibly difficult to find a catcher to build around. We would know that considering all the bad catchers we had in this franchise post-Pudge/before Realmuto arrived.
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    As much as I hate to see Yelich go, this is my take as well. He will be a very good player for the Brewers, but this was a great trade for Miami. 1 for 3 on trades just proves Jeter can still hit for average. Don’t ask him to defend these moves though. Overrated in that aspect.
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    But many analysts I have heard also agree that they did poorly in what they got in return. We all pretty much understood the inevitable, but we had hope that the old method of getting mediocre returns, relative to what many thought was a fair or good return, would end. So yea, we had to do it but....we did it poorly.
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    The Marlins analytics department flow chart: 1. Is man baseball player? Yes > go to Q2 No > do not trade for 2. Is man expensive contract? Yes > do not trade for No > go to Q3 3. Is man fast? Or is man pitch fast? Yes > acquire immediately No > hang up phone and eat pudding cup
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    So he’s the Cuban LaVar Ball?
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    So from the article, they describe the three tiers: He described “Homer’s” current home being transformed into a three-tier structure, with the lowest floor reserved for large groups. The upper two levels would offer all ticket holders a place to stand and watch the game on one side and admire the sights outside the park through the retractable glass walls on the other. “What we think is so great about Marlins Park is you have a beautiful ballpark with an unbelievable view of the downtown Miami skyline,” Bowers said. With “Homer” in place, he said, the plan can’t move forward. “It’s the only place you can do this.” I did a rendering of what I think it could look like:
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    Today's game vs the Pirates has been postponed due to inclement weather. Makeup game scheduled for October 1st. And people swore this team wasn't capable of making it to October. #JustGettinStarted
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    oh come on, that's foul!
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    I have that book. Interesting read!
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    Oh cool, you saw Brinson
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    Last game reminded me of once I was at the urinal and I burped and farted all at the same time. Total loss of control.
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    Scott Van Slyke is going to hit 324 home runs this season.
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    Hey, I know we've met before But this is still crazy But here's a number ($3.25 million) So Cameron Maybin
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    Sooo many potentially good replies at my disposal here, might as well use them all... I heard that David Samson was the one to actually do the firing this time too. I heard that Jeter eventually called him back and offered him a chance to return in a lessened role for a lesser salary. That's it! Trade the MVP all you want but fire Billy? Fuck off Jeter NOW I'm done! I bet Billy had requested a trade too. Can't wait to read MarlinsLou's analysis on this one. Maybe they thought the guy who was Billy was too toolsy? Was this a pre planned part of Project Wolverine? Good thing they dumped this guy before he had the chance to die on the job. Good riddance. Fangraphs only had him ranked #29 in the mascot rankings. Billy the Marlin could have been the Yadier Molina of mascots. Ungrateful bastard. I think this is the job Paul Severino really got hired for. The new Billy's agent says his client is still unsure if he wants to attend Fan Fest Saturday. I bet they get Ichiro to come back and be the new Billy. I bet they get Rich Waltz to come back and be the new Billy. Finally something that will make penguino happy! I bet Jose Fernandez predicted this too. I know you guys say we were only one really good mascot away from contending but with our farm system there was no way we were gonna realistically get a good enough mascot. Ok I think I'm done.
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    How long before this guy requests to be traded to a different analytics department?
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    But that is being quasi-hysterical because they could progress faster than that. By the 2019 deadline they could have their longterm solid 3B and CF (Anderson - one Fangraphs author positively projected him to a 2 WAR player now, Sierra - could be the next 2-3 WAR Dyson/Hamilton/Pierre type), 3+ SP (Alcantara, Neidert, Peters, M. Gonzalez, Gallen, C.Smith ... maybe no ace here and this turns into a 3-4-5 but could be 500+ competent innings at club controlled prices), and a full bullpen (Steckenrider, Wittgren, Garcia, Brigham, Poteet, E. Hernandez, SP rejects, etc. Tons of periphery arms here). At this point, you've seen a year plus more on Rogers, Guzman, Garret, Kolek (I guess), and your top two (hopefully college player) picks in the 2018 draft who are hopefully all pretty good, and you've gotten probably another 15-20 players, half of which are pretty good, for Castro, Straily, Bour, Urena, Barraclough, Conley, Dietrich, Rojas, Prado, Ziegler, and Tazawa who have all been shipped out and very likely plug some holes on the diamond. Maybe Chen is healthy after sitting all of 2018? At that point (and don't worry I understand this is the rosey picture), your payroll is probably around $50-60 million, Chen is going to be off the books in the year which helps mitigate future raises, and if the "wolverine" payrolls are to be believed, they can double their payroll in 2020 to around $100 million and add three impact players and another few role players to plug holes. Even if it takes an extra year (very likely for SP growth), 2021 could look really good as then you have the above plus Guzman/Rogers/Garret/2018-2019 early picks who are ready. As mentioned, you REALLY want a $14 million Yelich/$10 Realmuto on the team those years. That's why you keep them. So, I keep them both to build around and hope something like the above happens. And if it doesn't work out...... and it is very clear in July 2019 that Alcantara is a high leverage RP and not the 2/3 SP they want, most of the SP bomb and all they have from these moves is a nice bullpen, Anderson and Sierra are bench role players and not starters, they continue to acquire skeptical trade packages for Castro/Bour/Straily/Barraclough/Dietrich/Urena/etc. and don't really get any oomph.... at that point, the influx of a few free agents in 20/21 and waiting on Guzman/Rogers/Garret/18-19 picks doesn't make sense to contend in Yelich's final years (and Realmuto assuming he is signed for 5). That's when I think you trade Yelich and Realmuto, who are each smack in their prime, and (again assuming Realmuto signed for 5), each have 3 1/2 years of control for basically their age 28-30 seasons. Still crazy valuable and they would get what they want for them. They would be the hottest commodities at a trade deadline for sure. Ultimately, they just don't need to trade them right now. If someone wants to give the Marlins the Herschel Walker package, go for it as you can never say never, but with how the team is structured right now with all the young guys, see what happens with them for the next year and a half. You can always move them later. They have years of control and they are awesome. This is why I say sign Realmuto now to a 5 year deal he can't refuse; move Castro, Bour, Straily, Prado, Tazawa, and Ziegler now; sign 1 year veterans to fill out roster; trade Barraclough, Dietrich, Conley, Urena, Rojas, and the 1 year veterans at this deadline; Call up the farm in August; See where you are at when the season is over. It might look pretty good.
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    We didn't get back a single top 100 prospect. If Alcantara pans out that would be great for the fish but that wouldn't make it the right trade today. He was their 9th best prospect. You couldn't do better than that for two years of Ozuna? Unless you are insinuating that Hill and Denbo and Jeter knew more than most scouts and felt that Alcantara was their best prospect and targeted him all along. I won't buy that for a minute. They settled when they didnt have to. You don't trade a 27 year old two time all star coming off a 37 homerun season with two years of control for someone's 9th rated prospect. That's not good negotiating skills whether Alcantara pans out or not.
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    Here's how I covered the deal for Rotoballer:


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