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    Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    It's funny that you mention whining when the movie is about the original trilogy's hero becoming a whiney quitter which is completely uncharacteristic of that character. Between Poe's tantrum and Kylo Ren's destructive tantrum (his second of the trilogy), this movie was all about developing...
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    Jose Fernandez dies in boating accident

    Still can't believe he is gone.
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    We... bad news bears?

    I'm more than just a little disappointed in how the first few games have gone. I'm just shaking my head.
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    4/6 - Braves at Marlins - 4:10 PM - OPENING DAY!

    I'll be home in Michigan, wishing I could afford (or justify buying) a subscription to
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    Long Time, No See

    i think I've been here since this was a geocities page and Admin scribbled updates in crayon. I recognize your screen name. In those days, I think some of the regulars were Moneyball and Hollyberry? Do those names sound familiar?
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    Long Time, No See

    I think the last season I regularly visited these forums was 2005 or 2006? Is there anyone from those days still around? Tough season so far this year.
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    Stanton injures left wrist

    This sucks.
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    Johnson to see Andrews

    I've said it before and I'll say it again... Josh Johnson is the next Tim Spooneybarger. He has potential to have a great career but he just can't stay healthy. I still think the organization should let him go eventually. It's not too much to ask for pitchers that can keep...
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    Should we be worried that we are losing to...

    I have to admit the Marlins had one of the worst showings on opening day. It worries me. It wasn't worse than the Nats losing 11-1 to the Phillies, or the Cubs losing 16-5 to Atlanta. Yeah, but that is expected from the Nats... expected by me anyway.
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    This bullpen makes me want to ________

    ...appreciate the offense a little more.
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    Should we be worried that we are losing to...

    I have to admit the Marlins had one of the worst showings on opening day. It worries me.
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    Move the Marlins out of Florida

    i cant believe we are even talking about this. this is insane, if south florida cant support the marlins, NOONE else can... i wanna see one of these other "optional" cities like portland or vegas build them a half a billion dollar ballpark. portland is a cow town with a population...
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    Move the Marlins out of Florida

    If you were a real Marlins fan, you wouldnt want us to move I don't think the location of the organization should determine how much of a fan I am. I've been a fan since the beginning and I am sure that I can spend the next 70 years of my life getting excited about recycling the team...
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    Move the Marlins out of Florida

    I found an article that does an accurate comparison between the Marlins organization and the American automobile industry. It sounds odd, but it kind of makes sense. See the link below. Hot Stove Daily: Florida Marlins The Marlins really should move to a location where the general...
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    Only 600 fans at game today!!!

    The sad thing is, I heard about the low attendance while listening to a local radio show in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The Florida Marlins fans living in South Florida are a joke all over the country. I think the team should follow the footsteps of the Seattle Supersonics and move to Oklahoma...
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