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  1. Hendo non-tendo'd

    Even if he rehabs from the shoulder surgery (which I'm not a genius, but is a major surgery for a pitcher)... he still has the partially-torn ligament in his elbow. He pitched through it and altered his delivery in 2015, which was what blew out his shoulder to begin with.  He was one of my...
  2. Marlins podcasts

    Marlins debuting new podcasts every morning on iTunes. Cool stuff.
  3. Ballpark questions for a trip in May

    The Lexus Legends Level is ticket-restricted access, for what it's worth.  Parking is cheaper online on the Marlins website than in person. Food is good. The new grilled cheese stand is fire. The Bash Burger was pretty good too. I like the pork sandwich at Mama Choa in the...
  4. What will be your ideal lineup?

    Pierre Castillo Choi Cabrera Lowell Easley-LF Willingham-C Gonzalez
  5. Choi

    Damion Easley went 3-5 yesterday with THREE big two-out hits. Yes, he made an error, but Pavano didn't shut the door either. IMHO, I think Easley should be starting, despite his defense, because the kid can flat out hit! Put him in left, and start Willingham at catcher. And I love Choi...
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