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    Tickets for this weekend

    any last minute takers?
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    Tickets for this weekend

    Hi guys. I have two tickets for the 3 games this weekend and I can't make it.. they are in Sect. 149 Row 32..... I'm selling them for $20.00 each plus the $4.00 ticketmaster mailing system thingy.. pm me if you are interested! thanks
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    Happy Birthday Admin

    Happy Birthday Kiddo. Hope you have an amazing day!
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    Rays Concert Series Question

    Just wondering if anyone knows by chance, do the Rays have autograph sessions with the concert performers on Saturdays? Thanks! Went to two Saturday Concert games over there in Tampa. Gilberto Santa Rosa signed...but the other act didn't... :-/
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    Huge Crowds for the Yankees Series?

    Will be at my usual season ticket seats for all 3 games. you all know where to find me. I'll be down on the field for Batting Practice tonight.
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    Is It Time To Start Thinking Of Firing Fredi Gonzalez

    It isn't his fault we're playing this badly; with that said, I still wish Girardi was our manager. Why? It came to pass that he overused every single one of our arms, which destroyed our 2007. Not to mention he hasn't exactly taken the billion dollar team to the promise land. I...
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    Tickets For Marlins Vs. Dodgers, 05/16/09

    Tickets sold. Thanks
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    Tickets For Marlins Vs. Dodgers, 05/16/09

    I have 7 tickets available in Section 141 Row 22 available for Saturday's game against the LA Dodgers. Under face value at $25 per ticket. Let me know if you are interested..........
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    Tours coming down south

    Aerosmith and ZZ TOP, Monday July 13, Bank Atlantic Center I'm totally all over this concert. I've been waiting for it since 2006.
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    Marlins tags for your autos....

    I've had mine since 1999..I'm curious as to the future of this tag. it's only going to change with time (from Florida Marlins to Miami Marlins).
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    Discounted Opening Day Tickets

    So do I..especially on Opening Day when the will call lines can be long... But if there's people out there that it would benefit, I'd help!
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    Discounted Opening Day Tickets

    No worries babaru. I received the payment and I am turning it in on first thing on Monday morning. Pm me with your info and we'll see what's best for you when I have the tickets in hand. Question...would more of you be interested if I could have the tickets for you at Will Call?
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    Discounted Opening Day Tickets

    Trust Me Joe Girardi.........if there's anyone on this board that knows how the Marlins attendance is and how the organization in itself works, it's me. You could say I've been around them for a long time! :) Ernesto305- the offer is until Sunday and yes I could do Cash.
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    Discounted Opening Day Tickets

    Yes, Mr. Fish I did get your request. and lmao at the barter offer!
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    Discounted Opening Day Tickets

    I'm shocked I have only heard from only one person in reference to this offer! Get them while they are hot! :)

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