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    Fish interested in Strop

    reliever = )
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    Marlin Thoughts

    I swore one of the "pluses" for Jazz was that he had super quick hands/bat so I'm a bit surprised his swing is looping and slow. At least I thought I remembered reading that about him around the time of the trade. Maybe not or maybe I confused him with someone else around that time - or maybe...
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    Marlins TV Rights Negotiations

    This was literally the first thing I thought when I read that as well - when Tommy was let go (and let's be honest, we knew Rich's time was limited once T Hut was out) it was all a "network decision". Apparently not. We could have kept our beloved duo through these shitty past few years and...
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    Marlins TV Rights Negotiations

    not shocked that of all the teams it would be the Yankees. they badly need more exposure..... lol good for them though.
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    Dean traded to Cardinals for Burgos

    taking a cue from the astros and cheating but with a cool, international, miami, twist?
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    Potential New Marlins Partnership

    Loria Fine Art Studios: Because "Fine" is all we can afford
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    Aguilar and Marlins 250k apart

    yeaaaaaah...that ain't happening at any of the jobs i've ever held either. no worries - just waiting for these companies to start sharing the money they've made off of the tax breaks passed for them. that's how it works right?
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    Aguilar and Marlins 250k apart

    I tried this approach during my last yearly review at my job for an extra 250k - I'm on unemployment now = (
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    Marlins add Cook

    Bernie's electoral victory dance?
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    Aguilar and Marlins 250k apart

    i'm curious what the lowest difference where arbitration was required has been since this process began years ago
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    Good News

    Trader Joe's sells an Everything Seasoning that takes an everything bagel to a new level when you sprinkle it on cream cheese that is already blanketing the bagel
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    Marlins Sign Pat Venditte

    and i highly doubt it will save even that much time considering the likely extra amount of offense this will create over the course of a year.
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    The Marlins can be a playoff team in 2020

    those were the prospects they didn't want to block
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    Yasiel Puig?

    looks like it's gonna be Dickerson instead
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    Updated Fangraphs prospect rankings

    i don't think anyone here has actually given up on him. He'll need to show continued improvement next year and we'll likely see him as a callup at the end of the year for his cup o' cafe cubano. If he sucks all next year in the minors though, then yeah, he's a bust. I just hope they move on...

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