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  1. Gagne

    Its about time that monster blew a save do you guys think that anyone is ever going to break his record of 84 consecutive saves. I dont really like him but god that man is good i cant believe he blew a save against the diamondbacks they suck now.
  2. Matt Lawton or Nomar?????

    well i guess there is no nomar. i just saw channel 7 news and they say that the marlins are denying having talks with the red sox about possibly renting nomar for the rest of the year but in the newspaper earlier today they stated that the marlins have their eye on nomar and may trade him...
  3. MaRlInS GaME

    Tommorow who is goin to the marlins game tommorow im going with a friend, sister cousin, sisters boyfriend, and im sittin in the the terrace because of the two for tuesdays. Yall want to meet up there and talk trades.
  4. My suggested Lineup

    hopefully the lineup wont look so bad hopefully it will look something like this JP Luis Matt Lawton Lowell Cabs CHoi gonzo willingham or treanor willis
  5. Matt Lawton or Nomar?????

    i think a bat would help our line especially if it lawton or nomar. if you stick the in the three hole they will take off some of the stress off cabs and lowell. Loria and beinfest didnt bring us a world series our players who played awesome brought us a world series but the loria and beinfest...
  6. Matt Lawton or Nomar?????

    how can we play better everyone rite now is in a slump and weve lost 12 of our last 17 or sumtin like that i really hope well be buyers rather that sellers jeffrey loria and beinfest have let us down to many times with pudge dempster millar lee encarnacion redmond we can lose more players we...
  7. Matt Lawton or Nomar?????

    Hey whats up im new to all this and ive been reading your post for the past few days im interested in knowing who would the marlins go for before the trading deadline either nomar garciaparra of matt lawton in my opinion i would go after matt lawton because we need another outfielder who has...
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