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    Opening Day Postponed

    i heard about plan but i not sure plan will work how their play that many game in phoenix or play like tourney
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    david samson post marlins job

    he now have podcast on cbssport he was talking what commissioner baseball should do with season here link to his podcast
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    Mattingly: 'It's time' for Marlins to take next step

    i hope so we need see team take next step we joke of mlb because team been so bad
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    Marlins TV Rights Negotiations

    here in miami issue is alot spanish people like baseball cannot get cable if marlins can get deal ch33/39 show some game rating can go up back late 80s their did show some marlins game on free tv
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    Marlins TV Rights Negotiations

    i dont like amazon so i hope their bring it free tv like their did back in days or fsn sport i dont need pay more cable company to see marlins like thyeir did with nny with yes network you have pay extas to see nny play
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    Marlins now in 'buy mode' for Winter Meetings

    i hope we do put better team on field we all sick lossing 100 game or so let start bring Veterans player that help young guys this third year of rebuilding time show rest mlb that we not team be joke about jeter now you move make team better
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    Marlins now in 'buy mode' for Winter Meetings

    marlinman been trade doing winter meeting too nyy for draft pick
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    Off on a Friday?

    i notice it Tampa rays maybe why two game series when we play America league must are two game series
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    Off on a Friday?

    i notice that so two game seiers  must all weekend series are 3 games do any other team have Friday off  too i know their do that doing season opener week
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    6/19 Marlins v Cardinals

    romo did get us out that inning
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    bad home stand

    what wrong team at home their doing well on road now their are 0-5 at home this stand  hitting was their on road  pitching not been bad it scoring been bad at home
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    6/11 vs Cards

    what wrong team at home? their were on roll on road now home their 0-5 in homestand
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    Playoffs? .500? I'll Eat a Marlin if the Marlins Finish at .500.

    look tonight game we  not close been playoff team close this topic
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    6/7 Braves at Marlins

    miami need go back on road again
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