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  1. Greatest Song of All-Time Round Four

    50 cent
  2. Marlins lookin for ways to keep Pudge?

    a gold glove is nice, but if he cant get a hit passed the 7th inning in a close game........who needs him... :angry u ganna tell me he doesnt hit after 7th in ?
  3. Marlins lookin for ways to keep Pudge?

    Lee isnt a clutch hitter eveyone knows that. He is a power hitter and isnt sopose to be a clutch hitter. I wouldnt trade him just because he doesnt hit clutch. He is a great fielder (like everyone knows). Torborg wouldnt trade him. Maybe they will resign Hollandsworth but not Lee... i am 110%...
  4. Marlins lookin for ways to keep Pudge?

    nice i hope we sign him again and then we get Vlad Guerrero! And w re-sign everyone like Castillo , Gonzalez , Redman , Burnett , Beckett , Lowell ( if he doesnt get trade for Shea) Juan E , Lee , and Penny and this team would be unstopable it would look like this 1B - Lee 2B - Castillo SS -...
  5. State of the Marlins......

    after 33 games, record: 15-18 currently 5 games out of 1st(Braves still playing) The pitching is in shambles but help seems to be on the way of Dontrelle Willis....... --Josh Beckett looks to be turning the corner.. --Brad Penny has been pitching well, but not lights's time for...
  6. Dead Fish of the Week April 28 - May 4

    how can u put Lee in there ?
  7. This is the other guy we should gave gotten...

    Damian Moss 2003 ERA: 2.21 W: 4 L: 0 Damian Moss Bio This is the other guy we should gave gotten in that Mike Hampton deal with Spooneybarger.... I AGREE WE SHOULD OF GOTTAN HIM BUT MARLINS DONT THINK!
  8. B.Valentine

    BRING BOBBY!! :w00t :w00t :w00t
  9. Wazza

  10. 5/3---Marlins @ Astros---7:05 Gametime

    i say 7-4 fish
  11. Who should Marlins call up

  12. Chicago Cubs to get in touch with the Marlins

    well the way Shea been hitting since the season started i hope the trade happens cuz Lowell yes he is hitting bu he not getting the big hits when we need them with RISP!
  13. 5/1---Marlins @ DBacks---9:35 Gametime

    i say 7-2 Marlins .... Pudge , AGon & H-Worth are going deep and Beckett going 8 1/3 with 13K's
  14. Who should Marlins call up

    I think the Marlins should call up Juan Alvarez.... even tho i cant get his stats from the minors he doing pretty good they should call him up and test him. And if anything he goes back down where he came from.Marlins have nothing to lose by calling him up
  15. AJ gone

    Aj might be gone to 2005
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