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    Whats up Jazz?

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    2/28 - Houston Asterisks at Marlins - 1:05 p.m.

    ughhh who has a AM/FM radio at home anymore?? I wish you could stream 940 on iHeart and it realized you were on the regional area.
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    2/27 - Mets at Marlins - 7:05 p.m.

    Lehgo Maleeens
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    2/24 - Cardinals at Marlins - 1:05 p.m.

    Eveld looked good, pitches had great movement
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    Out of the Park baseball

    can OOTP be played offline?
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    Out of the Park baseball

    Anyone play the OOTP developments series? MLBTS satisfies most of my baseball fix, except for my biggest enjoyment, franchise mode. OOTP is so in depth in franchise mode, but lacks the gameplay aspect, basically all sim. Might have to give it a shot this year...
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    2/22 - Marlins at Mets - Spring Opener

    does 940 have an online broadcast?
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    2/22 - Marlins at Mets - Spring Opener

    Legooo Mahlins
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    MLB The Show 20

    All depends if you play diamond dynasty or not. More packs/stubs if you go digital. Idk, I'm against DD, i'm one of those hardcore franchise guys.
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    MLB The Show 20

    Imagine the importance of spring training if SDS figured out how to add Non-roster invites
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    Marlins youtube

    Yes agreed, but lets get more in depth on these guys. Fanfest would've been perfect to have guys interviewing fans, maybe even dressing up as fans and seeing if anyone recognized them.
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    Marlins youtube

    I've noticed over the last few weeks while browsing YouTube that most teams put out videos pretty often, whether its the MLB version of cribs (Red Sox did with JD Martinez), Gavin Lux playing hockey with LA Kings, or a mic'd up spring training the Pirates did with Kevin Newman. The Marlins...
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    Blue jerseys to remain exclusive to ST/BP

    I must be in the minority about the blue jerseys, I don't like them at all!
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    Brad Boxberger invited to ST

    i like it.
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